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1 crazy way to use millet in your cooking is here

 1 crazy way to use millets in your cooking is here 1 crazy way to use millet in your cooking is here #shortsfeed In this video, we're going to show you how to make millet pulao, a tasty gluten free dish that can be enjoyed by everyone! This millet pulao recipe is easy to follow and will result in a delicious and nutritious meal. Whether you're looking for a quick and healthy meal or you're new to the gluten free diet, this is the recipe for you! Recipe for all millet recipes, always soak millets for 5-7 hours start with heating ghee and then tempering cumin, potato. cook and cover for a minute. now add boiled nutri and peas...cook covered for a couple of minutes before adding tomato puree blended with green chili and ginger... fry until the raw smell of tomato comes our flavor bomb..fresh coriander with stem....fry for a little before adding salt & turmeric along with a pinch of black pepper powder.let's add water and millet and pressure cook for 4-5

The Best Millet Recipes Ever [ Unique Zucchini Recipe With Millet] | Healthy Breakfast Idea]

Millet zucchini upma recipe is easy and healthy. In this millet crazy world, here's my yummiest contribution. The healthiest millet upma recipe is born. Delicious, easy, and of course healthy. Inspired by MIL's janhi upma recipe, I love to make this for lunch or breakfast. We are so crazy for millet ridge gourd/ turai upma that it's a regular in our kitchen. Do try out the best millet upma recipe once to find it out yourself. Dont blame Ravneet Bhalla if you find this millet recipe addictive. I learned the Most Delicious Millet Upma Recipe from MIL (Zucchini recipe) If you are wondering how zucchini tastes in upma, then go and try out this easy upma recipe at least once. I promise anyone who tastes this millet recipe once will be addicted. Millet upma recipe ingredients 1 cup - soaked little millet ( don't use soaked millet water ever ) 1 tsp- ghee salt green chili ginger all-purpose masala homemade ( 2 cups of water oil mu

Can we use the soaked water for millets? Does millet need to be soaked?

Do millets contain anti-nutrients? Yes, they do. In fact, all whole grains, including oats, contain phytates, which bind to minerals and make their absorption difficult for the body.  Soaking is the first step toward reducing anti-nutrients from millets. Soak for at least 6-8 hours to make digestion easier. Discard the soaked water and then proceed to the next step of cooking. Remove foam from top to reduce gassy elements from millets. why you should not eat millets unsoaked #shortsfeed #shortsvideo #shorts  Is it necessary to soak millets? How long do you need to soak millet? Can you eat soaked millet? How long does millet take to digest? Why soak millets for constipation benefits of soaking millet how to soak millet overnight little millet soaking time should foxtail millet be soaked before cooking how long should millet be soaked foxtail millet soaking time can we use millet soaked water Unlocking Millets' Nutritional Potential Through Soaking Beyond enhancing taste and textur

Lemon Kodo Millet Recipe Indian for Diabetics, Weight Loss [How To Make Lemon Millet Rice]

 So you have transitioned to a millet diet. Well, that's your choice. I still believe in eating everything in moderation. This includes millets too. I love millets as these ancient grains are a powerhouse of nutrients. There are many healthy Indian millet recipes to enjoy these tiny grains. You can make millet cookies, cakes, burfis, laddus, dosa, idli, and what not. The best thing is you can replicate the same taste and flavor profile of rice in a millet. For example, this lemon Kodo millet recipe vegetarian is easy, filling, and sumptuous. The flavor of lemon in millet rice stands out.  millet rice lemony You will fall in love with this lemon millet recipe Indian and make it a regular in your meal plans. That's a promise.  Before starting with the recipe, I request you to SUBSCRIBE to my channel and hit the bell icon for immediate notifications on my latest healthy recipe updates. lemon millet rice recipe indian lemon kodo millet recipe vegetarian So for this easy lemon rice

Millet Flour Recipes Vegan, Gluten-Free India [Ragi Rusk Recipe With Dates by Ravneet Bhalla]

Are you wondering how to make rusk at home? Are you pondering whether there is anything like a healthy eggless rusk recipe with ragi or finger millet? Well, until I had tried out the ragi rusks with dates, I wasn't too sure how a biscotti with millets might taste. But to my surprise, the ragi Indian toast tastes the same as saunf rusk with no flavor difference from the typical maida rusks that you buy from the market. So one try at making ragi rusks without yeast is a must.   Eggless Saunf Ragi Rusk Recipe With Dates (Vegan, Gluten-Free recipe by Ravneet Bhalla) I make my own ragi flour at home. This time I have not used sprouted ragi flour for saunf rusk, but for the ragi biscuits with jaggery that I shared a few days back, I had used my homemade sprouted ragi atta. This is homemade ragi flour that I often make after soaking the millet overnight, drying it the next day in the sun or under the fan until it is fully dried before grinding the millet to powder.' This homemade mill