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How to Make Aloe Vera Hair Oil for Hair Growth [ANCIENT INDIAN BEAUTY SECRET for Hair Loss]

You suffer from hair loss. I know it's a pain. So you are curious to learn how to make aloe vera hair oil for hair growth? Perhaps hair loss hurts like anything. I, too, have been experiencing severe hair loss. I would blame stress and weather changes, especially monsoon, for the same. Sweat does induce hair loss. But this homemade aloe vera hair oil has helped me to some extent.

homemade aloe vera oil for hair growth

It has surely given me some respite and boosted my hair growth. Take this beauty tip from my self-care, hair care and grooming routine. I love aloe vera for more ways than one and have made it a part of my self-care regimen. What about you?
aloe vera hair oil for hair growth indian beauty tips, secrets

How to Make Aloe vera and Coconut Oil for Hair Growth?

The nature's pharmacy has blessed us with an abundance of health care secrets. There are many ways to use natural remedies for skin and hair care.

you need 3 leaves of aloe vera and 1 cup of coconut. If you want, you may add 1 tsp of green tea as well.
Simmer until aloe vera looks cooked.
Let it cool.
Strain and pour into a bottle.
Massage onto your scalp and leave overnight for best results.
Rinse off in the morning.
Use regularly for best results.

I also make onion hair oil for hair loss with mustard oil , coconut oil, and onions.
Here's how to make onion black seed hair oil recipe at home. This is my go-to- onion hair oil recipe
for hair growth. But if mustard oil does not suit you, you may choose to make homemade onion hair oil recipe with coconut oil alone.

Additionally, you can wash your hair with coconut milk for silky smooth hair. Here's how to make coconut milk at home.

Yogurt, banana, turmeric , honey, olive oil, mustard oil, sesame oil, fish oil, egg,  are some of the products with which aloe vera works as an integrated therapy for hair growth.

Here's Sangeeta Agarwal ji's hair remedy for dry hair:

Does the aloe vera hair oil for double hair growth work?
Well, there is nothing on earth that can claim to induce double hair growth in a jiffy. Everything takes time. Hair growth does not happen overnight. Yes, I have experienced an improvement in my hair growth after using the aloe vera hair oil at home. However, I would not claim that it is double hair growth. Natural ingredients work but take time. So you can expect the same from this homemade aloe vera hair oil for hair growth.

How long have you been using this oil and how to make aloe vera hair oil?
I love my hair. In fact, I love long hair. I can say I have had the best hair on earth. Such beautiful locks that I cared for like anything. Long beautiful, frizz-free hair are anybody's dream. I was no different. My hair have always been beautiful until I started to take care of them on my own. Mom used to love my hair equally.
After moving to Delhi's polluted air, my hair have suffered badly. Then one big stressful year and my health suffered badly, especially my hair. Extreme hair loss accompanied by strange frizz.
 I never wanted my hair to be like this. But I have started working hard on my hair again.
look at my hair (four years ago)
So decided to prepare aloe vera hair oil for double hair growth because at this time, my hair have become really bad.

Luckily, aloe vera hair oil preparation at home requires just a few ingredients. Aloe vera is a boon for hair. For this hair oil, you need coconut oil, which is the best oil for hair growth. Simmer aloe vera leaves in coconut oil. You may add green tea as well. I know green tea is full of antioxidants. But when we heat it, you lose the antioxidants but I wanted to add for color purpose as well.

If you do not have green tea handy, you may skip it altogether. But green tea does help with hair problems. It does make the aloe vera hair oil at home even more effective.

Do you have more aloe vera for hair growth home remedies?
Perhaps my hair care regimen is based on natural ingredients because I want to grow my hair back to the length they were. So I will experiment with and share more remedies of aloe vera. Try out this hair oil for hair growth in the meantime.

Apart from this, you can make an aloe vera hair pack with banana. Run both ingredients in a mixer grinder. You may add a little amount of coconut oil or 2 vitamin E capsules. Rub the aloe vera hair pack on your scalp. Washing the hair pack is a mess, trust me. But for some magical effects, you  should be ready to go ahead with this face pack.

How to make aloe vera and coconut oil for hair growth?
Aloe vera has been a magical skincare ingredient in the ancient Indian beauty secrets. In fact, it finds a place in the cosmetic and medicinal industries of China, India, Japan, and Greece.

Aloe vera:
improves collagen production
accelerates wound healing
protects against UV radiation
is anti-inflammatory
is a potent laxative
has antiviral, anti-tumor propertiesis known for its anti-aging properties
is an antiseptic

Does Aloe vera for hair growth work?
Well, aloe vera is an important part of hair loss treatments. The reason is its enzyme content, which is believed to prevent hair loss by protecting the scalp against dandruff and scalp issues. It spurs hair growth as well.

So you may try out this aloe vera oil for hair loss.  Aloe vera is one of the top ancient Indian beauty secrets too. Combined with coconut oil, aloe vera works magic on your hair. It conditions your hair, spurs growth, and makes the hair feel shiny.

How do you remove aloe vera hair gel from leaf.?
I follow this easy hack to separate aloe vera gel from leaf. Check this youtube video below to easily and quickly remove aloe vera gel from leaf.


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