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Easy sourdough bread recipe with starter, whole wheat [Indian garlic bread]

Bread is very much a part of our dining tables. It has invaded our breakfast and snack times. but when you BUY bread, you are not actually buying a pav roti, but a potpourri of unhealthy ingredients. so why not bake a healthy bread at home with our homegrown yeast. Ravneet Bhalla loves her sourdough starter, which is almost 2.5 years old. Let's learn how to bake a healthy whole wheat bread at home, which gets 9/10 for being a healthier alternative to store-bought junk. join ravneet bhalla in this healthy hamesha journey. you will need a fresh sourdough starter - about 1/4 cup of it. if you want to learn how to make your own yeast at home, ask me in comments. add 1/4 cup of water and mix both starter and water. i love to add methi or fenugreek powder along with flaxmeal to my chapatis, parathas, and bread dough because they keep a check on your blood sugar levels post-meal.  if you don't want to add both ingredients, that wont make any difference to the taste or texture of our i

Yeast-Free Bread Recipe | Irish Soda Bread Recipe With Whole Wheat, Oats [LOCKDOWN RECIPE]

No yeast atta bread recipe is for health freaks like me. I am skeptical to use yeast in my bread recipes, so always try to come up with yeast free whole wheat bread recipes that give me the satisfaction of not including "yeast the beast" to satiate my bread cravings. yeast free atta bread Sounds interesting? No yeast bread recipes are not as popular as those with yeast. But I always try yeast-free recipes. I have been trying to experiment with different bread combinations. This time tried my hands at a mixture of rice flour, whole wheat, and oats. The bread comes out super soft, though there is always a difference between yeast and no yeast bread. But for a healthy take, the yeast-free bread has many takers - at least I am always ready to bake one. We have not bought market bread for more than a year now. Yeast can be a major cause of allergies in many people with high histamine levels. So we try to avoid market b