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Whole Wheat Flour Puffs/Knots Bursting With Fenugreek Flavor: A Healthy Snacking Option

atta methi knots
Looking for some healthy snacks? What if I say I can give you the recipe of whole wheat flour snacks? Would you be surprised?

Well, whole wheat flour does make snacks healthier. But white flour makes them little more crispy, crunchy, and yes tasty. I sometimes wonder whether we can replicate the same taste with whole wheat grains. These days I no longer doubt the capability of wheat to give us tasty bites.

For I am experimenting with this healthy grain and have come up with some healthy treats for you all.

This whole wheat puff recipe is one such healthy treat that you would want to try again and again. I was cloud 9 when my dear friend Anna gave me the feedback on this recipe. She was exceedingly happy with the baked goodies from whole wheat flour.

Why I choose Whole Wheat Flour Over Maida/White Flour?
A little bit on my love for whole grain puffs

Patiala is my hometown. It's a small city in Punjab state. One reason I love old towns is their rustic atmosphere. Though Patiala is no longer a traditional city, the old markets have their own charm. In the old bazaar is one bakery, Kwality Sweets, which has remained my go-to source for all baked goodies thus far.

My dad tells me that the bakery owner started small - really small, selling papdi chat on a trolley. Today, with sheer hard work and dedication, he is the owner of big bakeries.

My family back home continues to be a long-time customer for Kwality Sweets. Despite the emergence of innumerable competitors, this bakery continues to rule hearts of Patialavis!! I am one of them!

Sorry for lecturing on my town and the bakery! But I have so many fond memories, or I should say gourmet memories, of this bakery that I would bring lots of baked stuff to Delhi during every visit. Yes, I have already mentioned that I do not like the taste of baked goodies here.

Nevertheless, I started to bake cookies, cakes, rusks, biscottis, and now puffs. Jeera puffs were one of my favorite purchases in Kwality. I wanted to try these lip-smacking puffs for a long time.
I must tell you these have been a favorite of my younger brother as well :)

Today, was the day when I did attempt them - though bakeries and confectionery shops use maida (all purpose flour/refined flour) and dalda ghee, I never bring these home. Rather, prefer to bake anything with whole wheat flour, besan (chickpea flour), oatmeal, ragi flour, barley, maize, among other healthy, nutritious cereal grains.

Here's why you should avoid dalda
why avoid dalda 
Do you know whole wheat flour is considered one of the healthiest foods on earth?
Whole wheat flour is rich in

  • proteins
  • fiber
  • B vitamins
  • minerals
  • antioxidants
Regular consumption of whole wheat flour helps in type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, obesity,and some forms of cancer.

Do you know that maida or wheat processing results in removal of 40% of original wheat grain,  including bran and the germ, which are the most nutrient-rich parts?

Do you also know that during wheat flour extraction process, over half of the fiber, calcium, B-vitamin, phosphorus, folic acid, iron, copper, and zinc are lost? (source whfoods)

maida disadvantages

This is one reason you should always go for 100% whole wheat products. This would ensure that you you can benefit from the maximum amount of bran and germ of the wheat. Of course, you can derive umpteen number of health benefits, since wheat in its original form is a great source of dietary fiber and minerals, such as magnesium and manganese.

Risks of Eating Refined Flour 

Weight Loss: IF weight loss is on your agenda, then you ought to start eating wholegrains, such as whole wheat flour. An American Journal of Clinical Nutrition research paper suggests inclusion of whole grains in diet for better weight management. The study harps on the importance of choosing whole grains instead of refined flours to maintain a healthy body weight. You know now why I always choose whole wheat flour baking for my cakes, cookies, desserts, and everyday cooking.

So would you still prefer maida to whole wheat flour?

Metabolic disorders: If you are used to eating refined grains, such as white flour, you are constantly proving to be an enemy of your own selves. Wondering why? Well, believe it or not, foods made from refined flour, such as baked goodies, pasta and rice, are linked to obesity, weight gain, and a high risk of diabetes from insulin resistance. Not only this. consumption of refined flour poses a high risk of metabolic syndrome, which means your body's metabolism is not at its optimal best and you are at a high risk of high triglycerides, high bad cholesterol, high blood pressure, and visceral obesity.

Research reveals that people taking high fibrous foods, such as oatmeal, legumes, whole grains, and leafy vegetables, are at a low risk of metabolic syndrome, since they have a low glycemic index.

Here are more than 50 oatmeal recipes for you to explore. Yes, healthy food can be tasty too.

What is Glycemic index?

In simple words, foods, particularly carbs with a low GI,  are slowly absorbed, digested, and metabolised by your body compared to those with high GI, such as rice, refined flours, etc.

I always advise everyone to choose healthy grains and ingredients to make food palatable. I do so personally - baking with whole grains can give you delicious treats. Believe me! Browse this blog for some really healthy treats that would tinkle your taste buds.

It's a misnomer that health food cannot be tasty. My Healthy Recipes By Homemakers group mates can prove you wrong. We come up with delectable healthy snacks, healthy desserts, healthy sweets, and healthy meals to prove that healthy eating can be savory too. Check this festive recipe collection from my group, and you won't believe how healthy food has been turned delectable by these innovative minds.

Low GI foods cause a slower rise in blood glucose levels. As a result, your insulin levels remain under control. So your risk of type 2 diabetes remains low. However,this does not mean that you should not follow an active lifestyle. Exercise daily, go for morning walks, and eat health food to kick-start your metabolism.

Do you know your apple-shaped body may also be the result of your dependence on refined flours? 

Food for thought!

Here's the recipe:
3/4 cup- whole wheat flour
1/4 cup- besan
2 tbsp- cold butter (I used cold ghee- always keep ghee in refirgerator for my baked goodies)
Buttermilk/whey- for kneading semi-soft dough - not too hard, nor too soft
salt according to taste
Sugar almost equal to salt
Dried fenugreek/methi leaves,
Jeera (cumin), ajwain (carom seeds)
3/4 tsp- baking soda
Roasted garlic (opional)

Atta Knots Procedure
whole wheat puffs

  1. Sieve baking soda, wheat flour, and besan.
  2. Cut butter into small cubes or grate it and rub into the flours.
  3. Add salt, sugar, jeera, ajwain, and methi leaves. If you are adding garlic, it is time to include it here.
  4. Mix everything well into a coarse mixture - just like bread crumbs.
  5. Add buttermilk - little at a time to knead a smooth dough - little on the harder side, but not too hard.
  6. Preheat oven for 10 mts at 180 degrees.
  7. Flatten the dough like a thick chapati. Cut the dough into pieces.
  8. Take each piece into your hands and start twisting from one corner. Or give any shapes you like.
  9. Bake for 15-18 mts.
  10. Enjoy these crispy atta methi puffs with a hot cup of tea.
  11. If you want to try jeera wheat oatmeal puffs, click here
  12. What about giving a try to whole wheat sesame seeds crackers?

whole wheat sesame crackers

whole wheat crackers - diet food


  1. These look great. Am going to try the,, thank you!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. Would love to hear back from you.

  2. Ingredients call for baking soda while method says baking powder. I've added baking powder, hope it doesnt screw it up, :-|

    1. The baking powder thing was a flop. Tried aanother batch with baking soda and it turned delish. Yumm. Thanks for this awesome recipe.

    2. Hi,

      Thank you for stopping by. It was a typo. Yes, as I have mentioned in the ingredient list, it should be baking soda, not baking powder. Thanks for your valuable feedback.

  3. Will this be crunchy? Or soft?

    1. These are crunchy...if you wish to make them softer, you will need to add more ghee/oil


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