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Festive Recipe Collection- Diwali Gifts, Sweets & Snacks

festival recipes
After getting successful reviews on my first Festive Recipe post, here I come with another one on Diwali sweets. Did I say these are healthy sweets that make equally attractive Diwali gifts and giveaways?

 India is a land of festivals, with Diwali being the most popular of all Indian festivals, celebrated with much pomp and show. The Diwali fervor is distinct from the enthusiasm that any other festival brings along. The festival of lights, as Diwali is popularly called, is celebrated throughout the country, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. It is the celebration of Lord Ram's return to Ayodhya from his 14-year exile. Sikhs celebrate the festival to commemorate the return of Shri Guru Hargobind from Gwalior along with 52 rajas who were taken as hostages by the then Mughal ruler.

There is a sweet story how the sixth guru of Sikhs rescued these 52 rulers. Guru Hargobind got a gown stitched with 52 hems, and each raja got hold of one hem while the guru came out of the fort.

Now let's come back to this festive collection post. In continuation of my first festive recipe collection, I have come up with this one, since I got an overwhelming response from various groups. Since these are healthy recipes, you get to enjoy the festival of lights with healthy sweets and savories guilt free.

Preparing these festival sweets is a breeze. Serve them to unexpected guests this Diwali. I won;t be wrong to say that these make excellent Diwali gifts. What do you say?

Coconut burfi by Chitra Balachander 

Chitra Balachander is a sweet person at heart, with exceptional culinary skills. The kind of recipes she comes up with amazes me. A typical south Indian Brahmin, Chitra di has recently become a grand mom and has started sharing kid-friedly recipes with us. So keep watching this space for recipes for kids.

coconut burfi/fudge as festive sweet for Diwali
Fresh grated coconut 2 glass
Sugar 1.5 glass
Water 1 glass
Cashew nuts 10 number roughly chopped
Elachi powder 1 tea spoon
Ghee to grease the plate


In a heavy bottom pan add water and sugar and boil it till u get a thick one string consistency.
Add grated coconut and elachi powder.
Keep on mixing in low flsme
Add cashew nuts
Mix it till the mixture starts leaving the pan and become like one big ball.
Immediately pour the mixture into the greased pan to come down to the room temperature.
Make pieces of your choice.

Badam burfi by Chitra Balachander 

badaam bufi
Almonds are the healthiest of nuts available. Badaam burfi is a healthy way to enjoy Diwali sweets. I am in love with almond ladoos and burfis. This special festival sweet packs a powerful punch and is equally delicious. Did I say it is easy to churn out?

Almonds/badam 400 gms
Sugar 800 gms
Safaron 1 gms
Ghee 100 gms
Elachi powder 2 tea spoon
milk as required to grind
Soak and peel the almonds and make it a coarsely paste by adding milk. Then in a pan put sugar and put water so that the sugar get wet and make a single string syrup/chasni. Then add the grinded paste and safaron and ghee and mix it continuesly till the mixture start leaving the pan. Keep ready the greased plate with ghee.spread the mixture immediately in the plate and let it come to the room temperature.cut into desired shape and store in air tight container once ita fully cold

Besan ladoos By Chitra B
Who on earth does not like besan ladoo, except my dearest hubby? I love chickpea gluten free ladoos more than any other ladoo.

besan ladoo- a delectable Diwali sweet

Besan/gram flour 2 glass
Powder sugar/bura sugar 1/2 glass or as per taste
Ghee 1/2 glass
Cardamom/elachi powder 2 tea spoon
Almonds for garnishing (optional )


Take a heavy bottom khadai and add ghee.
Àdd besan and roast it till it starts leaving ghee
Please roast it in low flsme don't be in hurry
Switch off the gas and allow the roasted besan to cool down little
Now add elachai powder and sugar powder and mix well.
Now take small portion of the mixture and give it the shape of ladoos.
Now garnish with almonds
Allow it to cool down completely or it will with each other
Enjoy with family

Moong sprouts ki kheer by Deepti Aggarwal 

Did I tell you in the previous festive collection post that this lady will leave no stone unturned to spring a surprise with her unique recipes. Here Deepti comes with another classic from her mom's kitchen. Sprouted kheer? Can anybody think to this extent? Beyond my imagination!
diwali sweet -sprouted kheer

  • Grind 100 gm sprouted moong daal coarsely.
  • Take care it does not become paste.
  • In an open pan or wok,heat one spoon clarified butter(desi ghee),roast d daal on low flame till aroma starts coming
  • Add 400 ml water n let cook.....
  • Once soft,add 250 ml milk,sugar to taste n cook till thick....
  • Keep stirring in between..
  • Garnish with crushed cardamom seeds n almond slivers.....serve hot or cold...

Flax seed laddu by Deepti Aggarwal

flax seed ladoo for Diwali
If you are wondering about flax seeds benefits, worry not, we have got you covered. Check here how flax seeds benefit your health in more ways than one.
  • Dry roast four spoon flax seed powder....
  • Add two spoonful patanjli badam pak ,three kaju katli,one spoon grated coconut...
  • Roast for some time
  • Turn off d flame.
  • When it dries,knead a dough by adding one spoon milk...u may need to add one more spoon of milk...knead properly
  • Make small balls ...roll in coconut powder.....enjoy d bite of health

Bread Dahi Vada by Deepti Aggarwal

bread dahi vada- diwali recipe
Have sudden guests at home at lunch time? Have some bread in stock. 
Great then this recipe would come to your rescue!
"Ready in a hastle,no oil,no, soothing n yumm...., " says Deepti

  • Dip one brown bread slice in water
  • Take out immediately n spread on ur palm.
  • Squeeze out all d water.
  • Put some small broken pieces of chashews,raisins in it.
  • Close in in d form of a ball,squeeze out any water left.
  • Make as many vadas as u like in this way.
  • Put in serving plate or d plate u are using for eating into,cover with salted beaten curd.
  • Sprinkle pepper powder,garam masala,roasted cumin n aesfotida powder,dried mint powder, red chilly powder
  • Garnish with some more dry fruit,bhujia or boondi,fresh mint leaves,green chutney,tamarind chutney .......serve.....
Yes, you have heard it right. I love besan ladoos and tried them without sugar. Do not be surprised and check the recipe!
besan ladoo - a Diwali recipe

Poonam Bachhav Gulab Ki Kheer

This rose infused recipe comes from Poonam Bachhav, another talented blogger. She cooks up deliciousness. 

Kaddu /petha/ pumpkin halwa by Geeta Sachdev

Geeta Sachdev is a sweetheart - a sweet lady with a big heart and amazing skills in the kitchen. She cooks up delicious food and treats everyone alike.  This pumpkin halwa recipe makes a sumptuous Diwali sweet. Serve it to guests when they come calling suddenly.

Pumpkin /peela kaddu/pethe ka halwa
1/2 kg kaddu
1/2bowl ghee
1/2bowl sugar /per taste
1/2to1bowl water
Dry fruits crushed seeds of cardamoms

Peel wash n cut petha into sm pieces ..boil in cooker along vd water fr 2to 3 whistles .off d flame..let d steam release it's own .
Open d lid .mash petha vd masher or vd back side of d ladle ..if there is sum water ..let it cook till d water evaporates .
Heat ghee in a kadhai roast chopped nuts lil den put mashed petha in it ..cook fr. few mins den add sugar n cardmoms..mix well cook till halwa leaves d sides of d kadhai or water evaporated frm it ..
Place in bowl serve vd melon seeds or nuts

Papaya halwa by Geeta Sachdev

Another delicious sweet for Diwali from Geeta di's kitchen.

Wash peel n cut small ripe papaya in to pieces.. boil in cooker along vd 1/2 glass of water after 3to4 whistles switch of d gas.. let it cool d lid ...mash vd spatula or karchi ..cook it till all water dries up..add crushed cardmom n wash raisins ..mix sugar acc to taste n let it cook completely . till water dries up n mixture leaves d pan . .at last add 1to 2 tsp gesi ghee .add n roast almonds in it .cook till mix ...serve hot garnish vd dry fruits.


This makes a perfect Diwali gift. What do you think? Different, unique, and of course delectable, bread walnut burfi flavored with chocolate would water the mouth of just about anyone. 


2 cups fresh white bread crumbs.i used 7 slices of brown bread

3 tbsp clarified butter or ghee

2 tbsp liquid chocolate .i used neutella or can used grated pieces of any choclate of ur choice or skip this ingredients
1 cup milk 
1cup sugar
1 cup crushed walnuts
1/4,tsp cardamom crushed

Make the bread crumbs,cut the bread in small pieces and do not remove the edges,i used grinder to make crumbs
Dry roast the bread crumbs over medium heat in a frying pan or karahi for 2 mins stirring continuously (with white bread this will take about 5 ..6 minutes).roasted bread crumbs will be light golden in colour . 
Sprinkle the sugar and keep roasting .sugar will be caramelized with bread crumbs and will be light brown in colour.this process will take about 8 minutes
Add cardmoms and milk, keep stirring ,mixture will be in texture of soft dough
Add ghee or butter along with choclate syrup and roast the mix with ghee for another 5 minute until mix will start leaving the edges
Add the walnuts and fold it with mix
Turn off the heat and pour into over greased plate
Spread it in square shape let it set for about half until it comes to room temperature
Cut them in 1 I square

Delicious burfi is ready .you can store the burfi outside for a week.

Carrot Burfi by Ritu S. Mendiratta

Ritu needs no introduction among foodies or even among health freaks. I wonder how she finds a balance between work & home and still manage a toddler. Hats off to her brilliance in the kitchen, her being so humble and humane, and a very sweet friend, who will share only health food with you. Love her brilliant ideas. Not to mention, she is the oats queen in our food group - Healthy Recipes by Homemakers.

This carrot fudge is just one example of her illustrious exploits in the kitchen.

Oats urad daal barfi by Deepti Aggarwal

Another contribution to the festive recipe collection from Deepti.
Contemporary twist to a traditional flavour!!!

¾ katori urad daal aata
2 heapful spoon oats,grinded to powder
3spoon desi ghee
Less than Half katori sugar
Grinded dry fruit like almonds,walnuts,char magaz,motion eliachi
Almond slivers for garnish
¼ katori water
¼ katori milk

Heat ghee in a wok...
Add urad atta n roast on low flame....
When it's color changes a bit n light aroma starts coming,add oats powder....
Keep roasting n stirring till ur house fills with sweet aroma of roasted daal...color will also change frm white to brown....
Meanwhile heat water......
Nw add dry fruit n sugar to atta.....
Mix n add water n will immediately become a lump....roast fr a while,stirring continuously...
Turn off d flame...
Grease a plate n transfer the halwa to it...
Spread evenly....sprinkle almond slivers....let cool fr some time....wen still little bit warm,cut in desired shape n store in fridge...

Mathura Peda by Rav

mathura peda

The first time I visited Varindavan, I got to taste mathura peda and fell in love with this delicacy - a speciality there.

My hands were itching to try it out at home, so did I - thanks to Radha Natarajan's Dharwad peda recipe.

Need I say that this makes an ultimate Diwali gift? Present this sweet to your friends and they would forever be thankful to you!

Golden Cookies by Sarada Shreya

Sudden Diwali guests at home and you are wondering what to offer them. Well, this GOLDEN COOKIES recipe from Sarada Shreya would come to your rescue.

Here's the simple recipe:

bread ko char hison me Kat lijiye tawa ko garam kr k thoda butter/ghee/oil thodasa brush kr lijiye phir garam tawa k upar kate hua bread pis ko dono taraf se sek lijiye golden colour hone tk aur crisp v ho jayega ek bowl me thodasa malai le kr usme apni taste k anusar sugar dal kr mix kr lijiye sike hua bread pieces k upar tayar hui malai laga kr usk upar se thodasa jam rakh kr garnish kr k bachon ko serve kijiye..

Thandai by Deepti Aggarwal

Diwali treat

badam sharbat#gulab sharbat#healthiest cooling drink ever
Ingredients for this manna from heaven....
1 cup almonds
2 cup rose petals,dry or fresh if available
1 cup melon,watermelon,pumpkin,cucumber seeds
1 table spoon moti Saunf
2 spoon poppy seeds
1 spoon black or white pepper powder
15-20 green cardamom
Some strands of saffron
1/2 kg sugar
Soak almonds for 5-6 hours....Soak rest of d ingredients except sugar separately in water.....this water will b used for making sharbat...Peel almonds.....put all d soaked ingredients in grinder,use the water to grind properly....pass through sieve...again grind...repeat till only roughage is left...put to boil on medium to low flame... add sugar....keep stirring....turn off d burner wen desired consistency is achieved.....let it cool.....add some preservative.....ready to use in milk shake or water....

If u have unpeeled seeds of melon n watermelon,they will also do....

Biscuit Lollies by Deepti Aggarwal

Another unique recipe from Deepti. "Kids luv these,mamma loves y not make them healthy n let ur kids make is something that even 6-7 year olds can make," says Deepti ..
Diwali gift for kids

Crush three oats marie biscuits with your fingures as fine as possible.....divide the powder to make two one part add malai n knead like dough....roll into ball ...prick with toothpick....plain lolly is add jam or chocolate sauce or fruit pulp or anything that takes your fancy to the other part....repeat the procedure of the first one....colorful,tasty lollies are ready.Keep them in refrigerator fr some time so dat they r firmly set.

Oats banana muffins by Deepti Aggarwal

diwali treat

Half katori oats,grinded
3 slices atta bread
1 over ripe banana
2-3 spoon sugar powder
Half katori or more milk
3-4 drop vanilla essence
Half spoon dry fruit like almonds,walnuts,char magaz,grinded
In a blender or wet jar,take banana,bread n milk n blend to a smooth batter...nw,add oatmeal,sugar powder,vanilla essence to it n churn again so dat aeration is done.....d consistency shud be like idli batter....meanwhile, heat appa patra...grease its digs.....keep flame low,pour d batter in them....let cook fr 7-8 minutes, flip d sides n heat from this side also......let them cool.....yummy muffins r ready to accompany ur tea or coffee..

Coconut Cookies by Poonam Bachav

one of the best Diwali gifts

The pic says it all about this delicacy. Coconut cookies are a favorite with everyone. So why not present this batch of fresh coconut biscuits as a gift for Diwali for a special someone?

Not a bad idea!

Sponge Rasgollah & Rasmalai

Do not forget to check our jumbo festive recipe collection.

suagrless ladoo for fasts


sugarfree poha ladoo

steamed moong ladoo

sugarfree granola bars no bake

Diwali sweets, gift ideas

Do these festival recipes remind you of something? These are healthy and of course delectable. Do try these recipes and treat loved ones to a special treat. They would remember these special goodies for a lifetime. What are you planning to present friends as Diwali gifts? 


  1. I loved the collection. Wonderful recipes by great chefs in your group.

    1. Thank you darling. Was expecting more recipes from you for this post.


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