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NO KNEAD Sourdough Bread India With 100% Whole Wheat Starter [MOIST FLAVORFUL YEAST-FREE BABKA in Air Fryer]

Have you ever tried making a sourdough babka bread in India? Here's presenting my experiments with 100%whole wheat sourdough starter bread in India. What stands out in this sourdough bread is that it is
  • chemical free
  • loaded with all the good things
  • packed with nutrients
  • no knead
  • easy to make.
atta bread mini sourdough india

whole wheat sourdough bread Indian babka recipe
You literally can prepare the dough at night and bake it the next day in the morning, the small sourdough loaf with whole wheat in India will taste yum.

I have fallen in love with sourdough baking in India. So I decided to bake kulchas this time with sourdough. However, one whole wheat babka post from Satinder Wadhwa ji was instrumental in pushing me toward getting a little creative with my sourdough bread. So the idea of kulcha was dropped and I decided to bake a whole wheat bread with sourdough instead.

wheat sourdough bread in airfryer india atta bread without yeast

Can I get the link to whole wheat sourdough bread online India ? Here's my experiment with 100% whole wheat sourdough bread.

Are you a sourdough expert?

Well, I am a sourdough novice - taking baby steps into the deep ocean of whole wheat sourdough bread baking. But with the results that I have got, I am loving it already and plan to exploit the world of sourdough further.
I will continue to share my sourdough bread experiments with whole wheat and gluten-free flours with you. Keep watching this space for more healthy recipes in airfryer (India).

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100%whole wheat sourdough recipe that tastes not sour

How to make no-knead sourdough bread India with whole wheat starter

1 cup- 240ml
1/2 cup- whole wheat flour
3 tbsp- chickpea flour
2 tbsp- whole wheat starter
1/4 tsp salt + little extra for filling
1 tsp- honey or golden syrup with jaggery (check recipe here)
4 tbsp- water
1 tsp- extra virgin olive oil

Mix all ingredients starting with water and starter. Then add salt, honey, and chickpea flour.
Stir in whole wheat flour until the dough comes together. Refrigerate overnight or for at least 5-6 hours.
Then remove from the fridge. Cover with a kitchen towel.
Set aside for rising. Mine took 4 hours since it is cool here due to heavy rainfall.

Meanwhile, let's prepare the filling.
Ingredients for sourdough bread in airfryer (india)
1 cup- mint leaves
2 tbsp- hung curd or cheese or butter
jeera or cumin seeds
black salt
red chilli or black pepper or nothing at all
You may use any flavoring
1 tbsp- sesame seeds

Grind everything to paste and set in the refrigerator.
Let's assemble everything

1 tbsp- flax meal
1 tsp- desiccated coconut powder (here's how to make coconut flour at home in airfryer)
Sprinkle flax meal on a rolling board.
Spread the dough gently. Turn into a ball and push and pull for 2-3 minutes to generate tension and tighten it up a bit.
Then roll it out with hands, pressing gently.
Spread coconut flour and then the mint filling.
Roll into a log as shown in the video.
Cut into two halves. Separate both sides.
Then start plating - one over another like a criss cross.
Grease a baking tray and drop the babka bread, making a circle. Mine resembled an octopus at this stage.
Let it rise for 30-45 minutes (covered with a towel).
Preheat oven, airfryer, convection, otg to 180 degrees for 10 minutes.
Brush the bread with little milk or extra virgin olive oil or butter.
Bake for 25 minutes at 180 degrees.
Then brush with olive oil and bake again for 5 minutes at 200 degrees.
Remove from the airfryer and cover with a moist kitchen towel for 30-60 minutes.
Cut into pieces and enjoy 100% whole wheat sourdough bread in India ( airfryer recipe).

Sourdough semolina buns or dinner rolls recipe

How to make a sourdough starter with whole wheat for beginners

Rava dhokla with sourdough no eno/soda recipe:

100%whole wheat sourdough crackers recipe:

If you are looking for whole wheat sourdough starter recipe, then this channel has one of the easy peasy sourdough starter India recipes.

How to make besan from chana dal at home

Additionally, if you do not want to buy bread for its chemicals, leveaners, bread improvers, artificial fragrances, and acidity regulators, then you ought to choose baking sourdough bread in India, which is not too sour to your taste buds. The sourdough bread on this channel was an experiment and ended up being one of the yummiest breads ever.

Q. Can you give a basic sourdough bread recipe India?

Check the sourdough bread starter recipe India shared above.

Q. Do you have an easy sourdough recipe India?

Perhaps the sourdough babka is the easiest here since it is no-knead too. If you are looking for a bread recipe that tastes like normal bread, then try out the whole wheat small sourdough loaf I have shared above.

Q. I do not have a bread tin and want to make a small sourdough loaf. Can you help?

Well, I bake in an airfryer in India. So my breads are small in size. Try out this no-knead sourdough babka loaf with whole wheat.

Q. I want to learn how to make sourdough starter with whole wheat. Can you help?

I have shared a detailed step-by-step sourdough starter guide on the channel. There are video tutorials to make sourdough starter with whole wheat that does not get sour. Check it out here. I have also shared a sourdough starter maintenance guide to make your starter less sour or completely eliminate sourness.

I am posting below all sourdough starter videos to make your own 100% whole wheat sourdough starter at home:

The complete sourdough starter guide in India:

How to maintain sourdough starter in india?

Sourdough starter India day1:

Sourdough starter India day 2:

Sourdough starter India whole wheat bread day 2(second feed)

Sourdough starter India day 3 

Day 4 sourdough starter India series

Day 4 second feed 

Day 5 sourdough starter india series

Day 5 feed 3:

Day 6 sourdough starter status update 


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