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Baked Jowar Crackers Recipe With Jaggery [ JOWAR MATHRI RECIPE | Indian AIRFRYER RECIPES]

Are you looking for a gluten-free mathri recipe, then this baked jowar crackers recipe with jaggery can be a hit at your place. Many have already tried it. So why wait any longer to bake jowar mathri with jaggery at home? Give your gluten intolerant loved one a sweet treat to satiate their cravings for a sweet cracker with the baked jowar mathri. Topped with sesame seeds that add a nutty flavor to the jowar crackers, the mathri is baked without baking powder and soda. Sorghum mathri is a low-calorie cracker recipe. sorghum crackers recipe indian Jowar Benefits A digestive aid, sorghum is rich in fiber and phytochemicals Anti-inflammatory properties that keep free radicals away - which are linked to cancer cell growth Anti-diabetic- making jowar for diabetics a healthy whole grain alternative Helps improve insulin sensitivity A boon for dieters being a low-calorie gluten-free flour Here's the video recipe of baked jowar crackers recipe in airfryer Indian 3/4 c