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2-Ingredient Nana Ice Cream; Banana-Almond Butter Scoop

banana ice cream I love ice cream but try to avoid buying it outside, for the fear of adding calories. Who does not love creamy, butter ice cream? No one, I am sure. I try to make it at home, with minimal sugar and cream. Now I am presenting to you ice cream in a new avatar :) This scoop uses just 2 ingredients - almond butter and chilled banana! Now let's go to the recipe. Before making this super quick ice cream, we will need to make almond butter. banana ice cream feedback on 2-ingredient nana ice cream Let's make almond butter first. Ingredients Almonds- 18-20 Oil- 1/4 tsp (or I added a few drops) Cinnamon powder, elaichi (green cardamom) - you may increase the types of spices as per your choice Procedure It's super easy to churn out almond butter. Since I was making it for the first time, I took just a few almonds. You may increase the amount of almonds, as per the desired amount. Dry roast almonds for a few minutes. Keep