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Healthy Soya Chili Without Cornflour, Soya Sauce, Sugar [Manchurian Without Frying Recipe by RAVNEET BHALLA]

 Ever tried making healthy soya chili without cornflour, maida, soya sauce, and sugar? I do. In fact, I love my soya chili gravy recipe without all these ingredients. Perhaps I choose not to deep fry the nuggets, which gives me an even healthier crispy soy chili recipe to relish with rice or chapati or even paratha. 

soy chili manchurian gravy without soy sauce, cornflour, maida

Whether you are looking for soya chili Manchurian or chili soybean without corn flour, this is the recipe to go for. 

Now you might be wondering what soya chili sauce have I used in the recipe to make it healthier? Well, the soya chili recipe gets its healthy punch from all the healthy ingredients, including ginger, chili, and garlic with sweet notes delivered by carrot while the tang comes from tomato and capsicum. The rice flour slurry makes a good substitute for maida. What more do you want?

How do you make your soya chili Manchurian healthier?  Do you make soya Manchurian without frying?

I would love to hear back on your recipe of soya chili without frying. 

What is Manchurian sauce made of? 

The traditional Manchurian sauce uses soya sauce, green chilies, ginger, garlic, and fresh tomato puree. The tangy sauce tastes good and is equally soothing. 

How long do you cook soya chunks? 

Well, you need to boil soya nuggets in water for at least 5 minutes. That will help remove starch and make the chunks softer. Squeeze out all the water after dunking the nuggets in cold water immediately after removal from a hot bath.  Marinate with rice flour, salt, and extra virgin olive oil for 30 minutes before baking soya nuggets in air fryer for 20-25 minutes at 200 degrees.

Are soya chunks healthy or can we eat soya chunks daily?

Soya is packed with plant protein and makes an excellent vegan alternative to dairy and animal protein. A diet with 25 to 30 grams of soya nuggets may not cause estrogen spikes. But anything more than this might cause your estrogen hormone to rise. Eating fresh is always advisable. 

Is soya good for weight gain or weight loss?
Well, if your plant diet lacks protein, you may look up to soy to add more protein to your diet. However, eating too much of it is good for those looking to gain weight. But if you add more protein to your diet without increasing calories, it may not add a lot of muscle weight.

Does eating soya increase estrogen in women?

Absolutely! Soya is rich in artificial estrogen since it has a high concentration of isoflavones that bind to estrogen receptors in your body, resulting in estrogen-like effects. Soy is not good food for women with hormonal imbalances, as an increase in any single hormone might trigger an array of reactions in the body. So eat in moderation. But always consult with your gynecologist before starting on a new diet, especially as an expectant or nursing mother.

Some studies claim that high levels of soy might affect adult ovarian function.

Is soy good for males? 

Well, research cliams that soy could improve sperm count in males. More studies are needed to validate this.  It might have feminizing effects in males, so it may not be an excellent food for guys. What type of soya you eat and how much are key determinants in deciding whether it is healthy for you. 

According to one research study, soy isoflavones collect in prostate tissue, where they have a weak estrogen-like effect. They are known to play a protective role for men at a risk of prostate cancer. 

Is Soy low GI food?

Soybeans are low in glycemic index. In fact, they have the lowest GI values compared to all legumes due to higher protein and fat. However, there are different types of soya in the market. 

Is soy healthy?

Soy is packed with nutrients, from high-quality protein to magnesium, fiber, potassium, and B vitamins. It is a complete protein, with nine essential amino acids that you must source from diet.

However, there are different forms of soy in the market - fermented or unfermented. Soya sauce is a type of fermented soya, but these days it is not naturally fermented, which may take months. Commercial production of soya sauce is chemical-based, so I prefer to avoid it as much as possible.

 Fermented soya products are relatively healthier than unfermented counterparts, as fermentation breaks down sugar and protein molecules, making absorption easier.

Does soya affect fertility?

Well, since it is rich in estrogen, it might result in reduced ovarian function, espeically if consumed beyond moderation. Guilty indulgence is always harmful while eating in moderation is beneficial.
In fact, you can eat soya in pregnancy - of course, in moderation. 

How do you make healthy soya chili without frying and cornflour?

The soya chili gravy recipe is simple and easy.
All you need is a handful of soy chunks. Boil in water along with little amount of salt.
Dunk in cold water. Squeeze and marinate with 1 tbsp of rice flour, 1 tsp of extra virgin olive oil, and salt for 30 minutes. Bake in an airfryer for 20-25 minutes at 200 degrees or until golden crisp.

Meanwhile, let's prepare the rest of the ingredients.

1 onion sliced
1 carrot sliced
ginger, garlic, green chili chopped longitudinally
1 capsicum (keep aside a small chunk)
1 tomato for puree
2 tbsp- rice flour (1 for marination; 1 for slurry - mix 1 tbsp of rice flour with 2 tbsp of water)
1/2 cup water
2 tbsp- extra virgin olive oil

Heat 1 tbsp oil
Add ginger, garlic, green chili.
Cook on medium-high for 1-2 minutes
Add onions and cook on high for a couple of minutes. Add salt.
Stir in capsicum and carrot until half cooked. Puree tomato along with a small chunk of capsicum.
Add tomato-capsicum puree.Cook on high,
Add rice slurry. Stir well.
Check if the nuggets are baked.
Stir the soya chunks into the curry.
Add more water if required for the masala to coat the soya nuggets.
Cook for 1-2 minutes more.
Garnish with coriander leaves and spring onion. I did not have either but wanted to show how I make soya chili manchurian without frying and cornflour. 
Enjoy with rice or roti. I loved the soya chilli gravy with besan roti. The recipe is already shared.

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