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Diabetes-Friendly Sugarfree Apple Butter Recipe: Easy, Quick Apple Jam on Stovetop With No Added Sugar

I have never had apple butter in my life, nor had I dreamed of making it ever. Perhaps the Lord had some other plans, and I was directed to come up with an experiment to make apple butter on stovetop without any added sugar. The batch of apples was overly sweet. The idea sprung upon me to try my hands at sugarfree apple jam - yes, you may call it apple butter or apple jam. I am simply in love with the end product, which is far healthier and yummier than market junk.  This stuff is good enough to indulge in on a cold winter day - during breakfast as a spread on toast or just like that. One spoon is simply not enough to satiate your cravings for more. I bet it! It is so addictive!
diabetes friendly apple jam butter with no added sugar

So what makes the sugarfree apple butter special?

  • First things first - it's sugarfree - which gives it an edge over all of its competitors.
  • It's sans preservatives and chemicals.
  • It's yummy, yummy, and oh so so yummy!- trust me.
  • It's kid-friendly and equally appetizing for adults and elders.
  • It's diabetes-friendly too. What more do you want?
  • It's super easy and quick to make on a stovetop.
  • One recipe that gives you applesauce, apple butter, apple jam, apple chutney, apple halwa, and apple leather - yay! you have heard of mango leather or aam papad; now, let's make apple leather too, that too, sugarfree!!
  • It is addictive.
  • Last but not least, it's an amazing room freshener too. When the apple jam is cooking, your house will simply smell amazing. 

Of course, you do not need any scented candles or artificial room fresheners to create that sensual smell that will gradually fill every nook and cranny in your abode!

How is the sugarfree apple jam/apple butter/applesauce diabetes friendly?

Well, it does not use any artificial sweetener.
Rich in flavonoids, polyphenols, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients, apples are considered one of the healthiest fruits for diabetics. These contain 11 grams of sugar per 100 grams.

Cooking of apples does result in the concentration of sugar (fructose), but it is still safer for once-in-a-while indulgence than try out storebought jams laden with sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and chemicals. As long as you keep a count on your overall carb count, the sugarfree apple jam is a good option to spice up your bland diabetic meals.

Cooked unsweetened apples add up to 56 calories per 100 grams.

Sugarfree Apple Butter/Apple Jam/Apple Chutney Ingredients

2 apples (as I was experimenting, so I started small with 2 apples- you may take more)
The chopped apples weighed 233 grams only
1 clove
A small piece of star anise or cinnamon or nutmeg or allspice or spice of your choice
1 lemon
2 pinches of black salt (lime juice and salt combine to bring out the flavors)
1 tablespoon of water (plus 2 more to be kept in a bowl)- check the video below for a clear idea

How to make Sugarless Apple Jam/Butter

Core and chop apples into small pieces. I remove the skin to avoid any chemicals that stick to the peel. However, removing the peel does take away a few nutrients and fiber from an apple. But I do not want to ingest chemicals, so it is the safer way out to remove the skin.

Take a small - 2or 3-liter pressure cooker. Add 1 tablespoon of water at the base.
Add chopped apples.
Top the apples with a clove, cinnamon/star anise, and black salt.
Finally, squeeze one lemon over the apples.
Place a bowl with 2 tablespoons of water inside the cooker above the apples. This is only to form steam and prevent burning.
Pressure cook for 4 whistles - I got mine in 3.5 minutes.
Turn off the flame and manually release the pressure.
Remove the bowl of water and discard it.
Press the cooked apples with a ladle or spoon. This is your sugarfree applesauce. Do a taste test and fall in love with cooked apples.
You may want to stop here if you are aiming for applesauce alone. But to get apple jam or apple butter with no added sugar, go to the next step.
Of course, you need to cook applesauce further to make apple butter or apple jam.
Continue to cook and stir on a low to medium flame until you get the desired consistency.
When do you get the right consistency? Well, when the applesauce stares at you just like a ball and you are able to gather it in the center of the cooker.
Turn off the flame.
Store your sugarfree apple butter or unsweetened apple jam in a sterilized jar. Gift the sugarless apple butter to a diabetic loved one this Christmas to add more flavor to their meals.
Enjoy the apple jam or butter as a dip or add it to your healthy baked goodies.
Isn't the stovetop way of cooking apple butter easy?
It's super simple to make sugarfree apple jam at home.
Do share your valuable input here.


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