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Punjabi Besan Sheera Recipe: Flavorful, Gluten-Free Home Remedy for Cold

Whether you are looking for home remedy for cold or cough, this post can come in handy. What's so special about besan sheera, you might wonder. Well, the besan ka sheera is an authentic recipe from my grandmom's recipe book. I love everything about this besan halwa, which is made using gluten-free chickpea flour. Home remedies for common cold and cough are tried and tested and shared by our grandmoms. These home remedies of nanis and dadis are both effective and yummy. The monsoon is a time to enjoy rains 'n fall ill! Ooops, sorry but it's true for most of us! This is that time of the year when a number of us suffer from a severe bout of cold (yea - you may count those low on immunity). Yes, common cold can bring quite irritating symptoms.  The changing weather also has an impact n our health. When autumn knocks at our doors, most of us tend to fall ill, especially those with low immunity.  Nevertheless, I have come up with a delectable home