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Coconut Chutney With Garlic Flavors

garlic coconut chutney As you all know, I was on a holiday to Odisha, the coastal state has an abundance of coconut trees. I must tell you my in-law's place is surrounded by a plethora of coconut grooves. I simply love that serenity - it's pure bliss for me that I miss here in Delhi. I so wish to settle down there some day!!  Yay!!  So coming back to the recipe, when I was in Odisha, my mother in law did me a big favor by getting 10 coconuts grated by her maid. What I did was to dry roast the fresh coconut on a stove top so that I could carry it along to Delhi and relish the same for a good number of days. Yay!! I am already doing so. I have stored the powder in a zip lock in my refrigerator door. This coconut garlic chutney is just one example of how I am using the Odisha coconut. I have been seen many people use roasted garlic for chutney. So this idea struck me to blend it with coconut. Voila! The result did not disappoint. My sister in law invited us

Broken Wheat Recipe: Daliya Idli Toast

daliya idli toast Wondering how to cook broken wheat ? Here's a simple yet interesting way to include cracked wheat into your everyday meals. Cracked wheat benefits health in more ways than one. If you learn cracked wheat for weight loss recipes, then you are working toward a healthy lifestyle. Even I am a health freak. Here are some broken wheat benefits: Remember, the uncle next door for whom I had baked the suji mango cake ? The 80 +year old is fond of idlis. We came to know about it recently. So one day hubby offered to make idlis for him. This was the right time to make another healthy set of idlis. Yes, I have made daliya idlis many times before. But this time it was different. How? I have always been wanting to make idlis sans baking soda or any emulsifying agent. You know the reason already! So this was the right time, I thought to experiment with fermentation. I soaked daliya overnight and next day was able to make super soft idlis. The

Oats Daliya Idli

daliya oats idli After a successful experiment with daliya (cracked wheat) and suji (semolina), I tried to include daliya with oatmeal. The result is droolworthy. Ingredients 1 cup- oat meal 1 cup- daliya 1 cup- curd 1/4-1/2 cup- water (for idli batter) salt 2 pinches of baking soda Procedure oats cracked wheat idli Dry roast daliya and grind them to powder. Daliya needs to be coarsely grounded. Let it cool. Mix daliya powder with oatmeal. Add curd, salt and keep aside for 30 minutes. Mix required amount of water for idli batter. Grease idli moulds. Add baking soda to the batter and mix. Steam for 10-15 minutes. Enjoy with mooli sambar or chutney of your choice. I relished it with tomato chutney and chana chutney.