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Healthy Drink Recipes: Summer Drink Ideas

Cool drink - Sattu Drink by Anita Chahal

sattu drink for summers

Gond katira...............1 tsp
Chana sattu...............3 tsp
Sugar..........................1 tsp

Soak gond katira in one cup water for 4-5 hours
Mix all ingredients in a glass of cold water and get instant relief from Sweltering heat
Diabetics can use black salt and jeera powder in place of sugar.. equally tasty


#Chane ka sattu -barley (jaun) ka sattu by Deepti Aggarwal

sattu drink for summer time

These are very effective and Gud panacea to kill the heat and refresh ourselves in this scorching heat...chane ka sattu is comparatively darker in color and tastier also. You can use them in a variety of recipes.... This is how it can be consumed as a drink.... 
Take equal quantities of any of the sattu and jaggery powder. Mix them well in chilled water and enjoy. Normally, in one glass, add two tea spoon of each .
My kids, on tasting chane ka sattu drink compared it to cold coffee... Isn't it really nice???

Beetroot Pomegranate Apple juice by Ritu Mendiratta

A healthy cooler to start your day or enjoy mid morning when You need the energy most. 
I call it Red Energy Drink ! 

Minty nimboo paani- Minty Lemony Drink by Deepti Aggarwal

lemony drink 

Beat d heat with this instant cooler...
One glass water

One twig of mint leaves 

3-4 tsp lemon juice 

Abt 1/4 spoon Black salt

Pinch of bhuna heeng jeera powder

Pinch of pepper powder 

Ice cube
Two tsp sugar powder
Crush mint leaves with lemon juice. Pour all ingredients in a glass, mix n drink.... As simple as that....

Jamun (Black Plum) Drink by Kiran Hira

jamun summer drink

Today I am sharing 
Some benefits of Jamun (black plum)

Jamun or black plum is an important summer fruit 
It's associated with many health and medicainal benefits 
It's used to treat digestive disorders 
In summer the sugar patients should eat Jamun regularly because its low glycemic index 

Jamun has adequate amount of iron and vitamin c 

It's fruit juice help in cough and asthma 
I have made jamun drink from jamun juice 
Squeeze the jamun 
Discard the seeds 
Bland them in mixture grinder 
Add water or lemonade 
With honey and ice 
It's jamun drink givesrelief to everyone in summer!!

Mix Fruit Drink by Deepti Aggarwal

Enjoying Sun in d afternoon.....feeling thirsty??prepare this Nectar of life in minutes n recharge Urself.....
#Nectar of life

One carrot
half Apple
1/4 pomegranate
Small piece of beetroot
One orange
One tomato
Small piece of ginger
Generous pinch of cinnamon powder
Black salt
Pinch of pepper powder
3-4 mint leaves,if available
Chop carrot,beetroot,Apple,tomato,ginger....deseed Orange.combine all d ingredients except spices in a blender n churn....pass thru strainer....mix salt,pepper, cinnamon.....Sugar if required....enjoy ...

chikoo shake with some nuts  by Kiran Hira

chikoo shake

Summer delightful cool &healthy drink!! 

Chikoo is a healthy fruit it's good for every one!!


Chikoo 500 g 

Milk 1 bowl 

Honey 1 tbsp 
Nuts like badam kaju pista 

Wash and peel chikoos
Discard the seeds Cut them into small pieces 
Put them in a mixture grinder with little bit milk grind them well 
Now add some nuts and left over milk Bland them nicely 
Now add honey and bland them again 
Now put the shake in glasses Garnish with some left over nuts 
At put ice in the shake 
Enjoy the shake in summer!!

Litchi Shake by Kiran Hira

Litchi shake

Lichi 5
Mint 5-6 leaves 
Ginger 1 inch 
Lemon 1 
Lemonade 1 glass 
Honey 1 sp 

Peel Lichi 
Discard it's seeds 
Crush ginger lemon pieces and mint together 
Put them in a jar 
Add honey and lemonade mix them Now put Lichi in the jar with some ice cube 
Now garnish this lemonade fizz with Lichi mint leave and lemon pieces!!

Gound Katira Milk Shake by Kiran Hira

milk shake goond katira

Today I share benefits of one of the oldest herb 🌿 Gound katira 
In my childhood my mother gave me Gound katira rose milk to protect from heat in summer!! 
It's healthy and ayruvedic!! 
Some time in hot summer some children's have bleeding from their nose 
Gound katira is one of the best treatment to stop the bleeding!! 

Soak the Gound katira over night 
Now take one glass of cold milk add roohafzah and 1 tbsp of Gound katira mixed well!!

Watermelon Kanji by Parshotam Kaur

healthy smummer drink watermelon kanji

Watermelon, rai, black salt, red chilli pd. 
Wash & cut watermelon,( enjoy the red part) , chop the white part of Watermelon length wise, take a glass jar, put water melon pieces, salt, chilli pd& crushed rai, fill the jar with Water. Cover the jar, keep it like this for 4-5 days. Stir with wooden spoon every day (u can keep it in sun). When kanji tastes sour it means it is ready, serve it straightway or refrigerate

Pudina Aam Panna - Minty Mango Drink by Kiran Hira

minty drink

A perfect way to beat the heat this summer is with this minty mango panna
Raw Mango 1/2kg 
Pudina leaves 1 small banch 
Sugar 200 g or as per taste 
Roasted jeera powder 1 sp 
Black salt 1 sp 
Black pepper 1/2 sp 
Water 1 glass or as required 

Wash and boil raw Mango 
Pressure cooked add some water for 1 whisle 
Keep aside for cool 
Now peel and discard it's seeds 
Wash pudina leaves 
Add Mango pulp pudina leaves Sugar powder in mixer grinder jar bland them nicely to become a smooth paste 
Now add this paste in a pan with water 
Boil them to become thick 
Now add black pepper black salt and Roasted jeera powder 
To serve 
Put 2 sp of pudina aam panna in a glass add some water mixed them well then add ice and garnish with pudina leaves!! 
Enjoy this healthy and cool drink in hot summer!!

Blueberry Banana Smoothie by Parshotam Kaur

Blueberry Banana Smoothie

1/2cup blueberry fresh /frozen
1cup milk /curd
1 ripe banana
1 sp honey 

Put all the ingredients to the blender and blend them until they smooth if blueberries r not frozen then add some ice cubes to the blender and blend them with high speed . now pour it into glasses and beat the heat.

MIX FRUITS AND NUTS SMOOTHIE by Tejender Saggu Bhengura

nut smoothie

With added honey as sweetener 

Summer heat is rising day by day and to beat the heat we like to drink variety of squash shakes juices smoothies and lot more.If we mix some fresh fruits along with dry fruits in addition of chilled milk it results into a rich thick shake.This is what this smoothy represents😊



Creamy Chilled milk-2 glasses
Chopped mango -1 big perfectly riped 
Chopped Apple -1
Chopped Chikoo-1
Chopped banana-1
Soaked dry fruits -Raisins Almonds & Anjeer(Fig)
Deseeded dates 
Kesar pistachio kulfi(optional)-1- I used 
Ice cubes
Cadbury gems for garnishing 


In a blender jar put all the fruits and dry fruits mentioned above along with milk and Ice cubes blend it till it becomes a thick shake or smoothie.If you wish you can add little bit of honey and kesar pista kulfi (I have in my fridge so I have used in it as an option).pour the shake into glasses garnish it with Cadbury gems and served chilled 😊
Image may contain: candles and food

#Mixed fruit Juice by Deepti Aggarwal

mix fruit juice

2 small carrots
3 kinnoo
½ pomegranate
Two strawberries
Small piece of beetroot
Some black grapes
One slice pineapple(as i didn’t hv fresh,i used tinned one)
Small piece of ginger
Few leaves of mint
Black salt
Pepper powder
Powdered Sugar(optional)

Peel beetroot,pomegranate,carrots,ginger,kinnoo,remove its seeds.chop all fruits,mint leaves, ginger,put in juicer n churn.Pass through a sieve.Repeat d process.Nw mix salt n pepper powder acc to taste.Can add powdered sugar if feel.Enjoy it chilled.

Moong daal shorba by Deepti Aggarwal

moong shorba

Half cup moong dhuli
One onion,chopped
One spoon chopped ginger
One spoon chopped garlic
One spoon jeera
One chopped green chilli
Abt ½ spoon turmeric powder
Salt to taste
Pepper powder
¼ spoon garam masala
One spoon desi ghee
4 cup water

Wash and soak daal for about half an hour.Drain.Now in a pressure cooker,pour water,daal,onion,tomato,green chilli,ginger,turmeric powder,salt and cook for 4-5 whistles.Allow the steam to escape.Meanwhile,in a wok,heat ghee,add jeera,let it splutter.Nw add garlic and sauté on medium flame for few seconds.Add cooked daal,mix well.Add garam masala,pepper powder and let cook for 5-10 minutes.Let simmer for some time so that a creamy shorba is ready.You can adjust the quantity of water according to the consistency you desire.Serve hot after garnishing with fresh coriander leaves.

Instant thandai By Deepti Aggarwal

For five glasses, I used...
25 almonds
10 pistachios
One spoon saunf/fennel
One spoon khaskhas/poppy seeds
Petals of one Indian rose  🌹 
Seeds of 7-8green cardamoms 
1/4 spoon pepper powder 
Few drops of Kewra water 
Sugar to taste 
Saffron strands
5glass cold milk
If u have time, soak almonds for 4-5hrs. Or put almonds in boiling water for two three minutes. Nw peel them keep aside.Also, soak khas khas for some time. Nw in a grinder,grind saunf, khaskhas ,cardamom, sugar to a coarse powder. In a mixer,combine all ingredients and give two three nice churns. Transfer in glasses, garnish with saffron strands n enjoy chilled. You may also add ice cubes.

#Tomato Drink -Tomatar ka shorba by Deepti Aggarwal

300 gm ripe,red tomatoes
One spoon finely chopped ginger
One spoon finely chopped garlic
One green chilli
½ spoon garam masala
One tej patta/bay leaf
Half spoon cinnamon powder or one inch piece
One spoon chopped coriander leaves
½ spoon jeera
One spoon sugar
One spoon oil
Salt to taste

Wash 'n chop tomatoes ...boil these with green chilli, half ginger n half garlic,tej patta,cinnamon piece ....give 6-7 whistles....let cool...mash with hand or give a quick churn in blender...strain...put on medium flame to simmer ,add salt,garam a pan,heat oil,let jeera splutter...add to tomato puree...add rest of ginger,garlic,sugar n let simmer for 20-25 minutes...add coriander leaves some time before serving

Carrot Kanji by Deepti Aggarwal

carrot kanji or carrot juice

Kali gajar 4
beetroot 1/4 piece
water 4 glass
salt to taste(app 1/2 spoon)
heeng liberal pinch
grinded rai abt 2 spoon
red chili powder 1/2 spoon
actually,fr me,its by approximation n experience......
Slice gajar n beetroot in small sticks.Add all the ingredients in a pot or covered container,keep in sun.In two days,tangy,spicy digestive kanji is ready to beat the heat of holi.
u can use normal carrot also,only color will be light.
wen kanji is finished,add more water n spices,thus reusing d stuff.No need to add carrots again.this can be done thrice.once u r done with kanji,take out carrots,add some more rai n salt n chiili powder.After abt 4-5 hrs,use these carrots as pickle

Woodapple Drink for Summers- Bel Ka Sharbat by Deepti Aggarwal

woodapple juice for summers

Summers r here.. and so is d need to drink something refreshing,yet I m on a squash making spree,so that my family gets homemade coolers.....
We hv good yield of bel in our garden this I decided to try this n came out so tasty.....can b added to cold milk as well as water......

Take two ripe bels...scoop out flesh from the hard shell....boil it in approximately half glass water....strain it .....mash d cooked flesh with the back of spoon.....adds water,strain again...keep d juice on flame to boil......pour about two cup sugar...boil till the liquid thickens to squash consistency......remove from flame.....let it cool.....add preservative (sodium benzoate) pour in bottle,keep in refrigerator....add to milk,water.....U can add black salt n lemon juice if mixing with water....enjoy n beat d keeps ur digestion strong.

Mix vegetable juice by Parul Bansal

Parul is a perfectionist. I love her amazing bakes and presentation. Here she comes with a very healthy winter drink.

Is JUICE ko main kya naam du?????
5 carrot...1 beetroot...3 amla ..ek chota piece kachhi haldi...ek chota piece ginger ka juice banaiye ...Aur meri beti jaise kuch bacche Jo vegetables se dur bhagte h...unhe ye pilaiye ...Aur धन्य ho jaiye

Kokum squash by Deepti Aggarwal

250 gm kokum fruit or flower or peels( whatever u can get,i got peels from Kerela)
5 glass water
black salt
about one kg sugar
bhuna heeng jeera powder
wash kokum thoroughly in running water to remove dirt.Now soak overnight or for 5-6 hours in about 2 glass water.grind to a paste. Strain through a sieve.again add some water n grind,strain.Repeat d procedure 2-3 in a heavy bottomed pan,add this extract n other ingredients n boil for about half an hour. Cool n store in glass bottles.Wen using, add to water,adjust salt n sugar( i added honey) n enjoy chilled.
Do not throw d roughage.i hv made sweet n sour chutney from it as d roughage still is sour n healthy.

One of the most popular healthy digestive kashmiri drink -Kashmiri kahwa  by Kiran Hira

Our family favourite tea  (savi chai)
We drink this tea  for digest the food 🍲

How to make
Add one cup of water in a pan 🍳 when water boil add 1/2 sp of kahwa with green cardamom boil until it's reduced half then add half cup of water in it with half sp of sugar boil again for few bits tea  is ready you can also use black cardamom cinnamon almond in winter!!

Beetroot buttermilk by Ritu Mendiratta

Ingredients :
1 beetroot (medium)
8/10 mint leaves
5 tsp rock salt
1 green chilly

1/2 bowl curd 
2 bowl water 
Mint leaves for garnishing 

Method : In a mixy grind a paste of beetroot , chilly ,water , rock salt n mint leaves . Now pass through strainer n take in bowl .Add curd and water n whisk

Mango frooti by Deepti Aggarwal

how to make mango frooti at home

... fresh n juicyyyyy.... Yes, it really is fresh... Why go for market bought trash when we can have goodies at home....made in a jiffy... Let's try..... . 

#mango juiceor mango frooti

Two ripe mangoes
Abt 3/4 katori sugar(depends upon sweetness of mangoes) 
Three glass water
About half lemon, depending upon sourness of mango

Puree mangoes. Add water n sugar. Bring to boil till scum comes to the surface. Add lemon juice. Let simmer for 9-10minutes. Now turn off the flame and let it cool. Store in bottles and enjoy chilled whenever you feel like quenching your thirst.

Summer is at its peak. Kids are constantly demanding cold drinks. Bt how can I give them something dat is harmful for their health. Bt their whims hv to b satisfied... So Wat I did.... 

#homemade iced tea by Deepti Aggarwal

Iced tea recipe

One glass water
One spoon tea leaves
Two three spoon sugar powder 
Three to four spoon lemon 🍋 juice 
Ice cubes

Boil water. Add tea leaves n turn off the d flame. Cover d pan n let it sit for five minutes .Strain d water n let cool. Web serving, add sugar powder, lemon juice. Mix well.Put ice cubes in a glass n pour the tea on them. Enjoy chilled. 
U may adjust the quantity of sugar n lemon juice according to your taste. 
How is it??

One more recipe from my moms kitty.... This can be enjoyed anytime of the year... Prepare before the season is out.... Make in bulk and enjoy.. No preservative,no artificial color....

Papaya Digestive Smoothie by Ritu Mendiratta

After overindulging today you might need a digestive drink. Wht say?😝
Here's my Papaya smoothie to soothe your stomach. Dont ask for more its limited in stock... come fast before it gets finished 😂😂

Orange squash by Deepti Aggarwal

orange juice recipe

Juice of three kg kinnoo or orange
750gm sugar

In a thick bottomed vessel, cook both the ingredients till one string syrup is formed. When cooled, store in bottles and refrigerate. While drinking, mix in chilled water, add black salt to taste and beat fatigue and heat.

#Cold Brew Jamaica (hibiscus ginger iced tea) by Deepti Aggarwal

This is a favored drink in tropical n subtripical countries,perfect to beat the heat n without any easy,yet taasteful.Came to know about it during my recent visit to Kerela.Instantly fell in love with it.And incidently,now-a-days,Hibiscus flowers are in bloom.So,go ahead,try this.....nothing beats a fresh preperation.Surprise ur family n friends with this wonderful drink.The best part is,it can be made using dry flowers also,Can be had cold as well as hot.It is known to have many medicinal properties

Petals of 5-6 fresh hibiscus flowers
Two spoon ginger juice
Two spoon lemon juice
About four spoon honey
Two cup boiling water
Fresh mint leaves or lemon rinds to garnish

Wash d petals thoroughly.put these in a heat proof glass jar or container, pour boiling water over them. Let them steep in it for about 30 minutes.If u want a darker color,u can brew petals in d water.Now strain d water.It will be purplish maganta in color.Let it cool.Add ginger juice,lemon juice,honey in it.U may need to adjust the quantity of juices n honey according to your taste.Now the color will be hot pink.In a tall glass,put ice cubes n pour this drink on them.Garnish with fresh mint leaves or lemon rinds n enjoy this chilled sip of health n taste.

Kanji- A Carrot & Beetroot drink by Anita Chahal

काली गाजर (dark carrot).........half kg
चुकन्दर (beetroot) ................two small
Mint leaves......handful
Rai crushed........three tbsp
Black salt............three tsp
Red chilly pd.......three tsp
Water...................six litres

Wash,peel and chop carrots and beetroot
Add all ingredients and keep in sun for a week

Enjoy,with or without ice,,or with a hint of lemon juice,like i do!

Shelf life of this summer cooler in the words of Anita Chahal aunty ji:
"I use plain filtered water to make it,,and it is cooked in the heat of the sun,,,so it is like pickle . Should stay good for quite a long time.
In my house me and my daughter are the only ones who drink it,,as my hubby can't have anything khatta.....still this is the third time I have made it this season.

If you keep it in the fridge ,after it is ready,it may last even for six months,,or the whole summer.."

 Minty Chaas by Ritu Mendiratta

In a mixie churn all or in a jug whisk all 

4 tbsp curd 
3 glass chilled water
1 tsp jeera bhuna ppwder
1 tbsp mint chutney or crush few mint leaves 
Black salt
Black pepper powder

Turmeric Milk by Bishakha Kumari Saxena

Take two glasses of this Ajwain and Turmeric Milk per day for two or three days, and bye bye to an irritating sore throat. Try to have it as hot as you can.
1/2 tsp ajwain
1/4 tsp Turmeric powder
1 cup milk
Firstly Heat a non-stick pan, add the carom seeds and dry roast on a medium flame for 1 minute. Keep aside.
Boil the milk in a saucepan, add the turmeric powder, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 2 minutes, while stirring continuously.
Remove from the flame, add the roasted ajwain to the turmeric milk and mix well. Serve immediately.

Kesar badam lassi by Nature Kahlon

10leaves kesar 
1/2Cup curd
2tbsp suger
1/2Cup water
choclate for garnish


Soak almonds in warm water for 10 minutes and then peel off the skin.Next mix kesar in 2spoon water. Make a paste with almonds. Grind along with curd, water, suger ,kesar, badam paste , ice cube. Garnish with chocolate.

Chocolicious Horlicks Drink by Ritu Mendiratta

horlicks milk shake



#drinks#lemon rooh afza by Balvinder Kaur Khera

Ingrdients for khatta meetha rooh afza

Black salt
Rock salt
Sugar or sugar syrup.(as per choice)
Mint leaves for garnishing

Simply make roohafza with or without sugar as per ur liking.. Squeeze lemon.. Add both salts.. Ice cubes.garnish with mint leaves.. Black salt is a must.

Aam Panna by Deepti Aggarwal

Mangoes.... Best gift of summers... They can be used in n number of ways...thus is one if of them,to beat d heat...
250gm raw mangoes
Three glass water
20gm mint leaves
Abt 125-150gm sugar or jaggery(qyantity depends upon d sourness of mangoes)
Abt 3/4 tsp black salt
1/2tsp roasted heeng jeera powder
1/2spoon pepper powder
Wash n boil mangoes in d water till two whistles. Wen cooled,peel n scrap d flesh. In a mixer, combine all d ingredients n grind to paste. Strain. Again grind. U may add more water if required. Strain. If consuming right away, drink it chilled after adding ice cubes n boondi. Otherwise boil once again n store in glass bottle wen completely cooled.
Mine had been boiled again. So d color is somewhat light. Without boiling, it will be greener.

Strawberry Falooda by Poonam Bachhav

Apple Minty Buttermilk by Bishakha Kumari Saxena

1/2 ltr buttermilk
1 Apple
50 gms mint leaves
Rock salt (sandha namak)
1 spoon black pepper
1 spoon roasted cumin powder
Method -
Firstly in grinder make paste of apple nd mint.Take one bowl put buttermilk, paste, salt, roasted cumin nd black pepper nd again blend in grinder. Now take glass nd serve it.

Virgin watermelon mojito by Shibani Hota

In summer nothing is more quenching than a slice of let's enjoy the hot days of summer with a cool, refreshing Virgin watermelon mojito.

Thandai badam sharbat#gulab sharbat#healthiest cooling drink ever by Deepti Aggarwal

One of my fav drinks since childhood....yet another wonder from my mom's kitchen.....

Ingredients for this manna from heaven....
1 cup almonds
2 cup rose petals,dry or fresh if available
1 cup melon,watermelon,pumpkin,cucumber seeds
1 table spoon moti Saunf
2 spoon poppy seeds
1 spoon black or white pepper powder
15-20 green cardamom
Some strands of saffron
1/2 kg sugar

Soak almonds for 5-6 hours....Soak rest of d ingredients except sugar separately in water.....this water will b used for making sharbat...Peel almonds.....put all d soaked ingredients in grinder,use the water to grind properly....pass through sieve...again grind...repeat till only roughage is left...put to boil on medium to low flame... add sugar....keep stirring....turn off d burner wen desired consistency is achieved.....let it cool.....add some preservative.....ready to use in milk shake or water....
If u have unpeeled seeds of melon n watermelon,they will also do....

Watermelon cooler by Ritu Mendiratta

Fruity Smoothie by Ritu Mendiratta

Weight watchers ! Another healthy drink for you.


  1. Lovely collection of summer coolants Ravneet..thank you for including mine in this roundup

    1. Thank you, Poonam! Your contribution to this collection is always welcome.

  2. This so helpful and it looks really good,i absolutely love the colour,i am definitely going to try this out,but feeling a bit scared.I just hope it works out perfectly!


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