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Oil: Which is Better

Query from Anita Chahal aunty ji: I have a very basic query Please advise,which is the best refined oil to be that is healthy,as well as affordable I normally use mustard oil for all dry vegetables ,,and soyabean oil (mahakosh,or ginni) for gravies etc. Tomorrow ,I have to go to get my kitchen supplies,so thought of getting expert advice from you and Amit ji Here are snippets from our discussion on cooking oil : Though I am not an expert in the niche, my research says that we should be wise enough to interchange oils after a few weeks (say 15 days) . It is even better if we use different types of oil for different recipes. Sunflower oil is considered one of the best and is full of vitamin E. However, it has higher sugar content compared to other oils.  Mustard oil is good to go in dry veggies. I, too, use it for stir fries. However, it has high uric content.  Rice bran is good to control cholesterol, as it has oryzanol - which is instrumental in breaking tr

How To Make Coconut Milk At Home; Benefits of Vegan Milk

homemade coconut milk benefits Rich in vitamins and minerals, coconut milk is more than being just a beach-side drink. In fact, the benefits of coconut milk make it an ultimate ingredient for some weight loss treatments, skincare and hair care products and arthritis remedies. Derived from the flesh of mature coconut, coconut milk is a rich antioxidant with plenty of uses. Alternatively, the vegan milk is a miraculous drink for those with lactose intolerance. What is Coconut Milk In order to make coconut milk, you need to grate coconut, process coconut flesh and steep it in hot water. Then the milk is squeezes using a cheesecloth. While the cream will float on top, the liquid milk sits. Coconut milk can be used as a substitute for cow milk in areas that face milk deficit. Compared to older coconuts with dry flesh, fresh coconut that has thick, creamy flesh will result in good quality milk. It is quite simple to make coconut milk. Place 2.5 ounces

How To Make Coconut Oil at Home; Health Benefits

how to make coconut oil Coconut oil benefits are aplenty. If you can make coconut oil at home, nothing better than that! Here you will  learn    not only benefits of coconut oil, but also how to make homemade coconut oil. I was never an admirer of coconut unless I realized how beneficial it was for overall health. There was a time I would not touch coconut and hated its very taste. parle coconut cookies recipe Now, times have changed and I am experimenting with coconut in the kitchen ever since I came across the umpteen coconut benefits. In fact, every single part of coconut can be put to use. There are plenty of coconut oil uses that will leave you surprised.  When processing coconut oil at home, you will first get homemade coconut milk, which makes a great flavoring agent for most south Indian recipes. Coconut oil is the most versatile of all other types of oil -used in infant food, nutritional formulas for patients, food preparation, skin problem reme