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Instant Badam Burfi: 5-Minute Sweet Almond Fudge

This badam burfi post comes to you on the eve of Diwali - the festival of lights, which has been a favorite since childhood. I would always wait for this festival for reasons galore - the lighting, the diyas, the sweets, and of course the exchange of gifts with friends and loved ones. The fervor associated with Diwali is unique compared to any other festival of India. I have never been an admirer of crackers though - which are burst in millions in the country on the eve of Diwali. You may call it cracker phobia. Nevertheless, I am happy I have remained away from crackers all my life, which have been banned in Delhi NCR following the rising pollution levels in the region. Okay now I do not want to hijack this post talking about pollution, which is one of my favorite topics, but gives me goosebumps, given the amount of nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide we are forced to breathe in from all sorts of pollution. badam burfi The badam burfi takes inspiration from our very favorite

Odisha's Tomato Khajur Chutney in 5 Minutes

Yes, you have heard me right. I have been trying out Odiya dishes ever since I started to cook post-marriage. It is not long ago! The transformation has happened only recently. Before I was not into cooking - not keen to, nor interested in cooking. But hunger brings the best in you, and when your health matters, there can be no excuses. Eating outside is not the healthiest of choices, but earlier, this wasn;t the case in my case. I would save cooking time and instead utilize the same for my projects. Perhaps, I was wrong. Health comes first, and it has to come first. You cannot live a healthy life if you eat outside frequently. Anyway, let's come to this tomato dates chutney. Well, yes, this is a specialty from Odisha and Odiyas are foodie. They love their food, tradition, culture, and everything about their rituals. Hubby being an Odiya is no exception, when it comes to food. He is not into tradition and culture per se, so only he married a Punjabi kudi. tomato khajur khat

Moong Dal Cookies With Autolysis Dough Technique: No Baking Powder/Soda Simple Cookie Recipe

Autolysis and that too for moong dal cookies ? What reflects in your mind when you think of healthy cookies or say autolysis? Seems both are miles apart from each other. Okay, we can autolyze bread dough. This healthy cookie recipe post will answer whether we can get crunchy bites with autolyzed cookie dough. eggless moong dal cookies in airfryer without baking powder: autolysis method Moreover, I have started making diabetes-friendly dough with this technique. I will create a separate post on diabetes dough. What is Autolysis This is one groundbreaking technique of kneading dough that relieves us all from the pain of endless kneading. It is deceptively simple, since autolysis is all about mixing and resting the mixed ingredients and then letting it rest for anywhere between 20 and 120 minutes. The result is just awesome - after 30minutes or so, use wet hands to gather the ingredients and Tada! Your dough is ready. This is a common practice in the bread baking arena.

How To Make Instant Paneer, Cottage Cheese, Paneer Bhurji

It's the instant cooking magic that continues to bewitch me every day. Take my word for it - you will never be disappointed if you try out the paneer recipe.  Think of 5-min paneer or say 7-min rasogollah! What about 5-minute biryani ? Of course, how could we miss the instant Mysore Pak ? Yes, how can I forget to talk about the 5-min moong halwa and 5-min ghee ?  Well, sound like music to your ears, right? paneer instant easy Music and magic it is! So are you ready to do this for yourself, your present family, and your future generations, not to mention, your guests and followers? I am in for this already. So, let's get started with the simplest, quickest, instant paneer recipes - say, quick paneer! one pot one shot instant paneer in 5mins Ingredients for Making Instant Paneer 500-ml milk (I use skimmed milk as well- you may use either skimmed or cow's milk or full-fat milk) - for a 3-liter PC, you can use up to 1 liter milk 1/4th cup- curd (for 1

Instant Ghee From Homemade Butter: How To Make Clarified Butter in 5 Mins

Yes, this post is all about instant  ghee ! Does the idea of instant ghee impress you? Ever experienced a feeling that your heart is in the mouth, especially while cooking? Or have you ever felt a feeling of restlessness to open a pressure cooker immediately to see the end product of your culinary experiment? instant ghee in 5mins My culinary journey got a big star today- well, what decorated my journey was not a cookie experiment, but an instant ghee recipe. Yes, you have heard me right. I usually do not use ghee frequently, but I make homemade ghee (clarified butter) every week from the cream that settles on top of boiled cow's milk every day. This ghee is then used for puja and of course for a few cooking experiments. Yes, I love ghee, but do not indulge in it nowadays, because it is loaded with saturated fat and trans fat. Do you know it raises the risk of triglycerides in your body? the 5-min ghee Enough of gheephobia!! But this post is not about my fear

Healthy Drink Recipes: Summer Drink Ideas

Cool drink - Sattu Drink by Anita Chahal sattu drink for summers Gond katira...............1 tsp Chana sattu...............3 tsp Sugar..................... .....1 tsp Soak gond katira in one cup water for 4-5 hours Mix all ingredients in a glass of cold water and get instant relief from Sweltering heat Diabetics can use black salt and jeera powder in place of sugar.. equally tasty Enjoy WwATERMELON #Chane ka sattu - barley (jaun) ka sattu by Deepti Aggarwal sattu drink for summer time These are very effective and Gud panacea to kill the heat and refresh ourselves in this scorching heat...chane ka sattu is comparatively darker in color and tastier also. You can use them in a variety of recipes.... This is how it can be consumed as a drink....  Take equal quantities of any of the sattu and jaggery powder. Mix them well in chilled water and enjoy. Normally, in one glass, add two tea spoon of each . My kids, on tasting chane ka sattu drink compared