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How to Make CRUNCHY Ragi Chocos at Home [Chemical-Free Gluten-Free CEREAL Flakes Recipe ]

 How to make ragi chocos at home chemical-free and gluten-free? Does the idea of homemade cereal flakes or chocos interest you? If kids are crazy for all things chocolaty, then you are surely struggling to keep them away from market junk. But there are ways to make crunchy chocos at home for kids and elders alike. I have surely gone crazy for homemade cereal flakes that are gluten-free too.

How to make chocos recipe?

If kids are crazy for Kellogg's chocos, then do not miss out on this gluten-free ragi flakes recipe without sugar. Kids won't ever demand storebought chocos.

Happy to announce the arrival of my RAGI Chocos with jaggery (No baking powder and soda) Gluten-free - NO MAIDA/NO WHEAT FLOUR If kids are crazy for Kellog's chocos, it's time to quit store-bought stuff. If you are not too fond of these chocolaty crisps, then I promise you will be ADDICTED to these beauties. My nephew is fond of chocos and I am happy I could come up with something healthier that should appeal to his taste buds.13. Bake upside down for 15-20 minutes, depending on the thickness. If needed, bake longer.

If you are looking for yummy snacks for fussy eaters, your search ends here. Homemade stuff is always healthy but kids tend to develop a love-hate relationship with what you make at home. Do you know the reason?
Well, homemade stuff does not use fillers, additives, and taste developers that are all chemicals. But kids easily get addicted to these storebought beauties that gradually make them nutrient deficient. Since most kids love chocos, have you ever tried to find how are chocos made or chocos ingredients?

What are the ingredients of chocos?

Besides the highly advertised ragi chocos, what goes in are chemical preservatives, fillers, and taste improvers, which are not a healthy option since kids eat them daily.

So how to make chocos recipe healthy?
Or for that matter how to make ragi chocos at home just like Kellog's so kids do not end up craving for storebought stuff?
My nephew is crazy for chocos but is it healthy to eat chocos?

How to make chocos crunchy bites?

Follow this recipe of homemade ragi chocos with healthy ingredients to make the crunchy bites at home. These are full of flavors without artificial flavoring agents. What the recipe uses are natural ingredients and spcies from your kitchen pantry. So the next time kids ask for KELLOG'S CHOCOS, give them homemade crunchy bites and they would never ask for outside junk.
Which is better chocos or corn flakes? Well, corn flakes is little healthier than storebought chocos.
Is Kellogg's Chocos good for kids? No outside food that kids get addicted to is good for health.
How are chocos made? Making chocos at home with ragi, amaranth, jowar, and nuts is easy.


1 cup= 240 ml 4 tbsp- Amaranth flour/rajgira/chulai/sill 2 tbsp- ragi/finger millet 2 tbsp- jowar/sorghum 10 cashews, almonds 1 green cardamom 1/4 cup- jaggery powder 1/4 cup- water 2 tsp- cocoa powder 2 tbsp- milk powder 1 tbsp- flax meal
1 tbsp- ghee

How to make chocos at home with jaggery?

1. Grind to powder cardamom and nuts. You may take nuts of choice.
2. Heat 1/4 cup of water.
3. Add ghee and flax meal.
4. Stir in jaggery powder.
5. Now it's time to add ragi atta or finger millet flour.
6. Next add amaranth flour and then jowar atta.
7. Remove from flame.
8. Add milk powder and mix well.
9. Stir in cocoa powder and gather ingredients into a dough ball.
10. Cover and set aside for 30 minutes.
11. Roll out into lime-sized balls. Press with a thumb to make Kellog's chocos-like impression. Keep the flakes thin.
12. Preheat the oven, otg, convection, and airfryer to 160 degrees for 10 minutes. AN air fryer can be preheated for 5 minutes only.
13. Bake upside down for 15-20 minutes, depending on the thickness. If needed, bake longer.
14. The homemade ragi chocos with jowar flour would crisp up outside upon cooling.
Dunk in milk and enjoy crunchy bites.

Can we eat chocos in cold milk? Homemade chocos without sugar stay stable for 15-20 minutes in cold milk. Try out the ragi chocos recipe with jaggery and share your feedback on these healthy snacks for kids and adults alike.
So now if someone asks are chocos healthy, the answer is - yes, you can make homemade chocos healthy, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and crunchy without chemicals. Try out the indian airfryer recipe and share feedback.

This is undoubtedly the healthiest chocos recipe on the planet. If your kids are crazy for chocos, then you cannot ignore this nutritionally dense, fiber, protein-packed crunchy flakes recipe sweetened with mineral rich jaggery. No baking powder and soda are needed to make crispy crunchy choco flakes that are so addictive that I have gone crazy for. 

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