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How To Make Besan From Chana Dal at Home Recipe(Chickpea Flour Ready in 90 Minutes in AIRFRYER)

You love chickpea flour and are wondering how to make besan from chana dal at home, right? I never thought besan was such a breeze to process at home until my MIL guided me into the whole process to make besan powder in English.
how to make besan from chana dal at home in airfryer
If you are unsure where to buy gram flour in lockdown, worry not. You can make your own besan powder at home. This besan from chana dal recipe is easy and the whole process of making besan or gram flour takes 90 minutes from start to finish. Surprised? Well, I have dried buta dali or chana dal in airfryer, which sped up the whole process of making besan at home. Q. how to make besan at home in hindi? Well, besan ghar mein banana bahut asaan hai. Chana dal ko ache se dhona hai. Fir use drain kar lo taki paani nikal jaye. Uske baad airfryer mein 30 minutes taq 160 degree c per heat karo. Fir stir karo and fir se heat karo 30 minutes ke liye.. chana dal sukh gaye hogi. Ab usse thanda karo or mixie mein powder karo. Ek sifter se chaaan lo 2-4 baar. Apka besan tyar hai. बेसन घर में बनना आसन है। चना दाल को अचे से धोना है। Uske baad airfryer mein 30 मिनट taq 160 डिग्री c प्रति हीट करो। फ़िर हलचल करो और फ़िर से गर्मी करो 30 मिनट के लिए .. चना दाल सुख गया हो गया। अब usse थंडा कारो या मिक्सी मे पाउडर पाउडर करो। एक सिफर से छन लो 2-4 बर। अपका बेसन त्यार है। Q. Is gram flour and chickpea flour the same? Yes, chickpea atta, besan, and gram flour are the terms coined for the same product.
how to make chickpea flour in airfryer 
Q. How to make besan powder in English? I have explained the whole process to make chickpea flour in airfyer in the video. Write to me in the comments if you did not get anything.

Q. How is besan made?
Besan or chickpea flour is made from chickpea lentils. Wash, dry, and powder - yes, it's as simple as that.

Q. Is besan made from chana dal?
Right. Besan or chickpea flour is made from chana dal or chickpea lentils or garbanzo beans.

Q. What can I use instead of besan?
Well, it depends on the recipe and what you are trying to make. Besan can be substituted with chickpeas or chickpea lentils. But that depends on what you wish to make.

Q. How do you make gram flour?
Also known as besan, gram flour is made from chickpea lentils or buta dali in Odia. Q. How to make gram flour at home in Tamil? Well, it is the easiest thing to prepare at home. Follow the process shown in the video to make your own gluten-free chickpea atta. Q. What are the nutritional benefits of besan atta? Chickpeas are an excellent source of minerals, fiber, and vitamins. It is a highly nutrient dense lentil flour that adds nutrition to your plate. Low in fat, garbanzo beans are incredibly rich in proteins and amino acids and must be a part of your everyday diet. It is a highly versatile ingredient that adds not only nutrition to the table, but also color and flavor to the food. It is so versatile and easy to use that you can make cookies, crackers, cakes, laddus, sweets, Indian desserts, snacks, pakodas, chillas, dosas, and vegan butter.

Q. Is sattu and besan one and the same thing?
Well, the difference is explicit. While besan is made from white chickpea lentils (chana dal or buta dali or chutney dal), sattu is made from roasted black chickpeas. It is a staple in Bihar. I will share the whole process of making sattu at home soon.

To make besan at home, follow this video.

Q. What is besan known as in English?
Well, the English word for besan is chickpea flour or gram flour or garbanzo bean flour. It is made from pulsing white chickpeas. Q. Is chickpea gluten-free? You have recently turned to a gluten-free diet and are looking for gluten-free recipes, right? Or a loved one is diagnosed with celiac disease and cannot tolerate gluten, so you want to ease their life with some gluten-free recipes that taste yum too. Well, you can have many gluten-free recipe options, but when it comes to baking with gluten-free ingredients, you might find yourself in a fix. Reason? Perhaps the biggest reason being that gluten-free flours are difficult to bind, because they lack gluten - the elastic component that makes rotis chewy. So I have experimented with a few gluten-free options to come up with the best gluten-free cookie recipe. The recipe has a secret ingredient that gives it substance and enhances its flavor too. Wondering what it is? Besan is gluten free.

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