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GLUTEN-FREE Besan Nankhatai With Jaggery Recipe |Gur Ki Naan Khatai Without Baking Powder [VEGAN Airfryer Recipe ]

I have grown up relishing gluten-free besan nankhatais and making these healthy biscuits without baking powder or soda is an art that I have got a hang of now. Of course, khatais appeal to every Punjabi. They are quintessential to our diets. The reason is that Punjabis love ghee and butter, and I am no different. I have literally had enough of these fats all through my childhood. So I no longer indulge in guilty eating.  So I decided to take a different route for these naan khatais with jaggery and besan.

besan nankhatai recipe with jaggery in airfryer

gur ki nankhatai with besan recipe

Now what's that different route?
gur ki besan nankhatai without baking powder recipe in airfryer

Well, I decided to give these a fat base with oil. Did that disappoint?
I had no idea how my favorite besan nankhatais with jaggery and oil would turn out. But to my surprise, they are at a par with the ghee khatais in terms of taste.

However, there is a difference in the texture, and looks change due to the dark color of jaggery.
Well, I do not buy refined sugar at all, so all my bakes and recipes are with jaggery and other natural sweeteners.

besan ki khatai with jaggery recipe in airfryer

Differences between Jaggery & Sugar

I have already said a lot about the difference between jaggery and refined sugar and also the similarity between both.

Jaggery                                                Refined sugar
Calories high                                      Calories high
Mineral rich                                       Mineral deficit
Not for diabetics                                 No doubt about it= not for diabetics
Rich in molasses                                Just empty calories
Baked perfectly when powdered        Bakes well in any form but I hate it
Gives a brownish tint to everything      You can decide the color of everything with sugar
Made from sugarcane                            Made from sugarcane
Not processed or refined                      Highly processed, refined, and bleached


That's it, these are the most common differences and similarities between sugar and jaggery.
So while jaggery is a little healthier nutritionally than sugar, it is on a par with it in terms of calories. That means, it is not something for diabetics.

Anyway, I am not a diabetic for I stay active, watch my portions, and never indulge in guilty eating. I have a healthy weight and do not have metabolism problems.

Let's come back to the besan nankhatai with jaggery recipe. If you love nankhatai with besan, then you will love this airfryer recipe more. The reason is that the besan khatai without baking powder soda and maida is crispy and not melt-in-the-mouth. So you can enjoy crispy bites with your tea time any time. To me, these taste like besan laddu and my mother in law was wondering if I was baking Mysore Pak when the khatais were in airfryer.

So my dear friends, if health is on your mind, try out these healthy cookies recipe in airfryer, oven, otg, convection, or stovetop and thank me for such a healthylicious khatai recipe.

You could bake these with ghee as well. You will need almost the same amount of ghee and besan. Here, if you wish to make melt-in-the-mouth khatais, then you need to take besan at room temperature.
But for crispy bites, go for solidified ghee.
gluten-free nankhatai recipe healthy

Ingredients for Gluten-Free Besan Nankhatai with jaggery (VEGAN RECIPE)

1 cup= 240 ml

1 cup- besan/chickpea flour
1/4 cup- oil (any flavorless oil or ghee at room temperature)
1/2 cup- jaggery powder
pinch of salt
cardamom powder
1 tbsp- water or milk for a dairy khatai

How to make besan naan khatais without baking powder

besan biscuits with jaggery in airfryer

besan cookies with jaggery recipe without baking powder soda

gluten-free biscuits india recipe vegan in airfryer

Whisk oil and jaggery until mixed.
Add salt and mix.
Now add 1 tbsp water and whisk again. It will turn slightly creamy.
Sift besan flour and add in batches.
Preheat oven, airfryer, otg, convection to 160 degrees for 10 minutes.
You can preheat the airfryer for 5minutes only.
Make into lime sized balls or as flat cookies.
DO not keep these thick, else, they might remain soggy from inside.
Bake for 15-18 mins at 160 degrees. Some machines may take less or more time.
If baking in oven or otg/convection, bake at the same temperature for 12 minutes first (plesase d not keep these thick). Check after 12 mins, and bake for 2-4 minutes longer as required.
You know your machine better.

Enjoy gluten-free besan cookies with jaggery and without baking soda.
Here is a collection of my healthy cookies recipes (gluten-free). I have more than 100 easy eggless, healthy biscuits recipes ..

You may be interested in my cookie series without baking powder/soda here. [Baking for beginners series India]

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