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Is Baking With Malai Healthy Substitute to Fat? Rusk, Cookies, Cake Recipes With Malai

In my cookie baking basics for beginners , I always harp on the need for solid fat for baking a crispy cookie without baking powder and soda. However, many of you approach me asking for substitutes for ghee and oil, so here's presenting cookies with malai (cream that sits on top of boiled milk). The next question that pops up in your mind is: Are these crispy with malai? Or how to bake crispy cookies with homemade cream, which is way healthier than your favorite packaged cream. A recent research report claims that packed creams sold under different names in the market raise the risk of triglycerides and cholesterol.  Can you give me the reason? Well, the answer is simple. There are highly processed fats that blend different ingredients to give you that luscious richness that you crave in your bakes. They are highly saturated and have trans fats. Thankfully, I have never bought one nor do I ever intend to purchase one . You can add whipping creams, cond