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No Cream No Sugar Mango Oats Kulfi

mango oats kulfi After my friend Ritu had tried the mango oats ice cream , I thought of giving it a try. I wonder if anybody, except Ritu, would think of such combination. But she is a big oats lover. Rightly so, her focus is on healthy eating and health food. I added oats to my kulfi a couple of days back. It did not disappoint. Rather, I loved how oatmeal adds that creamy layer to the kulfi, without the need to add cream. This means this recipe gives you no extra calories from cream while offering the benefit of fiber. No health freak would ever want to miss this mango kulfi. Will you? Anyway let's come back to the healthy dessert recipe. Ingredients 1 mango -pureed 1 tbsp- oatmeal (you may dry roast oats first - I didn't) 2 tbsp- thick/hung curd (check the above  video to learn how to make instant hung curd at home- no cloth, no hanging required) 1/2 cup-milk 1 tsp- roohafzaah/rose essence (you may add more since we are not including sugar in the