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Healthy Gujia Recipe [Baked Suji Gujiya with Dates by Ravneet Bhalla Sugarfree, No maida]

Wondering how to make baked gujiya without khoya, mawa, maida, mould, sugar, and ghee? Healthy gujia recipe with dates and cashew filling is here so you do not need khoya or mawa to add richness to this healthy indian holi snack recipe in air fryer.  PLEASE ADD 2 GREEN CARDAMOMS TO THE DATES-CASHEW PASTE.

healthy gujia recipe baked with semolina and dates paste

I have seen my Bengali aunt make holi special gujia multiple times. But I never tried making it at home. I do not know what was stopping me until now to taste or try out gujia. But when the health bug bites you and you ditch all healthy stuff and cooking processes, you want to experiment. You do not hesitate to give healthy colors to traditional snacks that were once maida-fied and deep-fried. Here's to holi this year. Here's to no maida gujiya this year. Here's to sugar-free gujiya. But hey, this healthy baked gujia recipe, which is vegan, uses dates as sweetener, so it is surely not a diabetes-friendly gujia. 

Baked Gujiya in a new avatar with sooji/semolina

EASIEST LAST-MINUTE Recipe  (off color but the best ever)

No added sugar

No, I have never baked or fried gujiya ever. In my first attempt to recreate the holi - special indian snack recipe, I dared to go against the rules of the traditional cookbook once again. Perhaps when I wear the apron, the unconventional baker in me takes over and the rest is before you always. I often wonder if I should be naming my recipes by what our grandmoms used to call them. Or do I need not dare to say I have recreated so and so...should I christen my cookbook recipes under new names?

Magic is what you cook or bake..magic lies in pleasing your inner soul..magic lies in recreating foods that generations have been relishing without feeling guilty. Yes, you ought to please your inner self. In doing so, let you not be scared by rewriting recipes.

The world won't change if you present a traditional recipe in a new avatar.

So feed your own soul. Be happy and content with what you do.

Let others keep judging.

Logo ka kaam hai kehna

So I happily present my gujia recipe with semolina.

The filling with 2 ingredients is to die for.

Color your holi celebrations this year with a healthy gujia recipe that will win you over forever.

Dates and cashew filling

How does the simple gujia with sooji taste?

It might look slightly whitish or pale, but it tastes yummm without sugar.

Is Gujiya good for health?

Well, when you pick the right ingredients, every recipe becomes healthy. This gujia without sugar and with dates is a healthy Indian snack recipe in air fryer. But if something is healthy, that does not give you the ticket to indulging in guilty eating. 

What is Gujiya called in English?

I call this vegan gujia recipe a holi snack.

How long does Gujiya last?

This healthy semolina gujia was finished on day 5 and stayed good until then. It may stay good longer. I have not tried keeping it longer because I bake small batches always

Healthy gujiya Recipe baked (without sugar)


 1/2 cup semolina

 1/2 cup cashews 

1/4 cup dates (deseeded) 

1/4 TSP salt 

1 tbsp ghee or oil 

2 gree. cardamom to be blended with the cashew-dates paste

Blend cashews, dates, and green cardamom and keep aside.

Make a soft dough the remianing ingredients, that is, suji, ghee, and water. Let the maida-free gujia dough rest for 30 minutes.

Preheat oven, airfryer, convection, otg to 160 degrees for 10 minutes.

I preheat airfryer for gujiya for 5 minutes.

Make small balls. Insert the filling. Close all ends. Make shapes with fork.

Brush with ghee or milk to get golden color.

Bake for 10-15 minutes at 160 degrees.

Let cool and enjoy yummiest healthy baked gujiyas, which are sugar free and absolutely delicious too.


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Here's another easy peasy modak recipe (no fire, no cooking, no added sugar or butter/oil/ghee). 


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