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Is Beetroot Powder Healthy? Degradation of Betalain Upon Heating

Okay, so we are already hugely impressed with the color of beetroot. We all love those hues, right? But is beetroot powder healthy? What is the safest way to make beetroot powder? Does heat exposure affect beetroot betalain quality?

beetroot benefits

beetroot powder healthy or not?

Let's check some of the beetroot powder benefits first:

  • betalains
  • vitamins
  • nitrate
  • polyphenols
  • flavonoids

What are Betalains?

 Betalains are known to reduce nitrative and oxidative stress by preventing DNA damage. They are also known to reduce LDL. Betalains may play a role in exerting antitumor activity by preventing cell proliferation, inducing cell apoptosis and autophagy. 

Nitrate is essential to lower lipid and glucose as well as blood pressure. Its role in treating hypertension is known to all. 

Nitrate‐rich food can boost athletic performance while reducing muscle soreness.

Research finds, 

"Several lines of evidence have shown that betalains might reduce the risk of some cancers, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, liver and kidney damage (Kavitha et al., 2013). The nitrate also has great nutritional value in beetroot. A lot of consumers tend to take oral fresh beetroot juice to supplement nitrate and thus to positively affect the physiological reaction, reduce the risk of cardiovascular, and cerebrovascular diseases (Webb et al., 2008). The beetroot has now been widely used as a common vegetable for athletes to replenish energy.

But some studies claim the loss of betalains upon heating. When beetroot is exposed to high temperatures, its protein is denatured.

So what is the best way to make beetroot powder?

Sun drying is the best way to keep betalain safe.

You could freeze dry beetroot for the same effect.

What about airfrying? Is it safe to heat beetroot?

Well, according to nih

"It was advised to dry at 70 ℃ to obtain the maximum amount of betalains content and the best antioxidant activity (Costa et al., 2017). 

 According to Researchgate text, 

"Beetroot waste dried at 70 °C originates flour with significant antioxidant activity and higher betalain content than flour produced from waste dried at 60 and 80 °C.."


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