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How to make ragi ambali delicious? My MIL's village Recipe of Homemade Probiotics

Poor digestion means your gut health is compromised. Unless you take action to include more probiotics in your diet, your health could deteriorate faster. remember, a poor gut is the trigger for a compromised immune system and a series of diseases. In order to strengthen your gut and boost metabolism and digestion, let's learn to include more probiotics in our diet. The best thing is you can make natural pre and probiotics at home. For example, ragi ambali, which is different from what you have been watching on the Internet. In my MIL's village, they make ambali this way. What is Ambali of millets? Is Ragi Malt good for health? What do we call ragi in English? Is ragi Ambli good for weight loss? Ragi Ambli (Ragi Ganji) ambali benefits ambali food in english ambali in hindi millet ambali ambali uses ambali recipe in hindi Let's get started by soaking 2 tbsp ragi atta in water for 30 minutes. It's time to boil 2-3 times the amount of water. when the water starts bubbling,