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Tawa Coconut Cookies With Whole Wheat Flour

coconut cookies I am at parents' place these days. Since my family has started to recognise my baking talent, I wanted to bake a simple batch of cookies for them. I decided to give coconut cookies a try, that too without oven/microwave. I made this batch of crispy, crunchy atta coconut cookies on stovetop. Surprisingly, these came out as crunchy bites that everyone loved with their hot cup of evening tea. Their smiles made my day! Happy happy me. Here is my simple tawa cookies recipe. Eggless Coconut Cookies on Stovetop Ingredients tawa coconut cookies 1 cup- whole wheat flour (atta) 1 cup- dry coconut powder 1 cup- powdered oats (grind rolled oats) 5 tbsp- sugar (you may add more or less as per your taste) 1/2 tsp- baking powder 1/2 tsp- baking soda (for crunch) 4-5 tbsp- cold milk (depending on dough) 4 tbsp- solid desi ghee (refrigerate ghee/butter for 4-5 hours to solidify it) Coconut Cookies Without Oven Procedure Mix flour, coconut

Whole Wheat Coconut Cookies With Oatmeal Recipe No Oven | Healthy Biscuits Indian With Jaggery

If I say I am going to treat you to homemade oatmeal cookies flavored with coconut, what will be your reaction? baking with oatmeal cookies This is one baking recipe with coconut that you are instantly going to fall in love with. Do not believe me? Read further! parle style coconut cookies No I do not claim to have got the perfect Parle style coconut biscuits, but I have certainly come closer to replicating the taste and crunch of these coconut cookies. I have been trying out various cookie recipes, for I am a biscuit lover. I love to enjoy my tea with cookies - though I eat only one or two biscuits. My love for biscuits started during childhood. We would savor glucose Bakeman's biscuits with milk during those days. The story is simple - there was a Bakeman's factory near Patiala, and we would buy loads of biscuit packets whenever we would be crossing the factory while heading to and fro Patiala. Rajpura is my mom's home, and as kids, we would

Easy Whole Wheat Coconut Cookies Recipe

coconut cookies Of course, you have savored branded coconut cookies innumerable times in your lifetime. It won't be wrong to say that you have also enjoyed the bakery coconut biscuits as well. But there is no comparison to home food. If you can bake cookies with healthy ingredients, there is no match to it. Earlier, I shared a wheat coconut cookie recipe using ghee. This time I have blended ghee and oil for a healthier twist. The result is not disappointing; rather, I simply love these cookies more than ever. Parul Bansal tried this coconut cookie recipe and shared her experience with me. I am so glad that her family loved these crunchy bites, flavored with coconut. Atta Cookie Recipe : 1 cup- wheat flour  1/2 cup desiccated coconut 2 tbsp - butter/ghee ( clarified butter)  3 tbsp- oil (I used saffola) I tbsp milk powdered sugar - as per taste 1 tsp baking powder Procedure for baking eggless coconut cookies wheat coconut cookies 1. Preheat the oven