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Is It the Best Chocolatey Dairy-Free Kulfi (Sugar-Free VEGAN Ice Cream Without Banana) #veganicecream

 Kulfi to bahut pasand hai mujhe lekin uske ingredients kabhi kabhi darate hai.. but if i say we can make a creamy delicious kulfi without dairy cream and sugar, would you believe? for example, this chocolaty vegan ice cream uses homemade 1-ingredient coconut cream as fat and dates as a sweetener. It's a simple and easy kulfi recipe that requires you to blend together frozen coconut cream. if you want the recipe of making cream of coconut at home, check here .  ingredients 1/4 cup- coconut cream from one coconut (frozen) 1/2 cup-coconut milk from the same coconut 8-10 dates or more or less- depending on your sweet preference (soaked) 1 tbsp- cacao/cocoa powder nuts of choice Blend coconut cream with soaked dates and cocoa or cacao powder. what's the difference between cocoa and cacao powder?  next add coconut milk and we are all set to freeze our dairy-free chocolate kulfi base. freeze it for 2 hours and then blend it again.  now add a spoon of kulfi in kulfi molds along with

Fruity Frozen Delight: Yummy Oatmeal Kulfi, No Milk, No Cream, No Sugar

This no sugar kulfi or frozen delight is in continuation of my no milk, no cream, no sugar kulfi series. Perhaps healthy is the best word to define this kulfi mix. You love frozen desserts but are wary of guilty eating. Worry not! This luscious, creamy kulfi is another name of guilt-free indulgence.  frozen delight no milk kulfi no sugar oatmeal kulfi  If the oatmeal kulfi recipe is coming from my end, this means it has got to be healthy it will include oatmeal it will be loaded with nuts it will be a true summer delight kulfi no milk creamy no cream healthy kulfi Okay, so let's get back to work. What do you look for in a kulfi ? Perhaps creamy, milky, frozen delight, isn;t it? how to make oatmeal delicious: kulfi summer dessert with oat  What if I say this oatmeal kulfi recipe gives you all that without the need to include any ingredient that you do not want to indulge in. Of course, cream and milk are quintessential to ice