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How to eat flax seeds [how to consume flax seeds]

Flax seeds have a hard coat or cover, which does not break easily. Unless flax seeds are toasted or soaked, the coating will not break. If you consume it just like that, the seeds will be eliminated as is from your body. that means you will be eating flax seeds but not benefitting from alsi ki consumption.

So what's the right way to eat flax seeds?

Roast them on an iron skillet or air fryer for a few minutes only to loosen up their coat/cover, which can then be pulsed to powder easily. 

Toasted flax seeds taste nuttier and do not go rancid easily. 

That means you can enjoy them for a long time without smelling rotten oil inside. 
Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, flax seeds are one of the best sources for vegans and vegetarians. 

How to eat flax seeds for hair growth?

You should try to include flax in your daily diet to get your omega 3 dose, besides improving the ingestion of other minerals and nutrients that these tiny seeds are packed with.
I am sharing a few ways to add flax seeds in your everyday life.
1. Add flaxmeal to your chapati dough while kneading.
2. Stir in a teaspoon of toasted flaxmeal in your curd/raita.
3. Mix a tablespoon in your bakes - cookies or cakes.
4. Add flax seeds to your granola.
5. Your chaas or lassi glass can have half a teaspoon of flax meal.
6. You can always sprinkle flaxmeal on your chaat.
7. Add flaxseeds to your bread and pita bread.
8. Make flaxmeal tortillas.
9. Bake flaxmeal crackers.
10. Make sweets, burfi and laddu with alsi.

does heating destroy omega 3?
Milling, grinding or crushing flaxseed does not destroy omega 3 but it will get rid of the hard protective seed cover on these seeds. as a result, ALA and SDG are exposed to oxidation. but that doe snot make flaxseeds dangerous for consumption. rather, these processes help make these bioactive ingredients bioavailable.  Reserach reveals that ALA is more bioavailable in the form of oil or powder.

in fact, the study suggests including milled flaxseeds into baked goodies to prevent degradation of ALA and SDG. 
store in a cool place to reduce degradation of good fats and prevent flax from going rancid.

What are the main benefits of flax seeds? 

Flaxseeds are the latest craze in the world of health freaks aka #superfood lovers. If you, too, find yourself often hunting for all things superfood, then you have heard of flaxseeds or even use them in your #healthydietarylife. But what is it that makes flaxseeds, also known as linseeds, as a super se bhi upper wala food. Flax seeds, as their name suggests, are seeds. As you all know seeds are the latest craze in the health conscious world. True, seeds comprise good fats, fiber, lignans, and proteins. They pack a powerful mineral punch too that a majority of us are deficient in. For example, magnesium, zinc, calcium. These are essential to our #health. Our bodies respond to this deficiency in the form of pain, inflammation, soreness, stiffness, and illness.
The reason is simple -our fast-paced hectic and overly busy lives have no place for #consciouschoices , #consciouseating . We find it easier to reach out to #junkfood , #readytoeat stuff, and market junk to stay alive. But are we actually living our lives as we should be?

You have no time , you always have this excuse ready. True, your life is busy but you need to practice good #eating choices to actually live, thrive and enjoy life. 
Cutting the long story short, let's eat healthy and lead a #nutritiouslife . True, only then you can enjoy life free from disease.
Making #flaxseeds a part of your #balanceddiet is a great choice.your body will thank you for including the Omega 3 rich food in your diet. #linseed lowers the risk of breast cancer, according to research studies In fact, Flaxseeds contain 42.2gram of fat,  22.81 omega 3, 5.91 omega 6 , and omega 3:6 ratio 3.8596. 
Besides, flaxseed or our very own #alsi helps improve heart health, reduce cardiovascular disease risk, and aid in digestion, thanks to the overload of #fiber in these tiny seeds that come in golden and brown color. 
But in order to get the maximum benefits from flaxseeds, you must eat them right. What is the right way to eat flaxseeds? etbhalla #ravneetreels #eeeats #eatlocal #eatingclean 


heart protective
dietary flaxseed is believed to reduce the progression of atherosclerosis caused by high dietary cholesterol or trans fat content, thanks to the anti-inflammatory action provided through ALAs in flaxseeds. 

lower blood pressure
flax is known to have a protective effect on both systolic and diastolic 
reduces blood glucose
good for diabetes management/blood sugar management
reduced cancer risk
flaxseeds are known to have anti-cancer properties. they are rich in lignans that are known to have a phytoestrogen effect on the body. flaxseeds are believed to reduce mortality rate, improve survival rate among cancer patients, and reduce the risk of prostate, colon, lung, gut, and breast cancer. besides, they are known to reduce the spread and growth of tumor. 

Is it OK to take flaxseed everyday?  
Yes. Do not exceed 1 tbsp of flaxseeds. 

How flax seeds should be eaten?  
Toasted and powdered or soaked powder. 

How do you take flaxseed for PCOS? 
Soaked and powdered

What are the 10 benefits of eating flaxseed? 
Good for heart health
Good for digestion and intestinal health
Good for hair
Good for skin
Good for stomach problems, especially constipation
Helpful in blood sugar management and diabetes
Good for liver health
Helpful to cancer patients, thanks to omega 3
Good for brain health, helps fight depression
May help prevent postmenopausal symptoms

Are Flaxseeds toxic?
Well, there are some elements in flax seeds that might have a toxic connection. But research finds that a person would need to ingest at least 1 kg of flaxseed daily for side effects or cyanide toxicity.

Although dietary flaxseed is known to contribute to brain health and spatial memory, it may depress body growth if there is an imbalance between omega-3 and omega-6. 

Caution has been advised for flaxseed use during pregnancy and lactation, though there is not much evidence.

What is the best way to eat flax seeds? Can I eat raw flax seeds? Should we eat flax seeds raw or roasted? Should you soak flax seeds before eating? 
Can I just chew flax seeds? अलसी के बीज खाने का सबसे अच्छा तरीका क्या है?
h ow to eat flax seeds for weight loss ? the best way to eat flaxseeds for weight loss is to add it to your rotis or shakes, smoothies. 

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