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Coconut Cookies Recipe Eggless, Easy| Almond Cookies Recipe | No Oven |Airfryer Recipes |Gluten-Free

Coconut cookies recipe or almond cookies recipe - what are you looking for? Whatever be your favorite, this easy eggless coconut cookie recipe or almond cookie recipe will be your next favorite. Why am I exaggerating? Na, coconut cookies are really yummy, thanks to the burst of flavor imparted by homemade coconut flour. The best thing about these homemade cookies healthy is that they have everything made at home (except the cane sugar).
beetroot cookies gluten free almond coconut cookies no baking soda/powder

The beautiful color is credited to my favorite natural coloring agent - beetroot. I have used beetroot for coloring an umpteen number of times and it is always a hit. Whether you need to color papaya for tutti fruity or make a colorful bread, cookie, or cake, beet can lend a beautiful pink to it. But there's a trick to bringing out the beet color in bakes. If you use it raw, the color will be dim, but if you follow my way of making beetroot puree, the color will be dark and oh so beautiful.

Check this video to learn how to make beetroot color/puree.

Coming back to the recipe, coconut makes me nostalgic as much as almonds. Coconut cookies were a favorite during childhood. Whether it were the bakery coconut cookies or the Parle coconut biscuits,  the cookie girl that I am always loved them.
beetroot almond cookies with coconut organic vanilla bean powder

healthy coconut flour cookies recipe

almond flour cookies recipe_beetroot gluten-free cookies

As far as my memory of almond cookies goes, Kwality Bakers have special almond biscuits that I fell in love with the very first bite. Dad would always make sure we have almonds in different forms. Even now he brings me almonds - that's his love! 

Now coming back to the coconut biscuits recipe, it is even more special because these are:

Almonds are packed with healthy fats for your heart and skin. Did you know a serving of almonds can help boost your HDL levels? 

HDL is good fat
LDL is bad fat

Coconut is an overload of saturated fat and sugar. There is a lot of controversy on the type of fatty acids found in coconut. While one school of thought credits it as the healthiest form of fat that does not deposit on your liver, other school refutes that claim, saying coconut fat is bad and raises fat on liver and bad cholesterol.

So when you make coconut flour at home, the idea is to drain out the fat and sugar from it. If you can do so, you will get coconut flour no sugar, no fat! Sounds tough, right?

Well, it is not a difficult project, dear friends!
Making homemade coconut flour is a breeze and that too without sugar and fat.
Check the recipe to make coconut flour at home.

Eggless coconut cookies recipe on your mind? Or you wanna munch on gluten-free almond cookies and try out almond flour recipes? To your surprise, let's pack the two together into an almond coconut cookie cookie beautified with beetroot. Crunchy, crispy and flavorful, the eggless almond cookies are going to be a real treat for you and family.

Whether you are welcoming a guest home or planning an edible treat for a loved one this festive season, the eggless almond coconut cookie recipe will be a blockbuster. Try out the pink cookies with almond and coconut today and give your gluten intolerant loved one a real treat.

For a vegan cookie recipe, replace butter with coconut butter or oil. We have the recipe of homemade coconut butter on the channel. It's absolutely yummy. On top of that, the almond cookies use homemade almond flour and homemade coconut flour.

Did I say I have followed 5-minute homemade butter recipe from my sister's channel? 

WARNING: These pink (beetroot) beauties are highly addictive and should disappear as soon as they are out of the oven! YUMMIEST, CRISPIEST, CRUNCHIEST, HEALTHIEST, ADDICTIVE beauties (I have run short of adjectives)

I am back to fulfill my promise of a crispy cookie recipe with homemade coconut flour. This is by far one of my best cookies recipes. I know I often say this, but this one is seriously a class apart. Super crispy without baking powder/soda, the coconut almond cookies are colored with beetroot.
Please please please give this recipe a try. It is going to be a people pleaser this festive season and makes a perfect gift for your loved ones.

1/4 cup homemade  almond meal (recipe link shared above)
1/4 cup+2tbsp-homemade coconut flour (recipe link shared above)
2 tbsp butter (5-minute butter recipe)
3 tbsp-raw cane sugar
1/4 tsp mineral salt
1/4 tsp-organic vanilla powder
1 tbsp beetroot puree or milk (link shared above)

Coming up soon on my channel -Live cookie baking session - Interested?

How to make coconut cookies +almond cookies at home| Gluten-free cookies

Whisk together butter and raw cane sugar until light, creamy, and fluffy.
Add beetroot puree and whisk again for 1 minute until creamy.
Add organic vanilla bean powder and mix.
Fold the almond flour and coconut flour.
Gently mix and make balls.
Insert chocolate chips in the center. Preheat the oven/airfryer to 160 degrees for 5 minutes.
Bake or airfry for 12-15 minutes at 160 degrees.
Let the coconut cookies/almond cookies cool down and indulge in homemade healthy cookies.
The taste, the flavor, the texture, the crunch, and the vanilla notes that you won't ever forget.
Are you ready to bake a batch of beetroot cookies gluten-free at home ?


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