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Baked Jowar Crackers Recipe With Jaggery [ JOWAR MATHRI RECIPE | Indian AIRFRYER RECIPES]

Are you looking for a gluten-free mathri recipe, then this baked jowar crackers recipe with jaggery can be a hit at your place. Many have already tried it. So why wait any longer to bake jowar mathri with jaggery at home? Give your gluten intolerant loved one a sweet treat to satiate their cravings for a sweet cracker with the baked jowar mathri. Topped with sesame seeds that add a nutty flavor to the jowar crackers, the mathri is baked without baking powder and soda. Sorghum mathri is a low-calorie cracker recipe. sorghum crackers recipe indian Jowar Benefits A digestive aid, sorghum is rich in fiber and phytochemicals Anti-inflammatory properties that keep free radicals away - which are linked to cancer cell growth Anti-diabetic- making jowar for diabetics a healthy whole grain alternative Helps improve insulin sensitivity A boon for dieters being a low-calorie gluten-free flour Here's the video recipe of baked jowar crackers recipe in airfryer Indian 3/4 c

Baked Wheat Mathri

atta mathris If you love mathris and are looking for a perfect baked mathri recipe, here it is. As a Punjabi, I am fond of mathris, but hardly make them, since they have to be deep fried. Secondly the traditional mathri recipe uses maida or all-purpose flour and I tend to avoid white flour for all the good reasons that I have shared with you all many times. Here is just a recap of the same: Then I experimented with a few ingredients to come up with a healthier version of wheat mathris. Am I disappointed? Not at all! The best thing about baked mathris is they turn out really soft , contrary to popular belief that baked version could be harder than deep fried one :) My previous baked salted crackers post has given me the confidence to go ahead with this experiment.I call them crunchy diet cookies. Traditionally mathris have been made in Punajbi homes for special occasions, be it wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, karwa chauth, and birth of a baby. People