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VRAT KE BISCUITS [Healthy Amaranth Cookies RECIPE No Baking Powder [Rajgira Biscuits Falahari WITH JAGGERY]

Are you looking for more amaranth flour recipes now that you know rajgira is a nutrient-dense ingredient? Do you seek healthy amaranth cookies recipes with jaggery? Or are you looking for an easy and simple  rajgira cookies in airfryer for vrat/upwas/fast? Well, there are some block buster amaranth recipes here that you will love to dig into. I am looking for falahari biscuits for upvas. Do you think this is a farali biscuits recipe? Absolutely yes. It uses amaranth or rajgira atta for upvasachi biscuits. These are real farali biscuits that you can enjoy during navratri fasts. Baking with Amaranth  Looking for gluten-free, healthy amaranth cookies recipe with jaggery in airfryer for vrat?  well, here's one simple rajgira cookies recipe for upwas or navratri.  if you love rajgira, you ll love baking with amaranth. here is another healthy cookies recipe Indian by Ravneet Bhalla. it is a vrat cookies recipe.  This gluten-free cookie recipe Indian will appeal to you for the sheer reaso