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Rajgira/Amaranth Flour Cookies: Gluten-Free Recipe Collection

rajgira cookies Looking for gluten free recipes? Say gluten free cookies? Well, ask for it and you have it readily available here. Rajgira or amaranth is a high protein, high vitamin & mineral gluten-free grain that has remained a staple for many ancient cultures. The best fact about the gluten free amaranth is that it can be consumed as: a leaf - make rajgria saag with it (known as chulai in Odiya and tastes delicious with simple ingredients on your shelf..will share the recipe ) a seed - amaranth ladoo for vrat/Navratris grain flour - make amaranth parantha, dosa, idli, cake, or cookies Festive season is just around the corner. The beginning of Navratras rings the bell for the festive season in India. The holy days when people from across the country observe fast in reverence of Goddess Durga and of course to please the deity. In English navratri means nine nights. The last four days of navratri are celebrated as Durga Puja in Bengal, which is a quintessen