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How to make quinoa dosa for weight loss diet on roti tawa [ easy protein dosa recipe without rice, urad dal]

 How to make dosa with quinoa, that too without rice and urad dal? here's what I do to make soft and crispy dosa at home. to begin with, I have used homemade quinoa flour or atta in the recipe. if you have store-bought quinoa, please use that. Ingredients 1 cup quinoa flour/atta 1/4 cup each of yellow moong dal, red lentil or masur dal, and green mung beans salt 1/2 cup -water (according to need for making dosa batter) jeera green chili 1 tsp- flaxmeal 1/2 tsp- methi powder (fenugreek) soak lentils for 5-6 hours before blending them with a little amount of water. please check the description for the ingredient list. soaking legumes and lentils help reduce phytate or anti-nutrients that cause gas and digestive problems and make absorption of minerals difficult for the body.  How to make quinoa more digestible if you want to actually enjoy the benefits of dosa, then dot look for instant dosa recipes. rather, go the traditional way and make dosa with fermented batter. fermented food

Ivy Gourd Recipe [ How TO Make Kundru/Kundri/ Tendil Bhaja]

During my 2.5-year-long stay in Odisha, I have watched my MIL make some of the simplest yet delicious Odia recipes. This kundru bhaja is an example. Now that I am back home, I am following her recipes.