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Vegan Coconut Biscotti With Semolina Recipe: Dairy-Free Suji Cake Rusk in Airfryer

This post comes in continuation with my last post on vegan condensed milk. Now that I have prepared condensed milk, I wanted to put it to best use. So what better way than adding it to a baked beauty and creating an eggless, dairy-free biscotti with semolina flour? Say, a vegan coconut biscotti! What if this is an airfryer recipe? vegan biscotti coconut in airfryer  What makes this vegan biscotti different from my other suji cake rusk recipe is that the latter is little crunchier than the former. What it does not mean this vegan biscotti recipe cannot be tried? vegan semolina biscotti rusk dairy free vegan rusk biscotti semolina biscotti rusk vegan recipe suji cake rusk vegan biscotti egless cake rusk vegan with semolina suji  This makes a perfect treat for tea time for vegan followers. While I was preparing the batter for the vegan cake rusk with semolina, there was a power outage in my area for 2 hours. So the dough was left on the kitchen

3-Ingredient Vegan Condensed Milk Recipe

No, I have not turned a vegan, nor do I have any plans either. The reason being that my diet does not allow me to become one. I am happy experimenting with my food my way. Perhaps I do want to try out a few vegan recipes as well, especially for my vegan followers.This vegan condensed milk recipe is inspired by Uma Srinivasan's recipe . vegan condensed milk recipe  Uma has turned a vegan and her recipes are purely reflective of veganism. Do check out her blog if you wish to try out vegan recipes. She blogs at vegan milk   I have tried out vegan condensed milk with almond meal alone and coconut milk alone. But Uma has decided to combine both and the combo gives you a delicious dairy-free milk recipe. You will be tempted to taste the condensed milk vegan as soon as it is ready. Do not be surprised if you finish it off before trying it out in a recipe, for it is just too yummy not to indulge in. vegan condensed milk  Anway, you can make v

Coconut Biscotti With Semolina: How To Make Eggless Suji Cake Rusk With Whole Wheat Flour in Airfryer

You have relished coconut cakes, but ever thought of a coconutty biscotti? Well, if you are yet to try a coconut cake rusk with semolina , then I am giving you a failproof recipe. I love coconut and I am fond of eggless biscottis. When I decided to combine coconut with semolina, it gave me the yummiest eggless suji cake rusk recipe. Don't believe my words? eggless cake rusk suji  Then you better give this eggless biscotti recipe a try. What's so special about this  eggless suji cake  rusk  ? The semolina biscotti eggless : is flavored with rose water is bursting with the flavors of coconut does not use all purpose flour or maida uses whole wheat suji is quick to process is eggless is crunchy is too yummy to resist eggless suji cake rusk coconut  With so many takeaways, would you still want to wait o give this  eggless cake rusk with semolina  a try? If you wish to wait, then you're keeping your kids from munching on a heavenly treat, w

Eggless Lentil Bread Bun: A Yeast Free Recipe for Vegans

Think of a vegan bread and here I come with a yeast free bread recipe. Perhaps this is one bread recipe that uses no raising agents either. lentil bread bun  What's more special about the no yeast bread recipe is that it : is vegan uses lentils is gluten free is grain free uses urad dal or black gram dehusked uses no raising agents - so no baking powder, no baking soda vegan lentil bread Why use Urad Dal Perhaps I wanted to make it a gluten free recipe. Additionally, urad dal is a rich source of protein and B vitamin. A common ingredient in South Indian homes, including south eastern India, urad dal is a versatile ingredient to experiment in your kitchen. The lentils get easily fermented naturally if left out in the open, so you do not need to use any raising agent to make a cake or bread.But the dal has to be left for 6-7 hours for natural fermentation. From idli to dosa, cake to bread, urad dal can be used in a range of preparations. If you are look

How To Make Eggless Vegan Lentil Cake: A Flourless, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Baked Beauty

Vegan, eggless, flour-less, gluten-free, sugar-free. What more could you ask for in a cake recipe? Easy, yummy, and healthy - perhaps this is how I describe this dark beauty, which is just waiting to be devoured. Na, wait a minute! Do not you want the vegan cake recipe? What is it that makes this eggless dark beauty vegan? Or let me put it in other words - what is it that makes this eggless chocolate cake so yummy? eggless lentil cake vegan I said flourless, what does that mean? Wondering how can a cake be flourless? Well, read further. There are too many secrets to be unraveled here. the first glimpse of the complete vegan lentil cake without frosting vegan lentil cake eggless tastes and looks good  What more now? You must be wondering. Well, perhaps, this eggless vegan cake is unique because it: uses lentils uses lentil puree uses no dairy uses no sugar uses nuts uses all the healthy ingredients on earth grainfree lentil cake sugarfree look at

How To Make Oatmeal Delicious: Nutty, No Sugar Kulfi

Summers are here, and you cannot wait to indulge in guilty eating. Perhaps, kulfis, desserts, and ice creams are a hot favorite in the summer season. But what if you are watching weight? Can you indulge in a guilty treat? Perhaps not, But there's a way out! Yes, I prepared this healthy, nutty oatmeal kulfi at my mom's place a few days back, and surprisingly, the no sugar kulfiwas loved by my brother, who hates oats - to be precise. It was only after he had tasted it did I unravel the "oatmeal" secret. healthy kulfi with oatmeal no sugar But no sugar does not make it a diabetes-friendly recipe, for it uses honey as a sweetener. nutty oatmeal kulfi no sugar  Since this kulfi with oatmeal got his stamp of approval, I knew I had the go-ahead to share this yummy summer delight with you all. I am sure you will like it too, if not fall in love with this healthy dessert. badam kulfi with oatmeal no sugar  I call it healthy but not the healthiest dess

Soda Lemonade: Beat the Heat This Summer With This Refreshing Drink

Summers are here already and you are looking for thanda thanda cool cool drinks to beat the heat. This fizzy lemonade is quick to process and gives you a refreshing treat when you are looking to get some respite from the scorching heat. The Story Behind the Fizzy Lemonade I was at mom's place when the weather took a sudden turn, with the chill in the temperature giving way to the hot winds. Soda lemonade Perhaps we knew on my cousin:s wedding day that it was the beginning of the hot weather. With summers, we start to experiment with different cooling drinks. Today I have come up with a summer cooler prepared by my younger sibling, my brother. While we would be busy with our professional commitments, he would come once to serve us this refreshing glass of lemonade. How sweet! He is too fond of soda drinks, so is his wife. He prepares this soda mint lemonade often, though I have never brought soda bottles home. But this drink is refreshing for those scorching hot

How To Make Oatmeal Delicious: Yummy Creamy Quick Oats Chocolate Kulfi

Once a chocolate lover, I am no longer fond of this dark beauty, which is universally loved by one and all (except me). But I had a desire to make chocolate kulfi and cake since I am at mom's palce, where brother and bhabhi love chocolate. An idea came to my mind to try out oats chocolate kulfi. The same day Satinder Wadhwa aunty requested a healthy chocolate kulfi recipe. I could not say no to her. chocolate kulfi with oatmeal no cream no milk dairy free chocolate kulfi  (feedback: Satinder Wadhwa aunty) oats chocolate kulfi This further inspired me to try my hands at something chocolaty, and this was exactly what I did. As you know about my love for oats, I wanted to include my favorite cereal grain in the recipe. This was primarily to create interest toward oats in my family, who are not oats fans. When you do not have oats fans at home, what can you do to spark interest in them? After all, oats is one healthy cereal grain, with umpteen number of