Hair Loss Natural Remedy: Oil for Hair Growth, Greying, Hair Problems

Hair fall pains. Falling hair is a deep concern shared by one and all. Men and women both experience loss of hair for one reason or another. Perhaps environmental factors play a role in hair loss. However, there are plenty of reasons of hair fall, including health issues. If you suffer from an underactive thyroid, you are more likely to experience hair loss. Similarly, there are other medical conditions that can cause hair fall in men and women so much so that men tend to go bald quickly. However, if your hair loss is not due to a medical condition, there are several home remedies for hair fall that can come in handy.
miracle hair oil - home remedies for hair fall 

Like you, I have been experiencing severe hair loss for almost a year. But my problem is not related to any medical condition. Environmental factors tend to affect my hair. I have always enjoyed long hair strands.

I came across this home remedy for hair loss when my friend Anna Singh shared this with me two months back. Anna has a bountiful of home remedies, thanks to her mom, who has deep knowledge and experience in the same. I benefit from both, since Anna always shares some of her darling mom's home remedy tips with me.

I have been applying this hair fall oil remedy for over two months, and have experienced considerable improvement. My hair tend to break less often now, compared to a year ago, when strands of hairs would fall while combing. However, I am still experiencing hair fall, which may be due to weather conditions. It is extremely hot out hair and now it's monsoon time, when everyone experiences hair fall.

I am very particular about hair care, and follow a strict regimen for hair : here are my home remedies for hair fall -

  • applying henna every week
  • applying hair oil every other day and keeping it for minimum 2-3 hours
  • washing hair every other day
  • not experimenting with just about any home remedies for hair fall
I am very cautious about using any products on my hair and never use anything without research. When Anna shared this home remedy for hair loss with me, my first task was to research educational sites to understand how a particular herb/spice can help hair growth. I studied, gained knowledge, and then implemented the same in the hair fall home remedy.

Now you must be wondering what this hair loss remedy is all about?
Well, without further ado, let me share the recipe with you. You need easily available ingredients which make awesome home remedies for hair fall .

  • Coconut oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Nigella satvia/seeds
  • Fenugreek seeds
  • curry leaves

Also known as the Blessed seed, nigella satvia has miraculous therapeutic benefits. We will do a separate post on nigella benefits because it is a vast topic and I do not want to hijack this post. I understand you are here for hair loss remedy. So let's focus on that.

Nigella -Black Seed Oil For Better Hair Growth (kalonji)

Nigella Satvia is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant rich spicy plant, known as kalonji or onion seeds.
  • Touted as an immunity enhancer, nigella has been used as a beauty secret for centuries. 
  • It has immunity boosting and skin healing properties. Some people claim that nigella for skin disorders is a miracle remedy. I have not applied it on my skin thus far, so cannot substantiate the claims. 
  • Research also claims that Nigella satvia helps boost good cholesterol, HDL, levels in the body. 
  • These are rich in linoleic, oleic oils that are essential fatty acids. 
  • They are also known for their amino acid content that are the building blocks of hair and promote hair growth.
  • Research suggests that topical application of the antioxidant-rich nigella oil/seeds can help promote hair health and prevent premature aging. 

Fenugreek for Hair Loss

Fenugreek seeds are rich in Phytoestrogene, which is known to promote hair growth. With a strong aroma, fenugreek contains a range of active ingredients, such as alkaloids, flavonoids, and vitamins. Ideally used in the culinary world, fenugreek has been in use for its medicinal benefits in the ancient world.

Research studies done on mice reveal that fenugreek works as an effective home remedy for hair growth. It takes into consideration hair diameter, length, and hair weight. Studies reveal that besides being a hair loss supplement, fenugreek promotes nail growth.

This is another tried and tested remedy. Ever since I started using this miracle oil for hair growth, the nails on my hands have shown significant improvement and are growing rapidly.

Ingredients for hair oil

100 ml- coconut oil (I have already shared the recipe to make coconut oil at home.check here) - or click on the above video on step-by-step process to prepare homemade coconut oil

50 ml- castor oil (if you are allergic to castor, you may skip it-- it works magic for some people- gives you darker locks) -The second time I increased the amount of castor oil and it almost equalled that of coconut oil - it's completely your choice

2 tbsp- fenugreek seeds powder (methi dana)
2tsp- nigella seeds powder (kalonji)
15-20- sprigs of dried curry leaves (kadipata) (I used dried curry leaves that I had brought from Odisha )

How to make hair fall oil with coconut oil

hair oil ingredients

Gather all ingredients on the countertop.

iron kadahi for hair oil preparation

Take an iron kadahi. Yes, you need a cast iron pan/vessel for this. Ferrous oxide turns deeper upon heating. This gives you the black color. You need it for a darker tint.
Heat the pan.

castro oil for hair
 Add castor oil to it immediately.
coconut oil for hair
Next, add coconut oil. Let the two oils reach smoking point -1-2 minutes.
ingredients being added 

Immediately add the powdered seeds and dry curry leaves.
Turn off the flame after 2 minutes. We do not want to overheat the oil.

heated hair oil. left overnight
Mix and leave it for 10-12 hours or overnight.
I always leave it overnight.
straining oil
Next day, strain the oil using a tea strainer.

hair oil is ready

Your miracle hair oil is ready for application.

miracle hair oil

My personal experience says you have got to be patient with the results. It has taken me almost 2 months to notice a considerable change. Though my hair continue to fall (monsoon time as well), they have become bouncy, soft, and heavy.

Thankfully, I do not have dandruff. But Anna says this is an absolute remedy for dandruff problems as well.

The difference in my hair: Then 'n Now

I can feel the bounce clearly. Earlier, my hair had become too dry, thanks to the Delhi pollution. My hair have suffered a lot due to the pollution. Stress is another reason for hair loss. Your diet also plays a big role in your hair health.

Additionally, when mom used to comb my hair, they were in best hands. As kids grow up, they tend to feel self dependent. The aura of independence tends to take kids farther away from the protective hands of their parents.

When I started combing my hair on my own, they started suffering. But since I have always loved my hair, I have always taken good care of them.

But then my Delhi life began, and my hair started to suffer despite my love and care.

But now I think I have the best hair fall weapon to safeguard my hair against the weather and pollutants.

I love my hair more than ever!

Here's another age-old hair fall recipe, which is an effective remedy for dandruff. The hair oil remedy is shared by my Healthy Recipes by Homemakers member Shaista Bedi.

hair fall remedy

I will be posting other hair fall tips shared by Shaista Bedi ji and Balvinder Kaur at the end of the page.

Tips for Bouncy, Heavy Hair

  1. Eat omega 3 foods. Sea fish is the best source of omega 3.
  2. Make sure you get vitamin E from your diet. If you do not get it from diet, then you have got to supplement your diet with cod liver oil. Please do not take it without consulting a medical practitioner.
  3. Wash your hair regularly. I make it a point to wash them every other day.
  4. Apply the miracle hair oil and leave it for a good 2-5 hours for the best results. I apply it in the morning after my morning walk and wash my hair in the evening. So I allow the hair good time to absorb the oil.
  5. Make sure you apply henna on your hair. Prepare your henna pack with tea/coffee/curry leaves concoction. Leave it for a minimum of 30minutes before applying it on your hair. Most hennas require overnight soaking. I use VLCC henna, which does not require a longer soaking time. You can apply it immediately. I have been using it for over 7 years.
  6. This works as dandruff treatment as well.
  7. The combination therapy with this hair oil and henna can prove lasting effects. However, everyone's situation is different, so I am unsure if this will have exactly the same effects for everyone. But I simply hope that the benefits of fenugreek for hair and nigella seeds for hair work wonders for you. Keeping my fingers crossed. Do write to me about your experience.
Here are more proven hair fall and dandruff tips shared by my dear groupies.
hair loss remedy dandruff

tips on dandruff hair fall

hair oil for dandruff 


  1. This miracle hair oil is certainly a keeper one Ravneet ! Thanks for the share 😃 Can't wait to try out.

    1. Absolutely dear. Do check the other tips shared by Shaista ji and Balvinder. Hair fall is a deep concern for us all. This hair loss remedy can work magic.

  2. Hi. Even im facing hair fall prblm. Can i use this oil for my daughter. She is 8 yrs. But she has very thin hairs. Can this oil be applied & kpt overnight? Do we have to wash it with shampoo everytime we apply?

    1. Thanks for the query. Yes, your daughter can use it. You can even mix almond oil along with coconut oil and castor oil. Try adding aloe vera gel as well. One of my friends has been applying it on her daughter's hair for 12 years and her hair are long, thick, and bouncy. Yes you will need to wash it with shampoo, because castor oil is very sticky and does not go off with water alone.

    2. Well, better to apply it in the day. But if you have no other option than applying it in the day, you may go ahead and apply it and keep overnight. But make sure you keep a towel above your pillow, because castor oil leaves stains that do not go away easily.

    3. Thank you so much for the response. Will surely try. If adding aloevera gel, do i have to add it while heating? Thanks a lot.

    4. Yes..Though I have not added aloe gel, I plan to do so next time. Shaista Bedi and Balvinder add the gel at the time of heating and wait for all the water/moisture to evaporate before turning off the flame. They heat the oil for at least 20 minutes.

  3. Waiting to make it soon...a small doubt curry leaves to be dried under sunlight for usage??

    1. Yes, dear, you may simply wash them and let them dry on a cloth or newspaper for a few hours or just keep them in the sun for quick drying. Hope that helps. You can add almond oil as well to the other oils while heating.

  4. Great share and a useful post for everyone.

  5. Thanks a lot... Will try.. My mother aged 80 yrs has lost her hair due to application of dye & leaving it for a long time till she washes it off... Will it help her... She's is depressed coz of loss if hair

    1. Dyes have a bad effect on hair. Alternatively, with age, our hair tend to grow weak and fall. This oil does not have any side effects, as it uses natural ingredients. So it's a good try for your mom, if she is not allergic to castor oil. I hope it helps improve her hair health.

  6. can this oil be used for infants pls ??

    1. Thanks for the query. Please do not use it for infants, as it uses castor oil, which is quite thick and could cause respiratory problems. Please wait until the baby is 2 years to apply this oil. The best oil for infants is coconut oil, which has antibacterial, antifungal properties. Try making it at home. I have shared the video recipe for coconut oil as well.

  7. Hello, u hav said kalounji and methi.. should i put it in powdered form (roasting and powder) or jus seeds only i can put it while oil is hot and let it boil.??

    also for how long shall i let it boil ?

    Please clarify?

    1. Hi dear, I have clearly mentioned that we need to add the seeds in powdered form. No, you do not need to roast them. We need to boil them for just 2-3 minutes and then allow it to sit like that overnight. You can use the oil the next day.

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