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Probiotic-Rich Gut -Friendly Tomato Ketchup [LACTO FERMENTATION IN INDIA]

Here I come with the world's best tasting lacto fermented tomato sauce in India. If you or kids are ketchup crazy, then you ought to learn how to lacto ferment vegetables. Lacto-fermentation is a method to naturally ferment food and the fermentation process breask down enzymes for easier absorption in the body. This includes probiotics and nutrients in an easily absorbable form. Besides, when food is fermented in the best conditions, it undergoes carbonation, which is a natural byproduct and gives fermented food its notorious fizziness. If you are looking for gut-healing Indian foods, then this tomato ketchup is surely one. Ever tried making probiotic-rich lacto fermented tomato sauce? if you are yet to try out lacto fermentation, then this healthy recipes channel can help. I have started a series on natural ferments that you may want to try out as foods for gut health. #lactofermentedtomatoketchupindia​ #lactofermentedtomatosauce​ rich in b vitamins, the vegan tomato ketchup is