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Can You Bake French Fries in Oven Without Oil [ Baked Potato Fries Indian Airfryer Recipe] | Ravneet Bhalla

 Wondering how to bake French fries without oil? Well, I have tried to do so on several occasions but failed. Sometimes potato fries would lose all moisture and dry up like rubber and sometimes, they would become chewy. I never liked this form of French fries without oven. After several failed attempts at baking French Fries in airfryer without oil, here I come with a healthier version that uses little oil but is amazingly delicious and gives a good competition to its deep-fried counterparts. So let's see how to bake French Fries in airfryer - Indian recipe.

Low Oil Baked French Fries in Airfryer

Baked French fries in 8 minutes 🙂 
I baked in my airfryer.  You can bake in oven/otg or convection too. 
French Fries have got a bad rap - often dubbed as a death food because of the carb and calorie overload. 
Of course, you cannot reject the fat part as well. When deep fried, potato fries are nothing but completely empty calories that burden your body with trans fats as well. Not to forget the high sodium/salt content in storebought French Fries. 

This version is a little healthier than its deep-fried counterpart - no doubt, it is still empty calories. 
But when kids are addicted to these potato wedges, you can take a step further and bake these crispy snacks for them. There is literally no difference in taste. I vote for the baked version. 

What about you?

how to make french fries in the oven without oil 

I do not approve of this version until I succeed myself.

Are these quick oven fries?

Well, I would call these quick and healthy French fries or potato wedges. The reason is simple. They are low in salt, starch, and fat. These airfried potato fries are yummy and easy to make too.

 I am looking for a recipe for crispy oven baked fries?

Well, I have tried these French Fries in Prestige airfryer. You could bake these potato wedges as a healthy snack recipe in oven, convection, or otg.  

Can these be tawa fried potato wedges recipe?

I often make french fries without oven in a pan.

How to make french fries from potatoes 

The process is simple. Cut potatoes longitudinally. Soak the potato wedges in water (or cold water) for 30-60 minutes. Do not forget to add salt to the water before soaking.

After soaking, remove potatoes from water. Pat dry on a towel. Keep covered for an hour. Rub some extra virgin olive oil to coat each of the potato wedges with oil. Bake or airfry at 200 degrees for 5 minutes. Check after 5 minutes with a knife or fork. If not done, bake further for 3-5 minutes.

Remove immediately from the airfryer. Use seasoning and black salt, black pepper or red pepper powder, oregano, or whatever flavor your wish to enjoy your French Fries with the Indian way. 

Are these crispy oven fries ?

Well, these are not very crispy. I like these soft. If you want French fries crispier, try baking them for 2 minutes more. Else, rub some rice flour before baking.

Are these cornstarch baked sweet potato fries ?

I do not use cornflour at all because it is only starch and nutrient deficient.

Why are French fries regarded bad?

Some call it a death food too, fearing the risk of heart attack, diabetes, thyroid, metabolism disorders, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.

Well, there are concerns about the simple carbohydrates in potatoes. French fries combine these simple carbs from potatoes with saturated and trans fat from deep frying and high sodium from salt. This combination makes french fries a flood of calories and carbs that have no health benefits.  But if you can try out a baked recipe of French fries in little oil, it can eliminate some of the dangers associated with potato fries. 

More Healthy snacks recipes Indian in airfryer (Ravneet Bhalla)


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