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How To Make Oatmeal Delicious: Nutty, No Sugar Kulfi

Summers are here, and you cannot wait to indulge in guilty eating. Perhaps, kulfis, desserts, and ice creams are a hot favorite in the summer season. But what if you are watching weight? Can you indulge in a guilty treat? Perhaps not, But there's a way out! Yes, I prepared this healthy, nutty oatmeal kulfi at my mom's place a few days back, and surprisingly, the no sugar kulfiwas loved by my brother, who hates oats - to be precise. It was only after he had tasted it did I unravel the "oatmeal" secret. healthy kulfi with oatmeal no sugar But no sugar does not make it a diabetes-friendly recipe, for it uses honey as a sweetener. nutty oatmeal kulfi no sugar  Since this kulfi with oatmeal got his stamp of approval, I knew I had the go-ahead to share this yummy summer delight with you all. I am sure you will like it too, if not fall in love with this healthy dessert. badam kulfi with oatmeal no sugar  I call it healthy but not the healthiest dess

Fruity Frozen Delight: Yummy Oatmeal Kulfi, No Milk, No Cream, No Sugar

This no sugar kulfi or frozen delight is in continuation of my no milk, no cream, no sugar kulfi series. Perhaps healthy is the best word to define this kulfi mix. You love frozen desserts but are wary of guilty eating. Worry not! This luscious, creamy kulfi is another name of guilt-free indulgence.  frozen delight no milk kulfi no sugar oatmeal kulfi  If the oatmeal kulfi recipe is coming from my end, this means it has got to be healthy it will include oatmeal it will be loaded with nuts it will be a true summer delight kulfi no milk creamy no cream healthy kulfi Okay, so let's get back to work. What do you look for in a kulfi ? Perhaps creamy, milky, frozen delight, isn;t it? how to make oatmeal delicious: kulfi summer dessert with oat  What if I say this oatmeal kulfi recipe gives you all that without the need to include any ingredient that you do not want to indulge in. Of course, cream and milk are quintessential to ice

No Cream, No Milk Badam Kulfi - A Healthy Delicious Sugar Free Vegan Ice Cream

Kids love sweets. You have a sweet tooth, and I, too, belong to the same category. Your love for sweets, kulfis, ice creams, and desserts has brought you here. Isn't it? Perhaps you have been trying to not indulge too much in sweets, given the rising incidence of diabetes among world population. Yes, diabetes is a scary word these days. The more you learn about it, the better for your health. If you are looking for a dairy free recipe, you have come at the right place. vegan kulfi with oatmeal almonds I have recently done a project on diabetes, and will do a detailed analysis on the same. So keep watching this space. It is a metabolism disorder that compromises not one but all of your organs gradually. Scary, isn't it? I know this because my parents-in law are diabetics and take 3 insulin shots a day. It is not a good sight to see them taking shots. It hurts me badly! Well, so health is wealth they say. Rightly so. All things dairy are not bad for everyone. Rather

Homemade Oatmeal Recipe: Milk Badaam Oatmeal Kulfi

Looking for homemade oatmeal recipes? Of course, you already know the benefits of oats. Isn't it? You will numerous homemade recipes with oatmeal here, for I love oats, believing their health benefits. This time I have come up with oatmeal desserts. Yes, desserts can be healthy. Yay! I have tried a number of healthy dessert recipes that might interest you. Almonds and pistachios taste equally awesome in desserts. What do you say? I try including these nuts in my sweets and desserts. Ice cream is my favorite or you may call it kulfi in desi jargon. Of course, I do not like chocolate ice cream. Do you remember I had shared milk badaam oats kulfi earlier? This included raw oats - means in unroasted form. This time I have chosen to roast oats and feel have got a slightly better result - here's presenting another lip-smacking delight from my healthy kitchen. Oatmeal dessert is healthy and yet so flavorful. Can't believe? Try this almond-based oatmeal

Oatmeal Kulfi with Almond Butter

oatmeal kulfi Oatmeal kulfi? Surprises? Well, you ought not be, since it is coming from me! Yes, now you already know that I have been experimented with different healthy oatmeal recipes, and this oatmeal dessert is a step in that direction. Yes, it's oats again - the key ingredient in this creamy, thick, and delectable kulfi, though without the addition of cream. Oats has this supreme quality to turn creamy and thick when blended with liquid. This makes it a healthier alternative to cream, which is loaded with calories and gives you no additional health benefits. Rich in fiber, oat powder has become my go-to ingredient for all recipes. I try to include this healthy cereal grain in everything I make or bake these days. Yes, it gives us unmatched health benefits. In fact, I want everyone to turn to using oats and substitute cream with this healthy cereal. Take my words for it - you won't ever remorse the decision.My dear friend Ritu Mendiratta knows it better

Badaam Oatmeal Kulfi: Healthy Dessert

badaam oatmeal kulfi Looking for oatmeal recipes? Do not be surprised if I treat you to oatmeal kulfi ? This does spring a surprise on you. Isn't it? Well, if you have reached this page, then surely, you are looking for healthy desserts, and this one does make a healthy dessert.  It is my take on a healthy kulfi. The oatmeal introduction to this recipe takes it to another level. Sweet, creamy, and healthy is how I would describe this oatmeal dessert. You have got to try the recipe to believe me if you have not tried oatmeal recipes yet. For you, I have a huge collection of homemade oatmeal recipes that you may want to try. Badaam kulfi  Call it milk kulfi or badaam kulfi, this healthy dessert is my mom's recipe. In fact, I have grown up savoring this kulfi. My mom's recipes are extremely simple. She doesn't use any fancy ingredients in any of her recipes. But I love my mom's recipes. To me, they are soul food. I crave to have my mom'