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Semolina Recipe: Suji Cake on Stovetop

suji cake eggless Looking for semolina recipes Indian? You have come at the right place. Here I present before you eggless semolina cake recipe. Suji (semolina) cakes have become one of my favorite eggless cakes. This simple suji cake recipe tastes great with a mish mash of nuts and coconut. Try it for once and you will relish every bite of this yummy no sugar cake. semolina cake Semolina Cake Ingredients 1 cup- Suji 1 cup- yogurt/curd (I used curd) 1 tbsp- milk 3 tbsp-ghee (clarified butter) 1/4 tsp- baking soda 1/2 tsp- baking powder 1/2 cup- jaggery (or sugar as per your taste) 1 tbsp- Roasted sesame seeds (til) Almonds, walnuts or nuts of your choice 1/2 tsp- oil for greasing 1/4 cup- fresh/dry coconut Suji Cake Process Take suji. Add curd and milk. Next add powdered jaggery or gur. Or add sugar if you are using sugar. Set aside for one hour. Grease a baking pan with oil and sprinkle sesame seeds in the pan. Keep aside,  Take

Eggless Semolina Cake Recipe With Coconut

suji coconut cake The first time I came across semolina cake recipe , I was left wondering as to how our very own suji can be used for baking. I had never thought about it. Instantly I baked an eggless semolina cake with that recipe from Radha Natrajan. Once I experiment with something, my hands start itching to exploit that ingredient further. This is exactly what I have done to this recipe. I love cakes.Of course, baked goodies aren't the best choices for a healthy me. But I do not indulge in these goodies frequently - once in a blue moon! yay!  Except my favorite cookies - that too, one cookie with a cup of tea. This is how I go about it! When I am choosing healthy ingredients for my recipes, I can still choose to indulge. Isn't it? But I rarely do so. I have my self-imposed limitations that do not let me rest. Yes, I am happy being myself. Why shouldn't I? Yes, I prefer healthy baking - baking with healthy ingredients. Did you know semolina is ric