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Probiotic-Rich Gut -Friendly Tomato Ketchup [LACTO FERMENTATION IN INDIA]

Here I come with the world's best tasting lacto fermented tomato sauce in India. If you or kids are ketchup crazy, then you ought to learn how to lacto ferment vegetables. Lacto-fermentation is a method to naturally ferment food and the fermentation process breask down enzymes for easier absorption in the body. This includes probiotics and nutrients in an easily absorbable form. Besides, when food is fermented in the best conditions, it undergoes carbonation, which is a natural byproduct and gives fermented food its notorious fizziness.

If you are looking for gut-healing Indian foods, then this tomato ketchup is surely one.

Ever tried making probiotic-rich lacto fermented tomato sauce? if you are yet to try out lacto fermentation, then this healthy recipes channel can help. I have started a series on natural ferments that you may want to try out as foods for gut health. #lactofermentedtomatoketchupindia​ #lactofermentedtomatosauce​ rich in b vitamins, the vegan tomato ketchup is an appetizer, digestive aid and yummylicious spread.

Lacto-fermented tomato sauce is good food for gut health and stays good for at least 3 months in the fridge and has a longer shelf life in the freezer. However, I advise making a small batch and enjoying it fresh, though the flavors would continue to develop as the sauce ferments at a slow pace in the refrigerator.

Why Lacto Ferment?

The naturally occurring bacteria in food convert the sugar in the fermented food into lactic acid, which acts as a natural preservative. That means the fermented food is less likely to become a brreding ground for harmful bacteria. 

You might not be aware that lacto-fermentation increases vitamin and enzyme levels in fermented food, making them easy to digest.

Adding whey helps activate lactic acid in ferments that can reduce the pH level of fermented foods. Be wary of too high pH level in ferments. So shift them to the fridge once you see them bubbling away to reduce the fermentation speed. 

indian fermented foods recipes

Call it a lacto fermented tomato hot sauce or probiotic-rich gut-friendly ketchup, the recipe for Indian homes is perfect where storebought junk is often indulged in.

The best thing about lacto fermentation is that it makes food easier to absorb - when food is fermented, its starches, carbs, proteins are broken down during the fermentation process, which releases gases and carbon dioxide (the bubbles are due to the release of CO2). That means when you eat fermented food, you are eating probiotics, which aid in digestion and make it easier for the gut to absorb the proteins, vitamins, minerals, starches, and carbs that are already broken down during the fermentation process.

That's the reason people on a lacto-fermented diet do not experience gastric problems.

When you ferment tomatoes at home, you can make the most delicious ketchup ever – just blend the fermented tomatoes with some garlic and coriander leaves or mint and you will have the most amazing tomato sauce to tantalize your taste buds! You have just made a shelf-stable tomato sauce that lasts.

Unless you are allergic to tomatoes or ferments or have histamine intolerance, you may not experience any side effects from the fermented tomato sauce. 

ANy side effects? Are probiotic foods safe?

Bloating is the most common side effect of eating ferments because excess gas is produced after probiotics kill harmful bacteria and fungi in the gut. You might be surprised to learn that probiotics are known for the secretion of antimicrobial peptides, which eliminate harmful pathogens in the gut, such as e.coli and Salmonella. If bloating is severe after eating probiotic foods, it can be extremely painful. 

All in all, while there are a variety of health benefits of fermented foods, some people may not find releif. Or in some cases, the beneficial effects may not be apparent. Avoid eating ferments if you are allergic to them or have histamine sensitivity.

How does fermentation help?

Fermentation of food reduces anti-nutrients, including phytic acid, protease inhibitors, and tannins. The process provides optimum pH conditions for enzymatic degradation of phytate,. which further helps improve soluble iron, calcium, and zinc by severalfold. Lactic acid fermentation reduces tannin levels, which increases the absorption of iron. 

Are you looking for more indian food for healthy gut or indian fermented foods recipes? Well, indian fermented foods are aplenty and I shared many gut healing indian foods on the channel.

For more healthy Indian recipes, please explore the channel

More lacto-fermented probiotic food for gut health recipes in India:

apple cider vinegar homemade with jaggery:

Probiotic gut food (lacto fermented carrot cauliflower pickle in India)

How to Lacto Ferment Onions (probiotic rich fermented onion picke)

are you new to lacto Fermentation india or wondering how to lacto ferment onion? Did you know onions are an immunity boost? If you ferment onions naturally, they get a probiotic punch that helps keep your gut healthy. A healthy gut prevents bad bacteria from spoiling health. This is a boost to your immune health as well.
how to make beetroot powder at home?
Are fermented onions good for you?
Lacto-fermentation is a safe to create your natural probiotics at home. When making lacto-fermented foods, you are trying to create a brine as a harmful environment for pathogens whereas it is a healthy environment for the growth of lactobacillus bacteria, making food safe for eating
What do fermented onions taste like?
They taste amazingly delicious , tangy, and tantalizing.
What does lacto-fermented mean?
Lacto fermentation means that the bacteria in food break down sugars, starches, and proteins in food during the fermentation process, making them easier to digest. 

Do pickled onions contain probiotics?
If you make fermented sliced onions, then they are rich in probiotics and B12.
how to use fermented onions?
You may enjoy lacto fermented onions just like pickle. 
how long does it take to ferment onions?
It takes only 2-3 days for onions to ferment in hot temperatures.
How does lacto-fermented cucumbers and onions work?
Well, just like lacto fermentation of onion goes, you can ferment cucumber too.
What are the recipes using fermented onions?
You should be eating fermented onions just like that as a side dish or pickle. Do not heat ferments.
fermented onions and peppers
#howtolactofermentonions #lactofermentedonions #fermentedonions

What is lacto fermentaion?
It is a type of food preservation method that uses natural organisms or bacteria to break down food sugars, starches, proteins to make digestion easier. When digestion improves, your body is able to better absorb nutrients from food, which supply it with energy and antioxidants to fight infections.
So your immunity gets a boost too.

So when fermenting foods in India or elsewhere, we are trying to OVERGROW good bacteria or a type of bacteria that are healthy. This ensures that they overgrow bad bacteria and do not let them spoil the fermented food.  We aim at creating an environment that supports the growth of good bacteria- lacto bacilius. When one population of bacteria overgrows another, the food becomes hygienically fermented.

So lacto fermentation is a food preservation, canning, and storage method. Not only this, fermentation provides an immunity boost as well.

How do you create a healthy acidic and low-oxygen environment?
Well, by packing food tightly in the jar, leaving no space, except neck or head space on top of the jar for air to escape. The addition of salt is a kind of preservation that keeps bad bacteria away and encourages the growth of good bacteria. Harmful organisms do not like salt brine. 
Avoid cooking lacto fermented foods to make the best of live cultures or probiotics,.
Cooking kills healthy bacteria and that's not what we aim for when we lacto ferment food.
Lacto fermentation adds depth of flavor to food that you do not need to cook it at all. 

What does the research say about benefits of lacto fermentation?
Lactic acid bacteria play an important role in food fermentation.  According to a research paper,
During fermentation, these bacteria synthesize vitamins and minerals, produce biologically active peptides with enzymes such as proteinase and peptidase, and remove some non-nutrients. Compounds known as biologically active peptides, which are produced by the bacteria responsible for fermentation, are also well known for their health benefits. Among these peptides, conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) have a blood pressure lowering effect, exopolysaccharides exhibit prebiotic properties, bacteriocins show anti-microbial effects, sphingolipids have anti-carcinogenic and anti-microbial properties, and bioactive peptides exhibit anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, opioid antagonist, anti-allergenic, and blood pressure lowering effects. As a result, fermented foods provide many health benefits such as anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and anti-atherosclerotic activity. However, some studies have shown no relationship between fermented foods and health benefits. Therefore, this paper aims to investigate the health effects of fermented foods.


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