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Soda Lemonade: Beat the Heat This Summer With This Refreshing Drink

Summers are here already and you are looking for thanda thanda cool cool drinks to beat the heat. This fizzy lemonade is quick to process and gives you a refreshing treat when you are looking to get some respite from the scorching heat. The Story Behind the Fizzy Lemonade I was at mom's place when the weather took a sudden turn, with the chill in the temperature giving way to the hot winds. Soda lemonade Perhaps we knew on my cousin:s wedding day that it was the beginning of the hot weather. With summers, we start to experiment with different cooling drinks. Today I have come up with a summer cooler prepared by my younger sibling, my brother. While we would be busy with our professional commitments, he would come once to serve us this refreshing glass of lemonade. How sweet! He is too fond of soda drinks, so is his wife. He prepares this soda mint lemonade often, though I have never brought soda bottles home. But this drink is refreshing for those scorching hot

Kaddu Lassi (Pumpkin Buttermilk)

kaddu lassi I am a Punjabi and love curd. Lassi is widely used in Punjabi homes. I love the salty, spiced lassi. But yes, I do not like its sweet version. Well, that's my choice. Hubby loves the sweeter one. Everyone has a choice! After trying out kaddu raita with inspiration from Tanvee Sharda's recipe, I used the leftover to make buttermilk. I try to increase the intake of curd in our daily diet, especially in the summer season. Curd keeps our bodies cool! I love it ! Ingredients 1/2 cup- pumpkin or kaddu raita or pumpkin puree 2 cups of water 2 tbsp- curd black salt pinch of sugar or little more if you want it sweeter salt mint leaves ginger grated -1/2 tsp Roasted jeera powder Roasted flax meal Pumpkin Buttermilk Procedure If you are using kaddu puree, then you need extra curd. Take 1/2 cup curd. Take all the ingredients and add them to the processor, except water. Give them a churn once. Then add water and churn once again. Check for spice