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Kaddu Lassi (Pumpkin Buttermilk)

kaddu lassi I am a Punjabi and love curd. Lassi is widely used in Punjabi homes. I love the salty, spiced lassi. But yes, I do not like its sweet version. Well, that's my choice. Hubby loves the sweeter one. Everyone has a choice! After trying out kaddu raita with inspiration from Tanvee Sharda's recipe, I used the leftover to make buttermilk. I try to increase the intake of curd in our daily diet, especially in the summer season. Curd keeps our bodies cool! I love it ! Ingredients 1/2 cup- pumpkin or kaddu raita or pumpkin puree 2 cups of water 2 tbsp- curd black salt pinch of sugar or little more if you want it sweeter salt mint leaves ginger grated -1/2 tsp Roasted jeera powder Roasted flax meal Pumpkin Buttermilk Procedure If you are using kaddu puree, then you need extra curd. Take 1/2 cup curd. Take all the ingredients and add them to the processor, except water. Give them a churn once. Then add water and churn once again. Check for spice