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Healthy Oats Raisin Cookies without Egg, Butter, Baking Powder, Soda (indian airfryer recipe)

Oats raisin cookies, the healthiest on the planet, are here. What makes this simple oats cookie recipe healthy is the type of ingredients used that pack a nutritional punch and give you more than one reason to try out this healthy cookie recipe with jaggery. 

The no baking powder soda nutty crispy cookie recipe will become a keeper in your baking world. Sweetened with jaggery, the simple yet flavorful biscuits are another name for nutritious goodies that not only add deliciousness to your tea time but also bring you good health.

Why Make the "Oh so so yumm" cookies with oats

  It's time to recheck what goes in friends It's time to rebuild your immunity by making healthy food choices that add strength to your body as well as nutrients Bid good bye to the market junk. It's doing your body no good but adding only empty calories Shuffle your pantry a bit..reject unhealthy ingredients and pack your food with natural flavors and nutrient-dense food. For example, this oats raisin cookie , which packs a nutritional punch Recipe

oats raisin cookies without egg, butter (jaggery biscuits in airfryer)

Baking without baking powder soda in air fryer (indian recipe)

Oats raisin cookies recipe indian is easy , nutritious oh so yum.. Another healthy yet simple cookie recipe comes your way. Yes, it is oats on my mind once again. Rather, it is always oats and oats flocking my mind. Nevertheless, there are too many benefits to relish this dietary fiber grain so why shouldn't I think of oats all the time? Like it or dislike it, oats is here to stay! This oatmeal cookie recipe will give you more reasons to fall in love with this whole-grain cereal and enjoy its goodness. Combined with the deliciousness of sunflower seeds, this oats cookie recipe is going to be a regular on your baking journey. Do not believe me? Well, you have got to give the healthy oatmeal cookie recipe a go right away.

When it comes to baking a healthy batch of oats cookies recipe with jaggery, you need just a few ingredients. Perhaps you do not need any raising agents. Of course, no all-purpose flour here. There is no place for white flour in my home, which only adds empty calories and raises sugar levels in your blood. Contrarily, substitute all-purpose flour with the goodness of fiber-rich oats and you have a healthy cookie batch that can easily become a favorite in your home. Wondering whether these cookies will be a kid favorite? Well, kids will be kids, and if you wish to make a kid-friendly recipe, add 2 tbsp of cocoa powder or Horlicks to make chocolate cookies for kids. Oatmeal cookies without eggs and butter recipe with ghee 1 cup= 240 ml 1 cup +1/4 cup= oats 1/4 cup+1 tbsp- besan (chickpea flour) 1/2 cup-2 tbsp- jaggery powder 2-3 green cardamom 1/4 cup - almond flour/almond powder (missed mentioning in the video) 1/4 tsp salt little salt, jaggery, cocoa powder and ghee for nuts and raisins 1/4 cup- solid ghee

1 tbsp- hung curd/thick curd

How to make oats cookies recipe without egg, baking powder/soda in airfryer, oven, otg

Coat nuts and raisins with 1/2 tsp of jaggery, a pinch of salt, cocoa powder, and ghee. Keep aside.

Now take a bullet grinder jar and pulse to powder 1 tbsp besan, jaggery, and green cardamom.

Drop the jaggery powder into a bowl.

Start whipping with ghee and continue until it looks pale.

Add 1 tbsp hung curd to the creamed mix. Whip again along with black salt.

Add oats, nuts and mix.

Now add 1/4 cup of besan and mix.

I felt it was loose and added 1/4 cup of almond powder.

Mix everything and preheat your airfryer, oven, otg, conveciton to 160 deg c for 10 mins.

You do not need to preheat an airfryer for longer than 3-5 min.

Make lime-sized balls. Gently press with palms.

Place the flattened cookie on a baking tray and bake at 160 deg c for 12-16 min.

Timing might vary from one machine to another.

An airfryer bakes quickly.

I baked the leftover dough (which was too crumbly) for 8-10 min more and your oats crisp is ready.

Let cookies cool down before munching on them.

Do share your experience of this easy healthy oats cookies recipe in comments. If you are not a big fan of oats, then I suggest becoming one. Ravneet Bhalla loves everything oats and has been trying to include this fiber-rich pseudocereal in her dietary regimen. I love oats for more reasons than one. A lot of research into oats benefits for health gives me reasons enough to keep my kitchen pantry packed with oats. I never run short of it. The story was the same back home. It's the same here as well. insta handle bhalla.rav my website. #oatsraisincookiesrecipeindian #oatsraisincookieswithjaggery #jaggerycookiesrecipe #bakingforbeginners #healthycookiesrecipe #jaggerybiscuitsrecipe #nomaidacookiesrecipe #nomaidanosugarcookiesrecipe #ravneetbhalla 50+ oats recipes- 100+oats recipes on mercuryimp: oats recipe of paratha: oats snack recipe: instant oats mix recipe: oats raisin cookies recipe indian, jaggery cookies recipe, no maida Cookies recipe, healthy cookies recipe, healthy biscuits recipe, Ravneet Bhalla, oats recipe indian, no maida no sugar cookies recipe, oats recipes, oats cookies recipe healthy, eggless cookies recipe, cookies without egg recipe, airfryer indian cookies, indian airfryer cookies


  1. Hi Ravneet! Thank you so much for your caring effort to help those of us who have to learn to cook/bake without gluten, chemicals, refined flours, frying etc!
    Yes, I am one such person. I have sought a lot of inspiration from your cooking methods... thank you so so soooo much! You showed me how easy it is to bake - we don't need many ingredients. It is a relief to me that I can cook well and still maintain health of my family and myself..
    It is so interesting that I have myself been experimenting with oat cookies these days.
    I want to write to you personally and share my experiences. What would be a good email address to reach out to you?

    Warm regards and much gratitude,
    Priya :-)

    1. Hey Priya, thank you so much for reaching out to me. I am happy that my healthy experiments could be of some help to you. The health of our family is in our hands. It depends a lot on the way we cook and the ingredients we choose. Are you in Instagram or Facebook? My insta handle is: bhalla.rav
      Facebook: Ravneet Bhalla
      Let me know if that works.

    2. Actually no :-(
      I avoid social media completely.
      That is why I asked for a general email address I could reach you at! Hope it is fine to email you and share with you some personal experiences (I would post them here, but I don't feel comfortable, because it is soooo personal!)


  2. Hi Ravneet, so what email address can I email you at? :-)



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