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Festival Recipes: Diwali Sweets & Savories, Diwali Gifts

festival recipe collection
Diwali is knocking at our doors. Yes, the festivity fervor is starting to show up in every nook and cranny of the country. New dresses, shopping, delectable sweets, sumptuous snacks, lights, candles, and uufff crackers as well is how we know Diwali. It is an auspicious time to bond with your loved ones - including family and friends. Yes, it;s a time to forge new relationships.

North Indians celebrate Diwali with a show of crackers and sweet distribution, which makes an integral part of Diwali gifts. Gifts are loved by one and all! The curiosity to open a gift pack keeps the kid in us motivated! Yes, we all are kids when it comes to gift taking and giving.

So when everyone is eagerly awaiting Diwali 2016, we have decided to give you healthy treats to satiate your taste buds and tinkle the buds of your guests, who would be knocking at your doors this Diwali. These sweets do make excellent Diwali gifts. 

On top of it, these include healthy ingredients - health is our motto and we do not choose unhealthy ingredients for our recipes. From "we," I mean my Healthy food group mates, who have contributed their innovative yet healthy recipes here.

So without further ado, let's go to the festival recipe collection. I thank each one of my dear friends who have contributed these recipes.

Let's get started:

Pista Badaam Ladoos

10-minutes,2 ingredients, and you are done! This is what I have tried to come up with. A healthy take on sweets. Your kids are instantly going to fall in love with this unique flavor of pistachio and almonds.

Amaranth Ramdana ladoo by Divya Suresh - 

A gluten-free festival sweet that you want to relish again and again. Divya is a hardworking woman, who comes up with classic healthy treats. I am in love with her recipes.

Kesar Pistachio burfi by Divya Suresh

pista coconut ladoo by Divya S.

Bhapa Doi or steamed yogurt by Sunita Sharma

Sunita Sharma shares some of the most delectable treats to tinkle your taste buds. 
Here is the simple recipe that will give you another festival sweet.
Take a cup of milkmaid half cup hung curd n half cup milk mix to a smooth mixture..
pour in clay cup add few sliced almonds cover with aluminium foil 
steam for 20-25 minutes..
keep in fridge for two hours before serving..
bhapa doi or steamed yogurt

Shahi Zafran Sharbat by Bishakha Kumari Saxena

After fasting you want some energy sharbat, here I am with this. Enjoy this special Sharbat.

festival recipe by Bishakha 

*1 tsp saffron strands, crushed 
*1 litre milk 
*2-3 tbsp honey 
*1 tsp cardamom powder
*1 cup vanilla ice cream 
*crushed Almonds and cashew nuts for garnish as per your requirement 

*Firstly crush saffron threads and put into bowl. Add 3 tbsp milk and keep aside.

*Put milk in a medium-sized pan on medium-low heat. Add cardamom powder and boil on simmer.

*After that cool the milk on room temperature add saffron water, honey and mix properly.

*Transfer to serving glasses and add ice cream and sprinkle with crushed dry fruits before serving.

Enjoy your drink.

Badaam Ladoo by Divya Suresh

almond ladoo by Divya S.

 No sugar dates cake by Anita Jaura Aggarwal

dates cake - a festival treat by Anita J. Aggarwal

Eggless whole wheat date cake
Wheat flour 1 1/2 cups
Dates 15 soaked in milk deseeded
Baking powder 1 1/2 tsp
Baking soda 1/2 tsp
Salt a pinch
Brown sugar 1 1/4 cup
Butter 3/4 cup
Coffee powder 1 tsp
Butter milk 1 cup
Make sure all d ingredients r at room temperature. 
Sieve flour salt baking powder baking soda 3 times
Now beat sugar and butter till frothy and light. Now add soaked dates and butter milk.After that add sieved flour in two parts mix with help of spatula.pour in a baking tin.bake in a pre heated oven at 180 deg.till done.cut and enjoy eating yummy hot cake.

 Sweet uttapams by Anita Chahal aunty ji 

Anita aunty will leave you spellbound with her never-say-die attitude that is explicit in her recipes. 
sweet uttapams by Anita Chahal 

Marie biscuits.............10
Soya granules.............2 tbsp
Oats..............................2 tbsp
Home made chocolate.....two tbsp
Milk........about half cup
Baking pd........half tsp

Soak soya granules
Dry roast oats
mix with chocolates and milk
Keep aside for half an hour
Add baking pd
Pour in greased mini uttapam pan
Flip and cook from both sides
Takes total four minutes on gas

Sweet ,lauki kheer by Anita Chahal aunty ji

lauki kheer- a festival sweet recipe by Anita Chahal aunty lt kg bowl

Peel,wash and grate lauki
Boil milk
Add grated lauki and cook on medium flame,for about twenty minutes,,or till lauki is soft and milk thickens
Add sugar
Cook for another five minutes
Add dry fruits as per your choice(I didn't )
Serve hot or chilled

Quick Focaccia Pizza Bread by RAV

This will make a special festive treat for guests. It does make a lip-smacking snack for your guests with kids. A diwali gift? Why not? Show your baking genius to friends and relatives!! Yay!

Gurpapdi by Anita Chahal aunty

If you want to learn traditional Punjabi recipes, just connect with Anita Chahal aunty ji. She takes you back in time with her timeless recipes. I often get nostalgic seeing her recipe posts.
gur papdi - another festival sweet

Atta(whole wheat)........................two cups cup
Shakkar cup
Desi ghee....................half cup

Dry roast oats...remove in plate
In the same wok,heat ghee and roast atta,till it emits nice flavour
Add oats,mix
Add shakkar,mix,and remove from fire
Mix well
You may add dry fruits of choice here,,,I didn't 
Pour mixture in a greased thali and pat with a spatula
Cut into desired shapes
When cold,remove and store in airtight container

Almond Fudge/Burfi by Rav

This is one sweet for Diwali that you would want to try again and again. I love this nut-based fudge that gives me the benefits of almonds while tinkles the taste buds of my guests. 

Why not offer it as a Diwali gift to a near and dear one?

 Fusion sweet by Anita Chahal aunty

Looking for more healthy sweets for Diwali. This is exactly what you need. What's more, this sweet makes a perfect Diwali gift. Any takers?
fusion sweet
Ingredients large bowl large bowl large bowl
Gur(jaggery)................four ladoos
Dry small bowl
Desi ghee..........................two tb sp
Separately dry roast poha,,oats,besan and crushed dry fruits .....I used cashews and almonds
Crush jaggery
Give a few churns to roasted poha and oats ,,in the mixie
Heat jaggery in a heavy bottomed wok,till it melts
Add poha,oats and besan
Mix well
Add desi ghee and cook for a few minutes...about five minutes,,till the mixture gets collected and leaves sides of the wok
Add dry fruits
Put off gas
Remove the mixture in a plate and when bearably cool,bind them into any shape you like
I made small bite sized muthias,,so that kids can enjoy without sprinkling pieces all over the house
Enjoy the mixture in a plate and when bearably cool,bind them into any shape you like
I made small bite sized muthias,,so that kids can enjoy without sprinkling pieces all over the house.

6-minute Eggless whole wheat cocoa cake by Sangeeta Sethi ji

A quickie when guests come calling suddenly and you struggle to offer them something. This sweet eggless whole wheat cake will certainly come in handy.
eggless cocoa cake wheat flour by Sangeeta Sethi

Ingredients. One katori whole wheat flour ...
One katori milk 
Half cup sugar 
Two table spoon vegetable oil ..
Dry fruits ..almonds walnuts. Crushed 
Baking powder one spoon 
Vinegar. Half spoon to b added jst before placing in the microwave. ..
Cocoa powder. Two table spoon..

Take whole wheat flour in a vessel 
Add one cup milk ..u can add more to adjust the consistency of the batter 
Add sugar 
Add veg oil 
Add vanilla essence 3-4 drops 
Add cocoa powder. 
Mix it throughly. 
Pour the batter in the greased microwave safe mould . Garnish the batter wth sum dry fruits 
Jst add few drops of vinegar. This wl evolve more Co2 when it reacts wth the baking powder which s sodium bicarbonate .making the cake more porous n light when subjected to heat 
Place the mould in the microwave mode in the microwave power 100 for 6 minutes 
Yes 6 minutes 
Ur cocoa dry fruits cake wud b ready

GULAB JAMUN in appe pan by Neelam Avasthi

Gulab jamun is everyone's favorite, isn't it? But I tend to avoid it for three reasons - one it is traditionally made with maida, is deep fried, and is dipped in sugar syrup.

But Neelam Avasthi has given us a healthier way to relish our favorite festival sweet. Here it is.

In Neelam's words, "Everyone can make Gulab JAMUNS...then what's new in it any guess frnds??? Sahi pakade hain...enjoy this healthy, non fried version of the delicacy in APPAM PATRA."


Paneer-200 gms
Milk powder-1/2 bowl
Maida-1 tbsp or little more
Ghee-1 tbsp +1tbsp
Elaichi powder-1 tsp
Chironji - 1 piece for every Jamun
Sugar- 2 bowls
Water- 2 bowl
baking soda- two pinch


  1. Grate paneer, mix milk powder, maida n baking soda n make a smooth dough with soft hands, add one tbsp ghee n mix well. Keep aside for 8-10 mins. 
  2. Smooth the dough again, make equal size balls, put one chironji n 5-6 granules of sugar n close the ball by making it smooth from all sides. 
  3. Preheat APPAM PATRA for few mins, pour 2-3 drops ghee in each well, put the balls n cook from all sides till dark brown by flipping the sides on low flame. 
  4. Meanwhile we will prepare sugar syrup of one thread. 
  5. Let jamuns n sugar syrup come to the room temperature, add elaichi powder in the syrup n mix well. Now drop these cute little Jamuns in the syrup n let these sit for 5-6 hours. 
  6. Enjoy the weather frnds... Don't forget to give ur feedback.

Sago Phirni by Anu Lahar

Sabudana Phirni 

Milk 1 litre
Sabudana(soaked) 1 Cup
sugar 3/4 cup,
Green cardamom powder 1/2 tsp,

FOR Garnishing
Slivers of almonds ,pistas,cashews and few dried rose petals ,few saffron strands soaked in 1 Tbsp of warm milk

sago phirni-a festival delight by Anu Lahar

  1. Wash Sabudana 3-4 times ,soak for abt 1/2 hour
  2. Drain it and make a coarse mixture of sabudana pearls can add 1/4 cup of water to make the grinding easy
  3. keep milk to boil on low flame than add sabudana mix keep stirring as lumps will form,keep stirring at intervals,it will take 25-30 minutes for sabudana mix to get cooked and thickened now.
  4. Add sugar and cardamom powder and give a good mix ,keep scraping the sides if the pan to scrap off the drying milk and add in the milk mix it,
  5. Keep stirring at intervals otherwise the mix might stick to the bottom of the pan,
  6. It will take about 1/2 hour to reach to phirni consistency ,Switch off d flame once d mix is thick,
  7. Keep it in the fridge for 2-3 hours,
  8. Garnish with chopped nuts ,saffron ,rose petals ,Njoy ur fasting friendly Creamy Sago Phirni.

Stuffed Appe For Navratri with no oil by Anu Lahar - a savory snack

If you are left with some navratri flours, worry not! Anu Lahar has a great idea to put them to the best use. 

appe- a savory snack for festivities

Using vrat flours Kuttu,singhara ,swang ke chawal ,potatoes its low cal appe


Kuttu ka atta 1cup ( buckwheat),Singhare ka atta 1/2cup ( chestnut),swang ke chawal 2 Tbsp boiled ,4-5 boiled mashed potatoes ,sendha namak according to taste,coriander leaves,black pepper 1tsp,curd 2tbsp,water as needed ,appe pan

  1. Take a bowl 
  2. Add kuttu flour,singharaflour,boiled swang ke chawal 
  3. Add curd n water n mix to make thick dropping consistency 
  4. Add salt ,black pepper ,coriander leaves .
  5. Heat appe pan on heat grease appe pan with lil oil then with the help of small spoon add d batter into greased cavities 
  6. Add mashed potatoes in between sprinkle some salt on it again 
  7. Cover with batter 
  8. Cook on low flame n cover it till nicely cooked from one side flip appe with wooden spatula cook till nice brown n crispy 

Banana Ice cream by Anita Chahal aunty

Enjoy nana ice cream this Diwali season that comes from our dearest Anita aunty's kitchen.
banana ice cream for Diwali guests

Banana ice cream
Milk..........................half litre
milk pd....................two tbsp tbsp

Boil milk,,till it is reduced to half
Add milk pd dissolved in a little cold milk
Add sugar
Boil some more
Remove from gas,let it come to room temperature
Peel and mash bananas
Add to milk and blend in with hand blender
Keep in freezer for two hours
Take out and blend again with blender
Keep again in freezer for 7-8 hours,or till set
Take out,and serve scoops,decorated with dry fruits of your choice and chocolate syrup

Suji halwa in a new avatar by Anita Chahal aunty (original recipe: Naturedeep Kahlon)

Diwali time is feasting time. Try halwa bhog in a new avatar with this recipe. I have tried it 3 times and loving it!
suji halwa prasad for Diwali

Suji halwa
Suji............. one cup(dry roasted) cup
Sugar .........half cup
Desi ghee.....two tbsp
Cashews......two tbsp(crushed)

Soaked suji in milk for about five minutes
In the meantime,heated desi ghee and added sugar..kept on stirring till it was almost caramalised...turned golden yellow
Added soaked suji
Added cashews
Mixed well and cooked for another couple of minutes on sim gas

Serve garnished with dry fruits

Beetroot cake by Anita Chahal (original recipe: Poonam Bachhav)

If your family loves sweets, they will surely love this bake from Anita aunty - flavored with beetroot, this eggless whole wheat cake is a must try this Diwali. What about using this as a diwali gift? Not a bad idea !!!

eggless beetroot cake by Anita Chahal

Here's aunty's version of the original Eggless beetroot cake recipe
I made a few changes
Didn't have brown sugar,,so added shakkar(gur wali)
Added some sweet saunf on top,as my grand sons love it
Sieved dry ingredients
mixed with wet ingredients and checked consistency
Poured in greased baking tin
Sprinkled sweet saunf on top
Baked in preheated oven at 180 for 40 minutes

Marble cake by Anita Chahal

Marble cake

whole wheat marble cake

Whole wheat flour...........two cups

Sugar cup cup cup
Baking tsp
Baking soda..........half tsp
Cocoa pd..............four tsp

Sieve and mix dry ingredients ,,except cocoa pd
Mix sugar,malai and eggs/curd
Add dry to wet
Mix lightly by cut and fold
Divide batter into two portions
In one add cocoa pd,, add milk as required
Take a greased baking tin
Pour two tbsp of each batter ,by turns,,in the center
When both finished,make pattern by a toothpick
Bake in preheated oven at 180,,for 40-45 minutes,,or till a toothpick comes out clean

14 unique festival sweets by Ritu S. Mendiratta

These festival recipes come from a dear friend of mine, who boasts some awesome culinary skills. She is known as oats queen in food groups, thanks to her love for this fiber-rich cereal grain. Well, like me, she is a health freak and cooks only healthy food. This is something I appreciate and admire in her. Of course, she is a sweet friend too :) Do visit her blog for a bountiful of healthy recipes.She loves oats and often experiments with this cereal grain. 

unique festival recipes by Ritu S. Mendiratta

Corn kheer by Anita Chahal aunty 

corn kheer

Corn kheer,,gluten free
One head of corn,broken into three or four pieces and pressure cooked for about four whistles.
Seeds removed ,when cool,and pureed to a paste with some water or milk
Boiled half litre milk
Added corn puree,and cooked on sim till it was well mixed and nicely thick.
Takes about ten minutes
Added one cup sugar
Added some crushed cashews
You may add any dry fruit of your liking
Cook till desired consistency..takes about five more minutes after you add sugar
Can serve hot or chilled
Best desert option for people with wheat allergy,,as it is gluten free

Steamed Dal vegetable dumplings by Divya Suresh

Breakfast parfait by Anu Lahar

What are you going to serve friends who come calling this Diwali? This breakfast parfait will come to your rescue. 

Eggless Wheat orange cake by Parul Bansal

eggless orange cake by Parul Bansal

Wheat flour - 1 cup 
Cornflour-1 TBS
Baking soda-1/2 tsp
Baking powder-1/2 tsp
Granulated sugar-1/2 cup
Cooking oil-1/4 cup
Fresh orange juice-1cup

Sieve wheat flour wth cornflour soda baking powder n salt n keep aside.take sugar n oil n blend well till d mixture get add orange juice in sugar oil mixture and stir well.( I made orange juice at home .u can take readymade juice too.) Now add d sieved flour mixture n mix everything well. No lumps .then pour d batter in a lined or greased cake tin of about 6 inches n bake.preheat oven at 180 degree c n bake for 30- 35 minutes or till brown .baking temperature z 180 degree c . (original recipe: spoonandfork)

Puffed Rice Ladoo by Parul Bansal

Recipe from Nisha madhulika

Ingredients required for making puffed rice ladoo
Puffed rice (Laai) - 3 cup or 80 grams
Jaggery - 1 cup or 260 gram (Finely broken into pieces)
Ghee - 1 tsp

How to make uffed Rice Laddu
To make murmura ladoo, first we’ll roast the puffed rice on medium flame and take out the rice in a separate bowl, puffed rice will become crispy.
Heat a pan and add ghee to it, cook it on medium or low flame, once the ghee is melted, add jaggery. Stir constantly till the jaggery melts completely. 
Once the jaggery is melted add puffed rice to it and cook on low flame. Keep stirring for sometime so that everything is thoroughly mixed. Turn off the flame. Remove the wok from the stove.
Keep the mixture aside and let it cool. Take some water in a bowl. Apply a little water on your hands. Pick up the mixture and roll it in a ball. Before making each ladoo, wet your hands.
Make all the laddus similarly. Put them in a plate.
Puffed rice ladoo are now ready to be served, this laddu is very tasty, keep the laddu in open for 3-4 hours, this will help it set. Now store the laddu in a container and enjoy eating for upto 2-3 months. 

Suggestions :
Make sure the jaggery is of good quality and there is no dirt in it. The ratio of jaggery and puffed rice should be appropriate.
Puffed rice laddu are made best only when the mixture of jaggery and puffed rice is a little warm.

Fruity Shrikhand by Anu Lahar

Fruity Shrikhand 
Easy rcp needed hung curd ,sugar as per ur choice n fruit pulps i hv added Apple ,Papaya and Grapes to give natural flavour to shrikhand .Blend hung curd ,sugar n fruit pulp well then pour in bowls deco wid fruits of ur choice i lov d taste so creamy yumm

Kesariya Kheer by Sangeeta Sethi - another festival recipe

Milk double toned. 250ml 
Sugar half cup 
Kesar strands. .
Almonds 10 .cut into small pieces. .
Makane/. Lotus puffed seeds or foxglove seeds. ..30g ..

Roast makane on a preheated wok. .wthout oil. .
When they start turning brown .switch off the flame...
Sprinkle sum water on makane. To make them soft. 
Let them absorb water ..
Now mash them a little wth a spoon or karchi in the wok itself
Switch on the gas flame again 
Pour the milk in the wok where makane r already there...
Let it boil for 7 minutes by stirring occasionally...
Add sugar after 7 minutes 
Kesar strands (u can predip kesar strands in a little water too )
Ur kheer wud thickened gradually. 
Switch off the gas. 
Kheer r ready 
Garnish wth cut or slit longitudinally almonds 
U can add a little cardamon powder also 
I hv not added here. 
Wanted to retain the flavour n texture of makane wth the kesar only ..
Ur healthy low calorie very low fat kheer s ready enjoy

Kesariya Rava Burfi by Bishakha Kumari Saxena

rava burfi

Kesariya #Rava #Barfi
Ingredients -
250 gms rava roasted 
2 bowl sugar 
1 tsp saffron strands, crushed 
1 spoon besan roasted 
1 tsp cardamom powder 
1 spoon ghee 
Dry fruits as per your requirement

Method -
Crush saffron threads and put into bowl. Add 3 tbsp milk and keep aside.

Take small medium pan add 2 bowl water, sugar, cardamom powder and make sugar syrup.

Now take kadhai add rava saute for till light red color, then add sugar syrup, saffron syrup and saute it, when it becomes thick switch off the gas.

Take big plate greased it and spread that rava mixture and put dry fruits and keep aside for half an hour. After that cut into any shapes.

Almond Dates Burfi by Deepti Agarwal

3/4 cup almonds
3/4 cup makhane
1/4 cup walnuts n char magaz ( pumpkin,watermelon,melon,cucumber seeds)
28-30 dates
5-6 choti elaichi
2-3 almonds fr garnish


Dry roast almonds....take them out....Dry roast makhane....take them out.....Dry roast seeds n walnuts....take them out.....wen everything gets cool,put in a grinder,add deseeded dates n churn till a dough like product is obtained......greese a flat plate n spread this dough on it ....cut in desired shapes......crush elaichi seeds n sprinkle over d stars,finely chop d almonds kept fr garnish n press lightly on d stars......
Sugar free,guilt free power packed sweets ready to satisfy ur sweet tooth.

Badaam Gur Papdi (Almond Jaggery Bar)

A variation of the traditional gur papdi that uses peanuts, this recipe is a healthier alternative, with the addition of almonds. I have chosen to substitute groundnuts with almonds here. Does that disappoint? Na!  Pack these gur papdis as a Diwali treat for a special someone!

Caramelized Makhane (Gorgon Nuts) By Deepti Agarwal

take two spoon desi ghee in a wok.
wen heated, add one cup makhane 
keep roasting on low flame till crisp
once done
add 3/4 cup powdered sugar
keep stirring till d sugar completely coats d pearls n they start shining
keep the flame sim to medium
turn off the flame and transfer makhane to a flat plate
now with your hands, separate each piece before they cool down,otherwise they will stick to each other.
be careful,u may scald ur finger tips
now these r ready to consume

Fruit Truffle by Deepti Agarwal

I love this recipe from Deepti. Since it is a kid-friendly recipe, I am happy to add cream to it.
A sure festive treat for kids. What about serving these to your Diwali guests? Not a bad idea!

6 marigold biscuits
6-7 spoon malai or fresh cream
Fresh fruit/tottifruity/mixed fruit of ur choice
Choco chips
Colored Saunf/colorful confectionaries/
Colorful cereal or chocos/Slivers of Almonds,pistechew
Crush d biscuits with hands...make a thick layer of half of d biscuits mix...Nw thick layer of Malai .......Fruit.....again biscuits....Malai....choco chips,n other decorative confectionery.....can keep in fridge fr sometime to settle down or eat there n then.....
This is mildly sweet...if want sweeter,can use other biscuits or condensed milk instead of malai....
Kids of age group of 6-7 years can also make it......

Bread Biscuit by Deepti Agarwal

Another quick festive recipe that you might want to try, this bread biscuit innovation comes from Deepti. Innovative ideas she has got! What is your idea of a Diwali giveaway? For kids, this makes a delectable gift for Diwali, isn't it?

Cut bread slices in desired shape
heat non stick tawa
put the slices on it n sprinkle sugar on them
keep on low flame
let sugar caramalize
flip and let sugar caramelise from the other side also
The slices will turn crispy
Take off from tawa or skillet
Apply some thick layer of cream or malai on one side
Put some jam on it
Surprised, are you? Do not be! This may be the last post on the festive recipe collection, but this does make a finger-licking cake, which is quick to bake, has all the healthy ingredients and would tantalize the taste buds of your Diwali guests. 
butterless, sugarless cake

Click here to go to festive recipe collection part 2; and be prepared to taste healthy delicacies from across the country. Yes, these make excellent diwali giveaways.

Here's wishing everyone a very happy and safe Diwali. Hope you all have a galla time. Do not forget to try these healthy festive recipes and serve your guests with healthy food, After all health comes first! When you take care of your food intake, why offer unhealthy stuff to guests. The guest is equivalent to God. Create these healthy recipes in your kitchen and offer some of these goodies as Diwali guests. 


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