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Multigrain Cookies Recipe Without Egg, Baking Powder/Soda in Airfryer (Indian Protein Biscuits With Jaggery From Homemade Chatua)

A healthy cookie recipe with Indian jaggery and without baking powder or soda on your mind? Well, there are ways to incorporate healthy ingredients in your diet and this multigrain cookies recipe without egg, baking powder/soda is one. What makes this protein cookies recipe with jaggery unique and kid-friendly is the type of ingredients used here. If you know me, you are aware that I love to experiment with different flour combinations. This gives me the goodness of both worlds - well, yes, I can enjoy the benefits of each ingredient that way. Being a cookie lover, I think there is nothing better than including all healthy ingredients packed in a simple cookie recipe without baking powder soda.
multigrain biscuits indian recipe without baking powder/soda in airfryer (jaggery)

You are born in one culture and get married into another. While you bring along some fond memories of your tradition, you get to learn and unlearn many new rituals that become a part of your life. Born a Punjabi (yes, I am an Indian first), I chose the man of my life (dreams) and got married with parents' blessings. A couple who thinks on health grounds and have a trail of dreams to serve society in more ways than one. Lucky to have married the boy of my choice, who thinks alike.

Since I am married in Odisha, where every single day is a festival - and I get to unlock several new traditions unheard of. Similarly, the culinary tradition sets north and other regions of the country apart, and Odisha is no different.

The day-long cuckoo calls, the green abundance, the coconut grooves, the diversity of flora, the range of fauna, the dark colored crows, the monstrous lizards, the plethora of temples, the tribal community, the love of locals for their culture, the orthodox fanaticism (that I hate), the rich, diverse, and varied culinary tradition define the place I am in.
chatua cookies from India's odisha 
Before sharing the healthy cookie recipe, it is time to go through the benefits of ingredients. You are already aware of my love for oats. This time I have chosen to exclude oats here and include a multi-mix flour that uses grains, cereals, and nuts. This is Odisha's chatua - a blend of whole wheat, black chickpeas, nuts, poha (flattened rice), and rice. In some families, when they make horlicks for kids, they add dehydrated milk powder or Infant's formula along with sweetener and blend it with water to prepare healthy power-packed food for babies.
I use homemade dehydrated milk powder now. The recipe will be up on the channel soon.

Multigrain biscuits without baking powder/soda

Odisha-special multigrain flour cookies with jaggery
Chatua cookies that pack a powerful punch of whole grains, black chickpeas, and poha along with nuts of choice. You have got to believe me that the cookies with chatua turn out to be a delicious blend of wholesome-less and amazing flavors. To a cookie lover who loves to experiment with anything and everything that comes her way, give me any ingredient and I will turn it into a crispy crunchy cookie without baking powder and soda. PS: In Odisha, nobody could believe that their favorite chatua would get a new color!

Biscuits made using a special flour (baby food/cerelac) from Odisha. While the locals enjoy a love and hate relationship with chatua, my love with the wholesome flour has just started. What better way to jump-start my sampling of the flour than turning it into my favorite snacks - cookies with jaggery and without baking powder/soda.
I need just one cup of tea (flavored with black cardamom) to accompany these HIGHLY NUTRITIOUS biscuits.
I will be sharing the whole process of making this nutrient-dense multimix flour at home. My MIL's secret recipe that has been with her since ages. Kind of heriloom recipe passed on from generation to generation. Lucky to have got an opportunity to spend some good amount of time with my MIL, thanks to the LOCKDOWN. I know corona has devastated lives, but when you have to live with it, I try to see some positives too. This is one positive - my journey into the deep ocean of Odia cuisine. I am loving every minute of it. Whole wheat, flattened rice, black chickpeas, nuts, and rice.

A little about CHATUA

I will share the recipe soon's packed with nutrients, is fiber and protein dense and the ready-mix is easy to carry on the wherever you go, you can just carry it along , mix with water and gulp it down to keep your tummy full during tough travel's so filling and healthy

Multigrain Cookies Recipe-cum-Chatua cookies-cum Sathu mavu cookies

Right, my friends from Odisha will relate to Chatua flour, as this is what they have grown up relishing. Odisha's cerelac is widely popular in its villages, where everyone has indulged in this healthy drink sometime in their lives.
healthy cookies in airfryer with jaggery (no baking soda/powder)
So let's see how to make chatua atta at home or homemade horlicks powder :

1 kilogram of whole wheat
1 kilogram of black chickpeas
2 kilogram of poha or flattened rice
if you wish to include rice, you may add an equal amount of rice (for a gluten-free version, omit wheat and include rice, soya bean, corn)
250 gram of almonds
250 gram of cashews

How to make multigrain chattua atta at home (HORLICKS POWDER RECIPE)

Rinse and dry whole wheat and black chickpeas for a day.
Dry roast each ingredient separately in small batches.
I have shown in the video how ODIA villagers make chatua.
Pound whole wheat and chickpeas in a mortar and pestle for easier grinding in the grinder.
You may send the ingredients to the mill as well .
We followed this process to make chatua at home:
Pounded the harder bits in a mortar and pestle.
Ground to powder the pounded bits.
Sifted and again ground the grits.
Sifted and ground whatever was left and followed the sifting-grinding process until we could get a coarser texture of chattua - your homemade horlicks powder.

How Odias use Chattua?

They mix 2 tbsp of this horlicks for kids and elders with 1 tbsp of dehydrated milk powder and sweetener of choice. Stir in water and drink this protein-packed concoction.
This keeps them feeling full for a long time.
Black chickpeas are packed wth fiber and protein.
Whole wheat has all of its elements intact - bran, endosperm, and germ., which means it has all the nutrients that you need to stay fit and healthy.
Poha is another good source of fiber.
For kids, you may stir in a little amount of cocoa powder to make homemade horlicks.

Protein cookies

So there's a new keyword in youtube coined as "ravneet Bhalla cookies. " Thank you from the core of my heart for making me feel like a brand already. This shows it all about my love for healthy cookies, that too, with different flour combinations sans maida or refined flour and baking powder soda. I do not use refined sugar either.
This cookie is special because it uses a signature Odia cerelac-cum-flour. What makes this flour special is the secret recipe and its power-packed ingredients. Chatua - sourced from chickpeas, flattened rice, rice, and whole wheat grain and a few nuts. There's a whole process that goes into the making of chatua. I will bring you my MIL's signature recipe soon to make this protein-packed powder. The powder is widely popular in Odisha and especially among the female folk. Kids are given this nutritious mix as Cerelac along with sugar and dehydrated milk powder. So being an Odia bahu, I too decided to taste chatua, but in my style. Turned the nutrient-dense powder into crispy cookies without baking powder soda. Happy Happy me!


1 cup= 240 ml
1 cup+1/4 cup- chatua atta (multigrain flour --- do not add all of it, each flour behaves differently and has a different moisture absorption capacity; add in batches and stop where you get soft dough) 3 tbsp- ghee 1 tbsp- curd (hung curd/thick curd) 1/2 cup- jaggery powder ajwain seeds/carom seeds


1. Is this a multigrain biscuits recipe?

Perhaps chatua is a mix of whole grains, fiber, protein, and healthy fats. If you seek more multigrain biscuits recipes, then you will find a range of healthy cookies on mercuryimp. In fact, you will get simple cookie recipes made with quinoa flour, oats, red lentils, moong dal cookies/digestives, besan cookies/digestves, flourless cookies, nut cookies, seed cookies without baking powder/soda. Posting the links below. 2. I need a multigrain biscuits sugar free recipe. Try out this chatua cookies recipe without baking powder or soda or hundreds of other multigrain biscuits recipes up on the channel and on the blog. When you say sugarfree cookies recipe, what are you exactly looking for? Do you want a biscuits recipe without refined sugar or a diabetes-friendly cookies recipe? I need to understand this because the ingredients change widely in both cases. I have healthy cookies for diabetics and non-diabetics.

Remember, no sugar does not make a cookie healthy for diabetics. There's a lot more that decides whether something is for diabetics or not.
3. What is in a healthy multigrain cookies recipe? Well, a cookie is a cookie - rich in calories, sugar, and fat. What makes a cookie healthy is the type of ingredients used. While what you buy outside is market junk, when you make biscuits at home, you can decide the ingredients according to your choice and taste and bake a batch of healthy cookies at home. 4. Do you sell these multigrain cookies online? No, I am not a professional baker. I am a knowledge management professional and bake for myself. I am a health freak who tries to find a balance in diet - am always experimenting to make food healthier. 5. Is it possible to bake these multigrain cookies without oven? These multigrain biscuits for babies are made in an airfryer. But these airfryer cookies are easy to bake on the stovetop, in the oven, otg, or microwave. Bake at the same temperature and timing might vary slightly. 6. I am looking for multigrain biscuits indian recipe. Are these crunchy? These airfryer biscuits without baking powder or soda are perfectly crispy and oh so flavorful without any artificial flavor. 7. I am also looking for oats cookies recipe without oven. Do you have a recipe for stovetop baking in cooker or kadahi? I have baked many cookies in kadahi and cooker (even on tawa). I am posting the links below.

Multigrain digestives recipe with jaggery:
Oats cookies recipe: I have plenty of oats biscuits with jaggery. Check this.

How to make Indian multigrain biscuits with jaggery in airfryer

Whip jaggery and ghee until it turns creamy. It is extremely hot so it might not turn creamy at this stage. No worries.
Add 1/4 tsp of salt and whisk again.
Add curd and whip. Freeze for 10 minutes (covered).
Whip again until creamy.
Sift the flour little by little and stop where you get a loose consistency of the cookie dough.
Preheat the oven/otg/convection/airfryer to 160 degrees for 10 minutes (airfryer for 5minutes).
Roll out the dough into a thick chapati.
Use a bottle lid or cookie cutter for the shape. You may make a design of choice on healthy cookies without baking powder or soda.
Bake for 15-20 minutes or until they look slightly golden at the edges,
Let them cool down completely before munching on these healthy biscuits for kids.
Happy baking, friends!

Cookie baking basics for cookies without baking powders oda for beginners

Whole wheat chocolate chip cookies without baking powder/soda in airfryer/jaggery

Oats chocolate chip cookies with jaggery | healthy biscuits in airfryer for kids

Ragi coffee cookies recipe without baking powder/soda/airfryer:


  1. Looks delicious! Please share the preparation of chatua atta

  2. Wonderful recipes of chatua and chatua atta cookies. Thanks much.

    Will it taste similar if I just mix sattu atta and emmer wheat atta instead of making chatua from scratch please?

    1. Thanks for the query. Well, chatua uses roasted whole grains and replacing chatua atta with any other multigrain flour will surely make a difference. What do you intend to make? Cookies or a multimix flour?


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