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Navratri Recipes by Homemakers: Healthy Food, Falahari Dishes for Fast

food for navratri So, you have come looking for navratri recipes to this page? You will find some of the best food for navratri fast here - shared by some of the top homemakers in the country, who are doing it big in their lives. Am proud of each one of the contributors to this post. Navratri is an auspicious time in India. It is considered one of the best time to kick-start a new journey, be it a business, marriage, or anything. It connotes nine nights - when people fast for their favorite deity Goddess Durga because the goddess brings peace, strength, and prosperity. Navratri marks the pinnacle of autumn festivities and ends with the grandest of all Indian festivals - Dussehra. On the nine days of navratra, different incarnations of mother Goddess Durga are worshipped, with each having its unique characteristics. Each of the days proceeding navratra signal the gradual decrease of darkness in an ascending order. According to mythology, the demonic powers dominated the w

Rajgira/Amaranth Flour Cookies: Gluten-Free Recipe Collection

rajgira cookies Looking for gluten free recipes? Say gluten free cookies? Well, ask for it and you have it readily available here. Rajgira or amaranth is a high protein, high vitamin & mineral gluten-free grain that has remained a staple for many ancient cultures. The best fact about the gluten free amaranth is that it can be consumed as: a leaf - make rajgria saag with it (known as chulai in Odiya and tastes delicious with simple ingredients on your shelf..will share the recipe ) a seed - amaranth ladoo for vrat/Navratris grain flour - make amaranth parantha, dosa, idli, cake, or cookies Festive season is just around the corner. The beginning of Navratras rings the bell for the festive season in India. The holy days when people from across the country observe fast in reverence of Goddess Durga and of course to please the deity. In English navratri means nine nights. The last four days of navratri are celebrated as Durga Puja in Bengal, which is a quintessen

Papaya Burfi (Ripe Papaya Fudge): A Perfect Fasting Recipe

papaya burfi for fasting recipe Navratris are around the corner. It is that time of the year when Indians across the globe are busy cleaning their homes and souls by fasting for nine days. Navratris kick-start the festive season in India. Those who fast during nine days mostly rely on fruits. However, today, some of us do try out falahari or fruit-laden recipes for navratri fasting. Here, I have come up with one navratri sweet for you all. It is delectable and healthy. Papaya is one of my favorite fruits. My dad has always made sure that his kids have a good amount of fruits everyday. I can credit him for inculcating this habit in us all - my siblings. We all love fruits, with papaya being one of them. Hubby dear is not too fond of papaya. When we bring this humble fruit home, he will have a slice, while I will have my fair share all the time. In my hubby's side, they enjoy raw papaya as a vegetable, but people hardly savor ripe one. Nevertheless I am o

Easy Chewy Sugarfree Dates Ladoo: Option for Navratri Recipe

dates ladoo Until a few months back, I could not imagine that ladoos could be made without clarified butter. To me, every ladoo uses ghee. But as my culinary skills continue to improve while my focus remains on health, I have started to experiment with various ingredients. no sugar ladoo I came across a recipe that uses dates as sweetener. This was enough to give me an idea in the right direction. Then I came up with this easy ladoo recipe that  does not use ghee. sugarless recipe ladoo If you are looking for a navratri recipe, just use dates and nuts, and skip oats & sesame seeds, and you will get a falahari ladoo recipe :) No Sugar Ladoo Recipe : 1/2 cup dates (khajur) 2 tbsp -sesame seeds (til) 2 tbsp-oats or powdered and soaked sabudana for navratri (optional) 10-15 almonds How to make Sugarfree Ladoo Chop dates. Keep aside. If you have refrigerated dates, make sure you keep them outside for 4-5 hours bef