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How to make cookies at Home Without Butter and Oven in idli stand (walnut oats cookies without maida, baking powder soda)

 How to make cookies at home in idli maker? Making homemade healthy eggless cookies without oven, otg, convection or airfryer is easy. If you have atta, jaggery, and ghee, you can bake healthy delicious indican cookies for Diwali or any occasion. 

The best thing is homemade is healthy and you can bake biscuits in idli stand if you do not have an airfryer, otg or convection handy. Cookies in idli maker come out crispy even without baking powder or soda. However, baking in idli stand requires a few tips that I will share in the cookie-making video ahead. So if you are like me who loves to pair homemade healthy eggless cookies without maida, or refined sugar or even baking powder or soda with her hot cuppa, this healthy oats cookies recipe with the crunch of walnuts and goodness of jaggery will be a SHOW-STOPPER.

atta cookies without oven recipe

So let's make crispy healthy oatmeal cookies without oven, baking powder or soda. Let me tell you if you are here for the first time, Ravneet Bhalla will answer all your doubts and concerns about cookie baking. What makes cookies crisp or soft? All my cookie recipe videos explain this. Many of you use my cookie recipes for business.

How do I make my cookies crisp? How do you make soft cookies crisp? What ingredient makes cookies hard? What makes cookies chewy vs cakey? Are atta cookies healthy? Can homemade cookies be healthy? My cookie making videos explain these questions clearly. SO if you follow my cookie baking for beginners guide, you will learn to bake healthy cookies at home.

Before starting this video, let me show you that I also tried to pop jowar, bajra, amaranth, and sabudana in the same salt that I used for baking cookies recipe eggless in idli maker. 

For this healthy cookies recipe easy Indian, you need 1/4 th cup of ghee, 1/2 cup - 2 tbsp jaggery powder, 1/2 cup-oat flour, 1/2 cup minus 2 tbsp whole wheat flour. 

ingredients 1 cup 240 ml

55 gm ghee 1/4 cup

60 gram jaggery 1/2 cup

48 gram 1/2 cup oats powder

66gram 1/2 cup minus 2 tbsp whole wheat flour

1/4 cup walnut powder

1 tbsp milk 15 ml


How to make cookies at home without oven

Let's start creaming ghee and jaggery powder. You need jaggery powder for cookies and not a block of jaggery. If you already follow my cookie recipes, then the ghee here might spring a surprise on you. I know you are wondering why I have not used solid ghee. Well, I just wanted to give you another option . So here it is.

It won't cream easily because the ghee is not solid. Worry not. Mix and add organic vanilla powder for flavor. You may use any natural flavor of choice but avoid using vanilla essence, which is chemical. opt for either vanilla bean powder or extract. Give it a good mix and leave it in the freezer for 10 minutes. It should set well. Meanwhile, let's chop walnuts. if you want to add saffron flavor to the atta biscuits, mix a few saffron strand in 1 tbsp of milk. Keep aside.

I use the walnut shells for some diy decor. I am not good at it though. My sister is. She makes the best of all things waste. Do check her channel if the idea of reusing waste interests you. I will leave her link in the description.

Now let's cream the frozen ghee and jaggery and it should be fairly easy. Our aim is to get a fluffy, pale mix and that's exactly what we will end up with here. You may use an electric hand mixer if you want. I love working with my hand whisk/beater though. It has been effectively my best friend as far as creaming my cookie mixes is concerned.

Now let's sift oat flour and mix. Then add whole wheat flour little by little until you get a soft dough. We do not want tight dough. Remember this! Add 1/4 cup powdered walnuts.

Let the dough rest for 10 minutes before shaping it into cookies. Top each cookie with chopped walnuts. Preheat your air fryer to 160 deg c for 5 min. If you are baking cookies in idli stand, the time to preheat your cooker is now. I use a layer of salt as a base in the cooker. So we need to preheat both together.

Bake cookies in airfryer for 10-12 min at 160 deg c. Timing depends on the thickness of cookies as well as your appliance's setting.

For baking cookies in idli stand, avoid using the last layer of idli molds. We want to bake only in the upper 2-3 layers. The last one will bake v quickly as it is closer to the heat source. That will burn your biscuits in idli maker. So always avoid using that. Instead, use the top two or three layers. Dust each idli mold with flour. You do not need to grease it with oil/ghee. Dry flour alone will work.

Bake cookies in idli stand at the lowest flame for 20-30 min. Please check after 20 min, if the oatmeal walnut biscuits look soft, you may bake a little longer.

The airfryer biscuits with jaggery are ready. Remove the cookies from air fryer and let them cool until crispy. Then pack in a gorgeous gift box as a Diwali gift.

Let's check the healthy atta cookies made in idli stand. Unmould when the idli maker cools down. Meanwhile, as the salt is still hot, you may use it for popping millets. I chose to pop jowar, bajra, sabudana, and amaranth. I will post those videos next. Making healthy cookies recipe for Diwali is easy.

You can bake CRISPY cookies following these cookie making tips at home. If you have any doubts, reach out to Ravneet Bhalla in comments. Do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to the channel for more healthy recipe updates. Let's spread the word about health and healthy living. We get only one life and let's lead by example.

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