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Navratri Recipes by Homemakers: Healthy Food, Falahari Dishes for Fast

food for navratri
So, you have come looking for navratri recipes to this page? You will find some of the best food for navratri fast here - shared by some of the top homemakers in the country, who are doing it big in their lives. Am proud of each one of the contributors to this post.

Navratri is an auspicious time in India. It is considered one of the best time to kick-start a new journey, be it a business, marriage, or anything. It connotes nine nights - when people fast for their favorite deity Goddess Durga because the goddess brings peace, strength, and prosperity.

Navratri marks the pinnacle of autumn festivities and ends with the grandest of all Indian festivals - Dussehra. On the nine days of navratra, different incarnations of mother Goddess Durga are worshipped, with each having its unique characteristics.

Each of the days proceeding navratra signal the gradual decrease of darkness in an ascending order. According to mythology, the demonic powers dominated the world led by Mahishasura . No God, not even the triumvirate of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh was able to kill the demon. All the gods and goddesses gathered at a common place and deliberated on creating a supreme power. All of them contributed their powers, virtues, weapons, and all they had to create Goddess Durga- who stands for preservation of virtue, end of greed, and the guiding light from darkness.

Durga also represents a larger life, where truth and beauty represent the vivid world picture on a larger scale.

Dussehra is the day of Vijaydashmi, the day when good prevailed over bad -virtue over vice. It is the day when Goddess Durga- the epitome of all the power of nature killed Mahishasura - who stands for egoism and darkness.

This is also the day when lord Rama killed demon king Ravana - another symbol of darkness.

Human life is all about a struggle for peace and prosperity, and the quest for wealth is unending. Each one of us is struggling hard to get wealthy in literal sense. There is no end in sight to this quest, unfortunately!

Nevertheless when it comes to fasting and eating for fast, navratri recipes keep you afloat. Surprised? Gone are the days when people would savor only fruits for navratri fast. These days, food experiments for fasting ingredients have given birth to an enormous range of recipes.

So, without further ado, let's get back to the navratri food recipes shared by my groupies in Healthy Recipes by Homemakers -a Facebook food group  :)

  1. Paneer Peanuts Fudge with Apple Caramelized by Bishakha Kumari Saxena 

navatri recipe

"This dish is my innovation and delicious in taste also," says Bishakha.

Ingredients -
150 gms paneer crushed
100 gms peanuts roasted, soaked and peeled also crushed
Dry fruits
2 Apple caramelized in brown sugar
2 bowl brown sugar
1/2 ltr milk

Method -
Firstly boiled the milk, then add paneer, peanuts, dry fruits and brown sugar and cook it on sim gas for atleast milk is totally reduced and paneer and peanuts become like butter.

Then take one pan and put 1 grated Apple and brown sugar for caramelized the Apple.

Your sweet dish is ready for garnishing. Take one small glass put paneer and peanuts fudge the in the top caramelized Apple.

2.  Ramdana dates ladoo by Bishkha Kumari Saxena

navratri recipe by Bishakha

According to Bishakha: "This ladoo is healthy and yummy too much."

Ingredients -
250 gms ramdana roasted
100 gms dates de-seed and grinded
200 gms Jaggery
8-10 pieces cashew nuts and Almonds

Method -
Firstly in heavy vessel put Jaggery nd 1 glass water nd put on the gas for make syrup.

When Jaggery syrup is ready put ramdana, dates nd dry fruits nd mix nicely. After that makes ladoo.

Your tasty ladoo is ready for serving.

3. Falahari pizza by Bishakha Kumari Saxena

Bishakha has recently joined my group, but I salute her innovative thinking. She comes up with really innovative recipes.

Keeping up with her food experimentation spree, Bishakha says, I am thinking that all things we prepare, than why not Pizza... bus koshish karke atleast bana hi liya."
falahari pizza

Ingredients -
250 gms shinghara ka atta
100 gms roasted makhane powder
4 pieces boiled potatoes
Green and dry red chillies
Coriander leaves
Apple minty Chatani
100 gms mashed paneer
Fresh cream optional
Veggies like carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes

Method -
Firstly you make tight dough with shinghara ka atta, green chillies, salt and makhane powder. Then make roti and try on tawa both sides without using oil.

Meanwhile grate all veggies only potato's are cut in small pieces. Then take one roti and spread Chatani and veggies, then potato's on toppings. Sprinkle paneer everywhere, dry red chilli pieces and cream.

Then on non stick pan bake it, cover with lid for 5 min or in microwave bake it for 10 min on micro.

Your yummy yummy pizza is ready for change your taste in fasting 😃😃

4.  FALAHAARI BARFI by Neelam Avasthi

Neelam Avasthi is a well-read lady, who has some exceptional culinary skills. Her culinary expertise has made her the toast of many groups. Yes, she is so talented.

This navratri recipe comes from her kithen.

First of all I wish all the friends a Very Happy Navratri. May Maa Durga bless us all !!!
Today is the first day of Navratri, so I am here with something Meetha. Enjoy fasting friends and keep posting whatever you make in these Navratri.

falahari burfi by Neelam A,


Singhara flour-1/2 bowl
Grated coconut-1/2 bowl
Ghee-1 tbsp
Jaggery powder-1/2 bowl or you can use sugar
Milk-1/2 ltr
Elaichi powder-1 tsp
Roasted dry fruits of your choice


Boil milk in a heavy bottom wok n reduce it to half. In another wok dry roast singhara flour on low flame till it changes color, add grated coconut n roast for only one minute, add thickened milk and cook till becomes like a lump, add jaggery powder and mix well, add one tbsp ghee and cook for hardly one minute, turn the flame off. Mix elaichi powder and dry fruits, spread this mixture in a greased plate and let it cool completely. Cut in diamond shape and enjoy this yummy, light and healthy treat.

5. FALAHAARI APPE by Neelam Avasthi

"Can you think of making saabudaana without soaking of hours," asks Neelam.
"But with this method you can, soaking is required only for 15-20 mins.
One more Marvel of APPAM PATRA!!!"

This is another navratri recipe for vrat that you can relish whether fasting or not.

falahari appe by Neelam A

Saabudaana powder- half bowl
Samak rice flour- half bowl
Singhara flour-2 tbsp
Boiled potatoes-2
Chopped ginger n green chilli-1 tbsp
Black pepper powder- 1/4 tsp

First soak saabudaana powder with water, water should just cover the powder, meanwhile boil potatoes, peel n mash, gather other ingredients, add saabudaana n mix well, heat APPAM PATRA, add little oil in each of its well, put balls of mixture and cook till brown n crispy from all the sides.
Instant saabudaana VADA are ready to relish !!!

6. FALAHAARI DOSA by Neelam Avasthi
When looking for navratri fast recipes, you cannot miss this falahari dosa from Neelam ji's kitchen. 

"We all make dosa in routine, but in fasting we miss it. Today we will learn to make FALAHAARI DOSA which we can relish in Navratri also. No more missing of our favourite food," says Neelam ji.

falahari dosa navratri recipe by Neelam A


Samak rice-1/2 bowl
oil for shallow frying


Boiled potatoes-2
Black pepper powder
Oil-1 tsp
Curry leaves


Wash n soak saabudaana and samak rice separately for 3-4 hours. Strain the water and grind both into a fine paste, add salt and keep it in a warm place for 3-4 hours. 
Grease a nonstick tawa and make dosa as we usually do.

For filling

Heat oil in a pan, add curry leaves, let the colour change, add boiled and mashed potatoes, salt and pepper powder, mix well, saute for a while and turn the flame off. You can make the stuffing of paneer as well.
Enjoy fasting friends...

7. Falhari Paneer Kadhi by Bishakha Kumari Saxena

Annother innovative navratri recipe from Bishakha's kitchen:
falahari paneer kadhi by Bishakha

Ingredients -
250 gms paneer mashed 
100 shinghare ka atta lightly roasted 
Roasted peanuts 
Roasted almonds, cashew nuts
Rock salt 
Chopped Coriander leaves 
Chopped Green chillies
1 spoon red chilli powder 
1 bowl curd
1 spoon ghee optional 

Method -
Firstly you take big bowl put curd, salt, red chilli powder and shinghare ka atta and mix it nicely and keep aside.

Meanwhile take mashed paneer add little salt and mix properly.

After that we make filling. In bowl put peanuts, raisins, cashew nuts, Almonds, chopped green chillies, chopped coriander, salt and mix it nicely.

Then take paneer and make ping pong size balls and in the center put filling and closed it. You make all paneer balls like this process and bake it in Appam Patra. If you want to fry then make thin paste of shinghare ka atta add salt in it, then dip all balls and deep fry it. But I baked it.

Then take kadhai put ghee heat it and add cumin splutter them then add shinghare ke atte ka mixture and let you them on sim gas. After boiling add paneer balls and switch off the gas.

Your yummy kadhi is ready to eat😃😃

8. Kuttu ki idlies by Sangeeta Sethi 

Sangeeta Sethi is a biology lecturer, who takes keen interest in healthy cooking. This recipe for navratri fast comes from her kitchen. She is a well-educated lady, with outstanding culinary skills. Her innovative recipes keep me awe-struck!

kuttu idlis navratri food by Sangeeta Sethi


Soak 100 g kuttu ka atta n 50 g singare ka aata n make a batter by adding grated lauki 
Add curd one katori 
Add lime juice. Little 

No need to add baking soda. 
Nw take idlies mould n pour it in the idlies mould 
Steam it for 7 minutes 

Let it cool de mould 

Nw make coconut chutney. No rai mustard seeds tadka here I hv made for vrat. 
Take coconut make it into pieces. Pour it in the mixi along wth green chilly little ginger n roasted peanut n one katori curd 
One spoon til ka tel. 
Grind it into fyn paste 

Nw for potato raita 
I took small potatoes 
Microwave them power high for 6 minutes 
Peel it 
Fry it on tawa by pressing it like a tikki 
Shallow fry all potatoes 
Pour it in the churn dahi 
U wl really find this raita very yummy 
Pour blk pepper powder n jeera powder on it 
Lovely vrat platter 

9. Kuttu Singhare Burger wth hung curd n cottage cheese by Sangeeta Sethi
navratri recipe burger by Sangeeta Sethi

Kuttu ka aata 50g 
Singhare ka aatta 25g 
Lauki one small 
Aloo two medium sized 
Curd 100ml 
Red chilly
Coconut powder 

Make a batter by combining both the flours 
Add grated lauki in the batter 
Add salt red chilly powder 
Add baking soda n little curd ..
If u dnt want to put baking soda them add lime juice 2 spoonfuls 
Put them in two small moulds n bake them in the microwave .mode at power hundred ...for 3 minutes ...

Ur two discs for the burger s now ready. 

Now take a slice of cottage cheese ..shallow fry on tawa..
Add salt blk pepper ..n red chilly powder 
Now smear the inner of kuttu baked discs wth hung curd .
Add paneer... cover wth another disc. Sprinkle wth coconut powder 
Ur kuttu burger s ready. 
Serve wth curd n coconut dip.
Enjoy this innovative yummy burger ...

10. Navratri Vrat cookies by Geeta Sachdev

vrat cookies by Geeta Sachdev
Geeta Sachdev is a sweetheart. Such a wonderful person at heart, Geeta di enjoys the reputation of being an amazing cook. She creates marvels in her kitchen. This navratri cookies recipe is her innovation.

1/2 cup ..samak rice aata
1/2cup ...coarsely grinded roasted almonds n makhanas
1/4 cup ...singhada/kuttu aata 
1/4 cup... sabudana aata
1/2 cup ..cold ghee /butter
1/2 cup ..sugar powder
2tbsp... milk 
1/2tsp ...cardamom powder
Pinch .salt

Take sugar and ghee in a bowl beat well add cardamom powder and mix well
Sieve all flours add salt n coarsely grinded almonds n makhana
Now mix d dry ingredients in sugar mix slowly and well with ur finger tips add milk bring together and make a dough knead just the fours are mixed properly
Wrap the dough in a plastic wrap sheet/cling film and refrigerate for about 1/2an hour.
After 1/2 an hour take the dough out of the refrigerator
Now divide the dough into equal parts make smooth balls
Flatten slightly press almonds/pistachios slivers/sesame seeds. Of ur choice on each cookie
Arrange the cookies on a lined cookie sheet
Bake the cookies for 12 to 15 minutes in a pre heated oven 170 c untill the bottom of cookies golden in colour
Let the cookies down for 10 minutes
Serve nan khatai with tea /coffee store in air tight container.

11. FIG N DATES COOKIES FR VRAT by Geeta Sachdev
vrat cookies by Geeta Sachdev
Another innovative navratri food post from Geeta Sachdev!

Fig n dates cookies
1+1/4 cup Shingada flour
1 /2 cup unsalted butter (softened)
1/2 cup grated gur /jaggery
3/4cup chopped figs n date
mash vd hands or masher make a thick coarse paste
dash of salt 
1 tsp baking powder
1tsp vinegar
1/2 tsp elaichi essence or crushed seeds of 3to 4 elaichies
1/2tsp kewra essence/optional 

1. Mix unsalted butter, gur, figs n dates , vinegar n essence in a bowl 

2.Add Shingada flour, baking powder,, mix well.

3. Crumble n make a soft dough .don't over work .

4. Keep the dough in fridge fr 30 mins vd covering of cling sheet .

5.Make balls press lil n place half of almonds over each ball .

6.Bake at 160 fr 24 mins in halogen oven std temprature is 180 0 fr 12 to 15 mins or till bake .

5.Enjoy with tea or milk .

Sabudana khichdi for vrat

Wash n soak sabudana fr 4 to 5 hrs den issko ek badi chalni mein chan lein...nd ussi mein rakha rehne dein den add 1/4bowl skin removed coarsely grinded peanuts init n juice of one lemon mix nicely
Take kadhahi n roast peanuts ...meine unko salt k sath roast kiya hai...vid out oil ... fir..aap unko alag plate mein nikal lein
Take 2 big tbsp ghee add jeera n green chillies one or two nd roast boiled 2 or 3 patatoes den add peanuts salt pepper ...lal mich.... dhania pwd ...lil garam masala pwd ..mix all d ingredients nicely n add sabudana cook it fr 2to 3min ..Serve hot ..

12, Vegetable cutlets fr vrat vd coconut chutney by Geeta Sachdev
vrat cutlets by Geeta Sachdev

Yogurt 1 bowl
Scraped fresh coconut 1/2bowl 
Roasted n grinded pea nuts 1/2bowl
Blend together coconut n p nuts vd ginger chilli curry leaves lemon juice rock salt n chat masala optional n make a fine paste 
Add curd n blend it again transfer it in a bowl 
Fr tempring heat 1sp oil crackle jeera whole lal mirch 1or2 .sesame seeds pour over dahi chutney garnish vd dhania 
Fr cutlets
Boil n squeeze 1bowl grated lauki n 1bowl grated carrots 
Mash 4to5 boiled potatoes
Grate panner 1/2 bowl
In a bowl mix all veggies vd grated ginger green chillies fresh coriender leaves salt n bhuna jeera ...bind vd 1sp oil n 1sp savank rice flour 
Make sm balls of d dough n place in pre heated greased appa pan roast all fr 3to4 mins den flip dem n roast fr 3to 4 mind or till dey become brown 
Place in a plate serve vd coconut n green dhania chutney

13. Kadhi for vrat by Geeta Sachdev

navratri recipe kadhi by Geeta Sachdev

Ingredients  for pakoda
1 boil potato
2 tb sp singhada flour
Salt,red chilli,green chilli
Make pakoda like batter with help of water
Fry it in desi ghee
Ing for kadi
1glass sour buttermilk
1/2 bowl singhada flour
Salt ,red chilli,acc to taste
Turmeric pd 1 tsp
2 glass of water..less or more... Adjust acc to required consitancy of kadi
Mix all the ing.with help of mixer grinder...boil it in kadai..after 1 boil simmer the gas....cook it for 10 min...add pakodas...cook it for 5 min the flame ..
Heat1 tbsp desi ghee add 1/2 tsp degi mirch and pour it on kadi...
serve hot with vrat wale rice...
Recipe courtesy radhika chhabra

14. Fruits n Dryfruit shake by Geeta Sachdev

Fruits n dryfruits shake by Geta Sachdev
For 2 glasses

1 banana 
2 chikoos or 1 big piece
5to 6 soaked almonds
2 cardmom
2 figs /anjeer
2 apricot/khubani
1tsp gulukand or mixed fruit jam 
1 cup cold creamy milk
Soak figs apricots n cardmoms together in a bowl vd 1/2cup of water fr few hrs soak almonds seperately n remove skin of almonds 
In a mixer paste figs n apricots along vd water add almonds too
Add chopped banana n chikoo grind to make a fine paste 
Add glukand vd milk n ice cubes again churn adjust the consistency accordingly 
No need to add sugar
Pour in glasses 

15. Kache kele ke kofte by Geeta Sachdev
vrat kofta by Geeta S.

Fr 8 koftas
1 raw banana
2 potatoes
1tsp savank rice aata
Salt per taste
Fr filling 
1tbsp crushed paneer 
Few pieces of raisins n lil salt 
Fr gravy
1tbsp ghee or oil
2 tomatoes
1/2 bowl cut into pieces pumpkin /peela kaddu 
Sm p ginger 
Green chilli 1 or 2
1tbsp curd 
1sp sugar 
Salt n black pepper per taste 
Pinch heeng 1/2sp jeera 2cloves 4 black pepper 1/4tsp dalchini pwd
1glass water
Fr tempring 
1sp desi ghee
1/4 tspdegi mirch 
Mix panner vd raisins n salt in a bowl ..keep it aside
Boil banana n potatoes peel n mash make dough along vd rice flour n salt ..divide it into 8 equal portions make lemon size balls 
...take one ball.grease ur palm vd ghee flatten it thn fill paneer mixture in it .combine all d edges gv it round shape like a ball ..n make all koftas like this ..
In a kadhai or pan heat ghee or oil shallow fry all d balls till brown frm all sides keep them in a plate
In d same oil crackle whole masala ...add pumpkin tomatoes ginger chilli n curd sautey n cook fr 5 mins vd lid den remove d lid add water .let it boil fr 10 mins till tender vd lid ..or can gv it 2 whistles in cooker..
After cool blend all d mixture cook it fr 2 to 3 boils add salt sugar .n lil black pepper off d gas 
At d tym of serving place koftas in a bowl pour gravy over it ..
Heat ghee in a pan add degi mirch ..pour dis tadka over koftas ..garnish vd dhania leaves ..
Enjoy it vd puri parantha chilla or rice ..of ur choice

I hope you enjoyed these innovative yet healthy navratri recipes. These falahari recipes are credited to the posters. I have selected only a handful of these, and hope the contributors would continue with the good work. 


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