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99% Dont Know How to Eat Makhana

Soggy texture and bland flavor makes makhana an unpleasant food for many. 

What is raw makhana?

True, unroasted makhana is bland and boring and sticks to your gums too. but hey roasted makhana benefits and taste improve significantly. Do you know Roasted fox nuts have a higher nutrient content, higher protein, mineral, and fiber, higher phenolic and flavonoid content and high antioxidants compared to unroasted nuts? 

What is the healthiest way to eat makhana?

Research reveals that roasting also increases the protein and mineral content of the nuts, thus increasing its nutrient density. High protein and fiber content of fox nuts makes it a good source of protein for vegetarian. it surely is a healthy snack for food lovers, whether on a weight loss diet or not.

so let's roast makhana today to improve its nutrient profile while also adding zing to the bland mithila makhana with achaarii flavor. How does roasted makhana with achari masala taste? Should you worry about calories or benefits?

89 calories in 1 cup of unroasted makhana

Raw VERSUS Roasted Makhana

Unroasted: crude protein content increases by 28%
"Moreover, the protein content of fox nuts mainly consists of essential amino acids with Essential Amino Acid Index (EAAI) of 89% (Goren-Inbar et al. 2014). This makes fox nuts a good source of protein for vegetarian diet. This increase in protein content of fox nuts upon roasting is also supporting the increase in almonds (3%), peanuts (9%) (Süvari et al. 2017), sunflower seeds (37%) (Adesina 2019) and groundnuts (5%) (Kumar et al. 2013) after roasting."

Mineral content improves by roasting foxnuts

Roasted fox nuts have a higher proportion of certain minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, and zinc versus unroasted lotus seeds.

  • Potassium and Calcium in makhana help improve cardiovascular health. 
  • Ca in combination with magnesium and phosphorus is crucial for bone mineralization and better musculoskeletal health.

Higher Phenolic & antioxidant activity in roasted makhana

 Roasted fox nuts exhibit greater antioxidant capacity than cashews and pistachios. Melanoidins produced from heating of foxnuts and their Maillard reactions improve the flavor, aroma, and oxidative stability of oils in roasted nuts. 

 Increase in calories after roasting

Roasted fox nuts are reported to have a reduced bulk density due to moisture loss and increase in calories. However, even after roasting, makhana has a lower Glycemic index 37.05%.

Low GI foods (< 55%) 

medium GI (70% > ) GI of 55 -70%

high GI foods (GI > 70%) Gi higher than

Low GI foods are slowly digested and absorbed, thus preventing a spike in blood sugar.

Low GI diets promote weight loss better than low-fat diets

Low GI foods are slow to digest and thus improve the rate of resting energy metabolism 

Low GI diet is associated with reduced hunger, higher satiety, and greater fat oxidation 

MAKHANA Versus Nuts 

Nuts have low GI and Low carbs 

Makhana has higher carbs and higher GI than nuts

Other effects of roasting

A significant rise in crude fat (8%), fiber (24%) and carbohydrate content (6%) was also reported in fox nuts upon roasting, which is also in accordance with the trend observed during roasting of groundnuts (Kumar et al. 2013). Carbohydrate content in fox nuts is significantly greater than other nuts (11.2 to 29.3%) which is a compositional compensation for a strikingly low fat content. As, fat content in different seeds and nuts ranges from 1.9 to 66.5% (Kalogeropoulos et al. 2013), fox nuts have comparatively lower fat (0.63–0.68%), which makes it a better choice for snacks over other high fat nuts, and also a good option for weight loss and frequent snacking. 

How do you eat raw makhana? Is makhana better than popcorn? Can I eat raw makhana with milk? How many makhana eat a day? How should I eat makhana? Can you eat makhana directly? Is packaged makhana healthy? Which type of makhana is best? How to eat makhana for best results? How to eat makhana in morning?
Should we soak makhana before eating?


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