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Top Ludhiana Gynecologist Shares Tips on Women Menstrual Health

Why do you experience a painful period? What is PCOS? How to manage PCOS symptoms? What can you do to manage menstrual problems? How to manage women health better. What are diet tips for PCOS? 

 Hear Dr. Mandeep Kaur share her expertise on the period pain problem. Dr. Mandeep is a leading gynecologist in Ludhiana. She has decade-long experience in women's health care niche. She is one of the best doctors and human beings I have ever come across. Humble to the core, Dr. Mandeep Kaur is the proud daughter of our very own Anita Chahal aunty ji.  The videos are posted on Dr. Mandeep's channel on women's health. Here, she shares some gynecologist tips on women's health and health tips for women.

 What is white discharge in women? Why does it happen?

Here's what Dr. Mandeep has to say on the issue. She also shares some menstrual health tips to relieve period pain. 

If you suffer from period pain, then this home remedy can help relieve your menstrual cramp symptoms too. But before that, if the problem persists, please check with a gynecologist to rule out any other health scare. If everything is normal, these home remedies for menstrual pain can come in handy and provide you with some relief.


Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is a condition that affects hormone levels in a woman. A woman suffering from PCOS experienced a higher-than-normal production of male hormones. As a result, there is hormonal disturbance, which may often result in period problems. The hormonal imbalance could even result in missed menstrual cycles. 

Signs of PCOS

  • irregular periods /menses
  •  excessive hair growth 
  • oily skin
  • weight gain
  • infertility
  • irregular heavy menses (for middle aged women) - chances of developing diabetes and heart problems

Who is at a risk of PCOS? 

Girls born underweight and got overweight during teenage are at a higher risk of PCOS.

Family history of diabetes (mom) puts you at a high risk of diabetes.

If mom suffers from PCOS, then a daughter might be at a risk too.

Dr. Mandeep's advice below on lifestyle modification to manage PCOS

  • reduce stress and get proper sleep (hormones get relaxed)
  • eat a good diet for PCOS (locally available food - wheat/multigrain, legumes, lentils; fruits - cherries, plums, apple, banana, papaya) - papaya has carotene that helps induce regular period; nuts, spices, fish, egg  (dark chocolate is good). Avoid  - soft drinks, carbonated drinks, white bread, chocolate, cookies (all store junk can make you obese and unnecessarily overweight, which can add to your stress levels and worsen PCOS). I will share PCOS diet soon.
  • self-empowerment - regular exercises, jogging, yoga, cycling, swimming (add physical activity to diet that can improve insulin metabolism and reduce male type symptoms

This information is for the young girls who have many unanswered questions related to menses/periods This video covers 1) hygeine in periods 2) exercise in periods 3) diet in periods


Menopause is a reality for all women. If you are young, you will experience menopause sometime in your life at a later stage (between 45 and 55 years). One fact that not everyone knows is that menopause has a maternal connection. That means your menopause depends on when your mother, her sister, and your sister experienced menopause.
This is a phase in life when the hormones fluctuate and fall below normal as you age. According to Dr. Mandeep, a baby girl is born with a number of eggs in her uterus that start to function at the age of 14 years.
There is no more egg formation when a woman reaches the age of 45-55 years. That's when you stop menstruating and you are no longer reproductive.
So what are the symptoms of menopause:
Hot flashes and excessive sweating: This is a condition in which a woman might experience intense sweating even in chilling conditions. This might happen even when she is sitting in an air-conditioned room.
The body loses its heat and feels cold. According to Dr. Mandeep, this symptom is common among women and 75% of women experience hot flashes during peri-menopause.

Abdominal discomfort/pain/gas: These are common signs during the perimenopausal phase of a woman. But this is a common symptom for several conditions.
Skin dryness: The fall in estrogen levels may make the skin dry, patchy, and itchy. This also results in other signs of skin aging, including wrinkles. 
Missed period or frequent period: A woman might experience period problems, including heavy bleeding or missed period. This might be abrupt in some women while others might experience this phase gradually and a complete stop in menstrual cycles over a period of time.
What happens during menopause
When your period stops, that means your hormonal levels have reduced considerably. In that case, you are more prone to bone health problems, including osteoporosis, risk of fracture, headache, migraine, joint pains, tiredness, fatigue, and pain in extremities.
The frequency of urine might increase. This happens due to vaginal dryness. Pain during sexual intercourse is also a symptom of dryness of the vagina. A woman might gain weight and sleeplessness.
Decreased concentration is common for a menopausal woman.
How to manage menopause
Eat more Phytoestrogens - jau atta (barley), soya products, orange, broken wheat, one glass of milk for calcium, keep hydrated, yoga, breathing exercises, and muscle strengthening exercises. 
Reduce fat, sugar, and carbs for better menopause management.

This video is for general awareness about menopause symptoms and tips on women health.

You may try to :

Include fig and walnut when you wake up 
Never skip breakfast
Miillet at lunch (sorghum, pearl millet, water chestnut, and finger millet)
Include cashew 
Enjoy simple dal roti

A healthy uterus diet.: 

You need a vitamin and mineral rich diet for a healthy uterus.
Rujata Dewakar suggests adding ragi and rajgira (amaranth) - twice a week to your diet for better uterine health. She also suggests including dates and all seasonal fruits and berries that are packed with iron, mineral, and antioxidants for a good uterus health. Hung curd  is one of her - at least once a week


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