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Gluten Free Cookie Bars: Refined Sugarfree, Eggless, Butterless, Oil Free, Vegan Option

I had granola bars on my mind when I started with this project. Gradually as I moved forward, I had to change my mind and decided to bake these bars. The final outcome was something like cookies and a bit like energy bars. Well, let's take the middle path and christen these as cookie bars. gluten free energy bars cookie bars sugarfree Hello friends, welcome back. It's time for yet another healthy recipe. It's cookie bars today - cookie bars? you might wonder! We have tried energy bars, and we have lots of healthy cookie recipes here I call these cookie bars because I had decided to make gluten-free energy bars, but as I progressed with the recipe, it ended up being a cookie bar -yes, a mix of cookies and bars So it has the best of both worlds- cookies and bars. If you love cookies, you will love these. If you love barks, then cookie bars will steal your heart. so what are you waiting for? Let's jump right into the recipe: gluten free cookie bars

Eggless, Nutty Cornmeal Cookies Without Baking Powder Soda

cornmeal cookies with almonds Looking for another addictive batch of healthy cookies? Do you love cornmeal? Wondering how to make cornmeal cookies?  Well, this website is all about healthy living, healthy eating. We won't disappoint you. Taking my love for healthy cookies to the next level, this time I have included cornmeal (makki atta) along with whole wheat flour and almond powder to bake another delicious batch of cookies.  Would you like to try? Before that, let us do a recap on cornmeal and its benefits: Rich in phytonutrients antioxidants, which help fight off free radicals fiber, which aids in digestion B-complex vitamins (could help in diabetes) Corn improves overall nourishment when combines with other cereal grains. Studies are under way to research into potential corn- anti-HIV link . cornmeal recipes vegan cornmeal cookies yellow cornmeal cookies

Festival Recipes: Diwali Sweets & Savories, Diwali Gifts

festival recipe collection Diwali is knocking at our doors. Yes, the festivity fervor is starting to show up in every nook and cranny of the country. New dresses, shopping, delectable sweets, sumptuous snacks, lights, candles, and uufff crackers as well is how we know Diwali. It is an auspicious time to bond with your loved ones - including family and friends. Yes, it;s a time to forge new relationships. North Indians celebrate Diwali with a show of crackers and sweet distribution, which makes an integral part of Diwali gifts. Gifts are loved by one and all! The curiosity to open a gift pack keeps the kid in us motivated! Yes, we all are kids when it comes to gift taking and giving. So when everyone is eagerly awaiting Diwali 2016, we have decided to give you healthy treats to satiate your taste buds and tinkle the buds of your guests, who would be knocking at your doors this Diwali. These sweets do make excellent Diwali gifts.  On top of it, these include healthy