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Ancient Indian Beauty Secrets for Glowing Skin [Home Remedies for Skincare Dadi ke Nuskhe] How To Make Gel Cream

Who does not crave for a beautiful soft supple and youthful skin? Well, there are many ancient Indian beauty secrets to keeping you looking young. But if you have been trying out chemical treatments and cosmetics, you are in for a surprise because natural beauty regimen goes skin deep.  We bring to you videos on how to make gel cream at home.

homemade gel cream for oily and dry skin

When beauty lies deep within, you need to cleanse yourself inside-out for a wholesome effect, right?  Indian nanis and dadis had a kitty full of beauty secrets from nature's glory. Have you ever seen your grandma wearing makeup or slathering a cosmetic product on their skin? Not at all. I was pretty young when my dadi expired but she was beautiful without makeup. A hardworking woman who singlehandedly raised her kids after her husband's death at a young age. The stress of life did not have an impact on her beauty.

Same rule applies to my nani. She was a dotting personality who had toiled hard all her life. The daughter of a very rich person in Pakistan, her family was duped of all the assets when they moved to India. Yes, that's the story of every Indian moving to India from that country and maybe vice versa. Anyway i do not want to stir any controversy here.
turmeric face pack an ancient indian beauty secret

So my nani and dadi were two beautiful women full of grace. These women never used a cosmetic all their life. Those days were different from today perhaps. But they did choose their skincare regimen carefully, taking inspiration from nature's cosmetic kingdom.

turmeric was an integral part of their self-care routine.  They used the spice for wound healing, skin issues, and even gastritis. Turmeric being an antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-histamine is the king of spices in the Indian tradition.

Ancient Indian beauty secret 2 ingredients

turmeric face pack for tanning

But today, we have forgotten the home remedies of our names and dadis.  We opt for cosmetics that literally ruin our skin.
 I do my facials regularly because skin massage is critical to good health. But since the LOCKDOWN, there are no parlors. However, some ancient Indian beauty tips have surely helped me maintain my skin care regimen. This is one of them. I have semi-oily skin but despite that, this remedy works like a charm. You can always use lime juice too if you wish to go a step further for oily skin.

If you have oily skin, that does not mean you should work on drying it using harsh chemicals. Even oily skin needs healthy oils to retain moisture.

Turmeric- thy name is a skin healer

You need just 2 ingredients for this ancient Indian beauty secret for oily skin or dry skin. This oil-based body polishing cream works like a charm for all skin types.

Coconut oil

Here's another of my favorite beauty tips that I have been following during the lockdown.

Home remedy for pimples, acne, and skin issues

This is my mother-in-law's favorite beauty secret. Turmeric and curd combine to give your skin a powerful punch of healthy glow. Not only this, being anti-bacterial, but the acne face pack also gives you smooth and glowing skin without blemishes.

How to remove unwanted hair from upper lips, chin | Self-threading idea

When there are no parlors, this easy peasy trick to remove unwanted hair can come to your rescue. This is my go-to remedy to remove unwanted hair. Here is one useful tip to remove hair naturally. It does pain slightly but threading after applying talcum powder reduces the amount of pain. But this DIY hair removal tip is really handy especially for upper lip where unwanted hair growth is quite an irritant.

Anti-tan face pack with turmeric and banana

Anti-tan FACE PACK that REALLY WORKS. I love this pack for the cooling effect and post-wash glow.

If you are missing parlor visits for self-grooming and beautification (LOL), then this face pack has the answer to many of your skin problems. Glowing skin is just a PACK away :) Your very own kitchen has some ingredients that can work magic on your skin. With regular application, you will find a huge difference in your skin tone. You do not need to spend thousands on costly cosmetic products that do not work. I applied this face pack three times and found it immensely useful so decided to share it with you all. Try it out, friends. AB PACE PACK GHAR PER BANAO...

Homemade face pack with atta 

Super easy and so useful for some instant glow and skin whitening! All you need is 2 ingredients from nature. Tadaa!
Does it remove pigmentation?
Well,  regular use does help with pigmentation..but keep the consistency v loose...otherwise, it will be hard to remove.

Masur Dal Face Pack for pigmentation, glowing skin

Masur Dal Face Pack is an excellent remedy for loose skin, wrinkles, pigmentation.Masoor dal face pack for glowing skin is easy to make at home with homemade masur dal flour. The masoor dal face pack mask for oily skin is 100% powerful for instant glow and skin tightening.If you are wondering how to use masoor dal for skin whitening and wrinkles, then this easy masur daler face pack remedy can help. 

 How many times do you visit the palor for an overall face cleansing routine? Here is one of my best beauty tips for one and all. The DIY Scrub is meant for an instant glow. Call it an instant glow face pack for skin lightening or skin whitening, this is as easy as collecting 4 ingredients and turning them into an aromatic face pack for instant glow and as a remedy for wrinkles. 

इंस्टेंट ग्लो फेस पैक (सरल सामग्री के साथ ) ढीली त्वचा के लिए अचूक उपाय Instant Glow face pack with simple ingredients Excellent remedy for loose skin, wrinkles, pigmentation What is so special about this face pack? Well, this is one of the top ancient Indian beauty secrets that you cannot ignore for a glowing skin. Do you love red lentils or लाल मसूर दाल? 

Do you know लाल मसूर दाल or lal masoor dal face pack is the latest craze in the beauty market? Now you might be wondering whether the लाल मसूर दाल masoor dal face pak for skin tightening actually works. Well, if you have been looking for a skin tightening face pack or home remedy for acne and healthy facial skin, then लाल मसूर दाल should give you the best homemade face mask. The grits in लाल मसूर दाल masoor dal work as a DIY scrub that will remove whiteheads and blackheads and give your skin that touch of youthful elegance. 

This is one powerful lentil face pack for all skin types. get that youthful glow and spotless skin with lentil face pack, which gives you fair, blemish-free skin. If you are on the lookout for a skin tightening face pack that really works, then go for this home remedy for all skin types. With regular use, the DIY face scrub should suffice as a whitehead remedy. The face scrub should become an essential part of your beauty regimen. 

So what are you waiting for? If you have always yearned for spotless skin, go for this DIY skin whitening pack today. You will love the results with this homemade face pack for instant glow and fairness. 
The lentil face pack or masoor dal face pack for skin tightening and lightening is a perfect home remedy for fairness and oily skin. A few drops of honey and apple cider vinegar or lime juice give the skin anti-tanning effect while lemon bleaches the skin for whitening. Masoor dal is a wonder ingredient for the skin :) 
A must-include in your skin care regimen. I feel rice adds that smoothening effect. Also, learn how to make masoor dal atta or red lentil flour at home. The video is a step-by-step guide on making homemade brown rice flour or atta. Try out this easy masoor dal facial today and get that quick skin whitening, lightening, tightening effect. 
1) Does masoor dal face pack for glowing skin work? Masur dal is known to have skin healing properties. It works on the inside out. 
2) Is masoor dal face pack for skin whitening brightening and fairness effective? Well, it's been a regular at home and an integral part of my skincare regimen for a long time. 
3) Do you consider the effectiveness of masoor dal face pack for fairness? Well, masur dal does give you an instant glow effect. 
4) Does masoor dal face pack work more effectively r can we use it as a face scrub? Since it is a bit grainy, the homemade face pack for glowing skin works equally good as a scrub. 

How to remove aloe vera gel for face: 

How to make gel cream at home With Licorice for Dry & Oily Skin- Your own DIY Facial Moisturizing Gel [Homemade Gel Cream] 

How to make aloe vera gel cream at home?  If you are unsure whether you can make DIY moisturizing gel for dry and oily skin, you will be surprised to learn that it is possible. There is nothing like making your own batch of gel lotion at home.

The homemade face cream has a low shelf life. Anything that you make at home is bound to be sans preservatives so that means you should make small batches only and store your homemade gel cream with licorice or mulethi in the refrigerator. It stays good in the fridge for 4-7 days.

Why did you use licorice for skin cream gel?

It has anti-aging benefits. Research claims that licorice root is extremely beneficial for the skin. It reduces oxidative stress, helps with wound healing, and reduces signs of atopic dermatitis.

Besides, licorice root for hyperpigmentation is an excellent remedy. Indians use mulethi as a pigmentation remedy. In my home, my dadi was too fond of mulethi and would always keep one small root in her mouth. Mulethi clears phlegm and is a remedy for cough and sore throat.

Highly beneficial for skin, licorice reduces free radical production and keeps skin healthy.
How to make gel lotion?

Watch the video to the end to make your own licorice gel.

How to make aloe vera cream?
All you need to know is the right proportions of aloe vera, oil, and other ingredients for the most effective
gel making formula at home.

How to make face cream?

You can make homemade moisturizing gel cream with aloe vera and oil for choice. A little amount of water for emulsification will help just like the Koreans do.

One tip from the Korean skincare regimen that you should start following holistically.

How to make skin cream?
It's easy. Please follow the diy aloe vera moisturizer video. I will soon post one for acne to make your own gel base at home. It's safe for the skin and perfect for oily and dry skin.

1 tbsp aloe vera gel (you may use homemade - check the video above to make your own aloe gel from leaf)
1/4 tsp- coconut oil or almond oil
1/4 tsp- mulethi water (if you do not have multehi , you can use plain water instead)
1 vitamin E capsule

Mix everything together until it turns creamy. Store in an airtight box in the refrigerator. Use after shower. Massage gently until the cream absorbs into the skin.

Wondering why we need the water?
Well, water helps in easier absorption of the cream gel into the skin compared to a plain cream.

Ancient India Beauty Secret for Flawless Skin [Fenugreek for Face]

Can Fenugreek be applied on face? Absolutely, this fenugreek face cream moisturizer gives you many reasons to try out fenugreek for skin.
Does fenugreek reduce facial hair? 
Well, I do not think so. Fenugreek induces hair growth, not reduces it. I will share one fenugreek hair mask that makes hair shiny, soft and smooth.
 Is methi water good for skin?  
I have been using fenugreek water for one week and it is already starting to show on my face. I will wait for a month to show the results.
What are the side effects of fenugreek? Well, it might lower blood pressure, so patients with low bp readings may want to avoid it.

I can call this face pack as fenugreek for skin tightening remedy. You may want to use the
fenugreek face pack for pimples, though I cannot validate this fact as I do not have acne.

 Can we use fenugreek for face daily?
Absolutely. Fenugreek face cream is for everyday use.

Can we use fenugreek seeds for oily skin?
Fenugreek seeds for skin pores tightening is an excellent remedy. I will post the results within a month. It lightens the skin as well.

Can you call  fenugreek for hair  as an ancient Indian remedy for hair?
Why not. I have seen my grandmom use methi dana paste for hair. She would soak fenugreek seeds overnight. Drink the water the next day and make paste with the seeds, which she would apply on her hair as a mask.

I have also used one hair remedy suggested by Sangeeta Agarwal, which uses fenugreek and nigella seeds along with curd. However, I have also included hibiscus powder to that hair mask for shiny silky hair. I will post that ancient Indian home remedy too.

How long does the fenugreek face cream stay good?
I suggest keeping it in a tightly closed pet jar in the refrigerator for 8-10 days. Make a fresh batch after that. After all, it is good food for your skin.

Q. Can fenugreek for skin whitening work?
Methi dana works amazingly on skin and has skin lightening and whitening properties. 


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